Idol Headlines for 1/27/13

The Screen Actors Guild Awards air tonight on TBS. The Glee cast is nominated for Outstanding Performance By An Ensemble In A Comedy Series. Check back later for a winner’s list!

X Factor runner-up, Carly Rose, is Having a parade – She tweets, “never thought i’d be saying i am having a parade’s an honor and most importantly an amazing way to thank everyone who supported me!”

Kelly Clarkson tweeted yesterday about a new adventure! – Kelly tweeted, “I just had my first flight lesson! I literally flew a plane!! I was completely terrified at first but now I’m hooked!!” Go girl!

Yesterday,Haley Reinhart celebrated an anniversary, “Two years ago today, I had my big debut on American Idol:) Come a long way and have so much farther to go.”

Behind the Scenes with Glee star Chris Colfer

BTS of the August Man fashion shoot with Glee star Chris Colfer. August Man is a Malaysian men’s magazine.

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  • fantoo1

    I’m just wondering, is Carly signed yet?

  • wordnerdarchie

    She was in the band “We Are the Fallen” signed to Universal.  They put out an album called “Tear the World Down”.  The band was dropped from Universal in the spring of 2011.  I haven’t heard that she (or the band) have been resigned.

  • Jason Scott

    Uhh, fantoo1 is talking about Carly Rose, not Carly Smithson. lol

  • tripp_ncwy

    Chris Daughtry @CHRIS_Daughtry
    And now, 2 days of writing for album 4

  • wordnerdarchie

     Oops, me bad, lol.

  • jdanton2

    Jordin Sparks will be at the SAG Awards . Not sure if she is involved in anyway or just going.

     https://twittePaul Norton ?@PaulNortonHair
    “Headed to style the always beautiful @JordinSparks for the @SAGawards ! Fun day!
    10:56 AM – 27 Jan 13”

  • Axxxel

    Chris Colfer’s new occupation: gorgeous looking fotomodel… I suspect the photoshoot is not really because of his looks, but more because of his recent achievements ( 2 books and a movie)… and a wink to his role as fashionable Kurt in Glee… Really love watching this photoshoot and his earlier pictures on the website of Icon magazine and Mr Porter.

    On second thoughts… maybe it is also because of his looks… Mature youth with a dash of adorability (does that word exist ?)… Glee’s baby pinguin has grown up !

  • Van

    Kelly is awesome. In one week she sang at a President’s inauguration, scored her 80th #1 on a Billboard chart, and flew a plane. You go, girl!!

  • Ronnie D

    Chris is really living the life, isnt he lol. Good for him! 

  • Stefan Wind

    Haley looks beautiful as usual in that pic. The best is yet to come for her. 

  • roarpen

    Gorgeous picture of Haley.

  • Kariann Hart

    Congratulations, Kelly!  What a life!  Being engaged is another bonus to the good life.

  • Lexie O’Neill
  • sweetmm

    Hope to see all the pics from the photo shoot soon; just can’t get enough of Chris <3  He is such a good role model for all young people :)

  • jennyl2

    Chris looks so handsome. Its surprising that he is on a cover of a Malaysian magazine. The country is not open in acknowledging gay people. It’s great that they are looking beyond Chris’ sexuality to feature him.

  • AlesheaDominique

    Goodness, now I need to hear Scotty do a cover of this. Such a simple chorus but I always remember the song when it’s on CMT. Probably would have been to mature of a song for Scotty to put on his first album. Isn’t Craig married with kids…

  • Lexie O’Neill

    I agree–it’s funny how when I hear of Scotty sang something that we didn’t hear–or he even had a chance to sing a song we haven’t heard him sing–now, I want to hear him sing it.  For example, he’s said several times that he sang Frank Sinatra for his very first Idol auditions–before the judges.  I want to hear that.:)

    Craig is married with children.  I hadn’t even thought of the timing–I’d thought of it as on hold for the second album.  Scotty’s still young, though… 

  • Lexie O’Neill

    By the way, Windmills or someone else who might know…what does one artist do  to “sweet talk” another artist out of a song?  Just wondering…

  • SaSa8

    I’m not sure how that works when songs are on hold for artists.  I heard on my local country radio station that Lady Antebellum’s new song Downtown was on hold by Miranda Lambert but that Lady A talked her into letting them have it. But the DJ added that now Lady A will need to repay Miranda with a huge favor.  Maybe it happens between artists more than we think. 

  • TheOther

    Very nice review of Phillip’s headliner at Buffalo, NY.  Sweet that there was no mention of AI.

    I was relegated to the balcony because the floor seats were nearly filled……I was very impressed with the performance and I was glad that I went……everyone started clapping and singing along……Phillips left the stage after that song, leaving the audience cheering for more……the bar was raised for the next artist the school selects

    There is no show tonight as Phillip and his band travels to OK to begin the MB20 tour.

  • SaSa8

    Related to the review of the PP concert at Canisius College, here is part of the article from the same school newspaper before the PP concert that does talk about him being from American Idol.

    “While selling tickets, SPB members had a computer set up that was playing Phillips’ music. When people were unsure of who Phillips was, members would play his most famous song, “Home.”
    “Automatically, people know for the most part who he is because of his affiliation with American Idol and the song that’s been out for quite some time. So they’re excited,” Gretzeler said.” …
    Phillips will be performing with a four-person band to a crowd of about 500 students. He will be singing songs from his debut album “The World from the Side of the Moon” that was released on Nov. 19.”