Idol Headlines for 04/09/12 – The Evening Edition

Elliott Yamin and Eric Roberson will be doing a Twitterview tonight 10pm-12am ET  to talk about Elliott’s new album, “Let’s Get to What’s Real”. Link for info is on Elliott’s twitter (@elliottyamin) or

X Facttor alum, Chris Rene had a chat and performance at KISS 108 today. Watch the reply HERE.

9 jurors chosen for Hudson family murder trial – CHICAGO (AP) — Nine people have been chosen so far to sit on the jury for the Chicago trial of the man accused of killing Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew. Judge Charles Burns and attorneys questioned 24 people one by one for four straight hours Monday before taking a break. A total of 12 jurors and six alternates will be selected.  Among those already accepted as jurors was a physical therapist who said she watched Hudson on “American Idol” in 2004, a junior high school teacher and a man who works as an attendant at a country club. – Read more at WGME

Erika Van Pelt talks life on ‘Idol’ – “Being from Rhode Island and having been born and bred here, knowing how small of a state it is, we’ve got spunk. And people needed to know. American Idol was a great avenue for me to explore that next step in my career. This is the biggest opportunity I’ve ever had,” said Erika. Next up for Erika is the American Idol tour. In the meantime, she plans on resting. See the Video at WPRI

James Durbin at today’s Idol Rehearsal

@idol_Insider: I’m having a blast with @durbinrock at #idol rehearsal! Watch him this Thursday at 8/7c on FOX.

The Magic Box Interview: Haley Reinhart


David Archuleta Visits ChildFund Philippines

Exclusive Q&A: Simon Cowell on One Direction’s Rise to Stardom – Tell me your first impressions of the boys after you met them on The X Factor.
I met them as solo artists to begin with. Each of them individually had very good auditions. We had high hopes for two or three of them in particular, and then it all kind of fell apart at one of the latter stages. Interestingly, when they left, I had a bad feeling that maybe we shouldn’t have lost them and maybe there was something else we should do with them. And this is when the idea came about that we should see if they could work as a group. We invited these five guys back. They were the only five we cared about. – Read more at Rolling Stone

‘DWTS’: Carrie Ann Inaba thinks Katherine Jenkins has dance training – She wasn’t aware that people have questioned whether or not opera singer Katherine Jenkins has had more dance training than the few tap classes she says she does, but she definitely had an opinion about it. “Oh, from my eye I definitely say she’s had dance training,” she says. “It’s pretty obvious she’s had dance training. I think a lot of people who have been on our show have had dance training, but we can see that as judges. We can see that people have had training before. It’s pretty apparent, but they also have to make a journey if they want to win the show.” – Read more at Zap2it

DWTS’: Maria and Derek Ready for Sexy Tango!

Bikini-clad Lea Michele and ‘boyfriend’ Cory Monteith get intimate in the hot tub on Mexican getaway – They have yet to confirm rumours that their relationship has gone from professional to personal. But as Glee actress Lea Michele affectionately stroked Cory Monteith’s arm while taking a dip in a hot tub, it was clear things have turned intimate between the pair. The couple enjoyed a Easter break in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Read more at Daily Mail

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  • Anonymous

    James looks good here – blond hair, white shirt – nice.

  • Anonymous

    Very dapper James!  Love the hair!  I am so looking forward to Thursday. 

  • kesia monteith

    LOL That Haley interview was cute. She seems like the kind of girl I can hang with.

  • Anonymous

    David Archuleta spent what little time he had performing for the Child Fund!!

    He is such a sweetheart.  Would love the full version of Bridge Over Troubled Water and the other songs.

    He promoted Child Fund during his MKOC tour and many fans adopted children and send $35.00 per month to provide supplies for the children.

    This video just surfaced today!!

  • judie miller

    David Archuleta has been wonderful for Child Fun. He loves children and is always doing kind things for them. When I went to Myrtle Beach in May, 2011 to see David. We met his father in the afternoon and we asked where David was. He said he was visiting little children at the Childrens hospital. He is the best of the best.The concert was later that evening.

  • HaleysShindig

    That Haley Magic Box interview: <3

  • Enough already!

    Fraid I’ll be missing DWTS tonight in favor of NNN Award show on Logo.   Not a criticism, but maybe a few blond streaks would do more for James Durbin’s image.   

  • Mauricio Arizmendi

    Wow…James looks…interesting…

  • too-cool-for-school

    Haley is so fun. Love the interview!

    Cool megaphone, James.

    I hope justice is served in the case of Jennifer Hudson’s family. Crazy that that’s just going to trial now. Good luck to the jury. 

  • justmefornow

    I thought James used the megaphone only for Liberate?
    Does he also use it for the verses of Higher Than Heaven? This should be interesting.

  • Anonymous

    David is so sweet! He always manages to squeeze in every last minute he has helping ppl.
    It’s kind of strange to get details on jury members. I wouldn’t want to serve on a high profile jury. 

  • Anonymous

    Well, a lot of children are now being taken care of after David’s tour.  I think 300 were “adopted”.  Good job, David.  Who sings Bridge Over Troubled Waters like that a capella?  As Kurt Bestor recently texted…David is a phenom.

  • swansteel

    Ha ha.  Oh my goodness.  Haley always makes me laugh.  Her magic box interview is so cute. 

  • heartly

    With only 3 stops left on Kelly’s tour, EW put together a great post today with videos of every cover she has done from the start of it.

  • iani

    “I thought James used the megaphone only for Liberate?
    Does he also use it for the verses of Higher Than Heaven? This should be interesting.

    It seems like this, he might use it in the first verse through “Rippin’ and tearin’ me apart”. I would prefer more like the microphone used in the song Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People that gives the distorted sound to their first verse, it seems pretty trendy today. The megaphone looks a little bit harsh to the eye for me, but I admit I would like something crazy from his performance: smoke, lights, pyrotechnics, he roaming the stage… He didn’t play safe last year in the competition, so it would be no reasons James to play the safe-card now for some sale-reasons. I would prefer something media to talk about next day in a positive way more than some slim sales we have seen happened with many idols lately.

  • justmefornow

    The difference in sound is I think they used a vocoder for the verses in HTH and more of a megaphone effect for Liberate, so I’m not sure how he’ll use it.
    Either way, I too hope for something a little off the wall. lol.
    He’s a crazy, creative dude so whose knows? I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.
    One thing for sure, someone needs to wake that place up this year. There is a serious lack of exciting personalities this year. It is one major snooze fest, especially since Heejun is gone.

  • Ronnie D

    I hope the Durbster doesn’t plan on singing into that…hehe 

  • Leandro

    What makes me happy is that with this megaphone we’re sure he’ll not play LMB. 

  • Just Me

    Haley, Siobhan, and Javier Colon.   DC National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade. 4/14.  Press release:   Televised locally (same day), nationally (tape delayed).

    Siobhan to do “Are You Ready for a Miracle?” according to this

  • Anonymous

    The music video for The Vision Of Love is now available for sale on iTunes: 

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure Javier Colon was the winner of The Voice, but who is Siobhan?  I googled “Siobhan” and one thing that came up is Siobhan Magnus, a prior contestant on American Idol so I figure it might be her, but why don’t I remember her at all?  I’ve watched every season of Idol, including her season.  I’m assuming she didn’t ever get a record contract or have any hits if it’s her?

  • Anonymous

    As I remember Siobhan Magnus came in fourth.  Pretty dark haired young girl.  Has a powerful voice that tried to do a Lambert style wail, without the control to make it work.  I really liked her as I like powerful voices and she had a hip and interesting dressing style and lively personality.  I think she is a good singer but had pitch problems that were pointed out by the judges.  She seems to be brave and a hard worker and is putting out a noble effort to build an independent career.  Like almost all of the young season nine contestants she was brought down my the fact that the grownups in the room acted incompetently.

  • Incipit

     She has put out some music, thirdtime – IDK why you don’t remember her – she was slightly polarizing on her season – and pretty damn good, too (IMO) until she let Simon’s nonsense get in her head.

    “Wicked Games”, “Superstition”, “House of the Rising Sun” and “Paint it Black” were the songs she did that were my favs….especially “Wicked Games”.

  • Sue

    I’ve only seen James use the megaphone during Screaming and Liberate. Now I’m really interested to see what he’s gonna do on Thursday!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks jean1010 – I actually was just looking up some info. about her because I can’t believe I don’t remember her.  Apparently she had her first record come out this past December – I’m assuming it didn’t sell very well because I don’t even remember seeing anything here about her.  Funny I don’t remember her too because I usually like the rockers, but for the life of me I can’t remember this girl on Idol.  It really got my curiousity up.  By the way, it says on wikipedia that she came in 6th place.

  • IdolyEverAfter

    I hate saying this, but I watched that Chris Rene interview, I like him a lot, but he seems high?  Like he couldn’t focus, his words seemed to be slurring etc?  Maybe he was just tired?  I so hope he stays clean.

  • too-cool-for-school

    For those interested, Jim Cantiello’s Idol recap for top 8 week is FINALLY up. Super hilarious this week. XD

  • Leandro

    He seems to be like that in a lot of interviews.  Always scrathing his nose. But…If he were high, he weren’t too high to let it clear for everyone, i guess.

  • Anonymous

    Siobhan released her debut album independently.(Fans got special copies ahead of time in Dec, but the album was officially released in Jan of this year.)She’s not signed to a major label, and thus doesn’t have the visibility of those with one. Which is probably why you haven’t seen her album in a store near you.

    And yes she did indeed finish 6th.(I don’t blame jean1010 for thinking otherwise though. Mike Lynche is a contestant I’d personally love to forget. For silly reasons, but it’s not like I love his voice anyway. lol)Had things been different she could’ve easily made the Top 3. Hell…Maybe she could’ve even won, but it wasn’t meant to be. :(

  • Anonymous

    That Haley video was adorbz. She’s really too awesome for words. <3

    Haley is so lucky to have seen a ghost!(Yes. I believe her. Bonus points for the ghost resembling a relative.)I'm still curious about whether or not the old Idol mansion really is haunted. Would love it if those guys from Ghost Adventures checked it out, and who knows. Maybe a few Idols could help with the investigation.

    Casey Abrams recently posting something on Facebook about seeing a UFO after an Aerosmith concert. While I'm trying not to doubt him…This story just reeks of a joke. Though how do you not want to believe a man who says the UFO in question resembled a glow stick? lol

  • justmefornow

    Nice pic of James singing the NA the other night.
    (He’s looking quite the Rock Star these days)

  • Anonymous

    I thought I had seen him use a megaphone on HTH also during one electric performance but now I’m not 100% certain. I’m so glad he is using one for the Idol performance b/c the vocal distortion in the first verse really gives emphasis to it.
    I can not wait for tomorrow and Thursday: live streaming of the GGAs tomorrow night, then Idol and another live stream of James’ Viper Room performance on Thursday evening. 

  • Anonymous

    Voice distortion is probably a wise choice. 

  • justmefornow

    Cool for effect, but absolutely not necessary……

  • Anonymous

    Coincidentally, I received Siobhan’s debut Moonbaby CD in the mail yesterday, numbered 893/1000. It’s so un-poptart like, which I don’t mind at all. The album, for me, is more accessible than her Lunar Valve material, and for this listener I’d like to see her continue in this direction. For someone working on a shoestring budget, it’s an admirable effort, and for those that prefer a less expensive digital copy of her album that’s out there as well.  

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to see James perform on Thursday! I am like a kid waiting for Christmas! He sang the National Anthem so beautifully with a rockers twist I just loved it-such a powerful voice.  Thanks to Heidi & Hunter for posting it on You tube! absolutely Fantastic!

  • Sue

    Personally I like the way he performed it on Walmart Soundcheck with deep growling in the verses, no vocal distortion:

  • Anonymous

    I hope James does his usual find me if you can singing somewhere off the stage
    and then run through the crowd-Lol-  I love seeing him interact with the people

  • Sue

    He sure is but I won’t lie, I’m still not a fan of that lipstick tattoo.

  • Anonymous

    I think the  lipstick tatoo is kinda romantic-Its Heidi’s real lips-I guess it makes him feel like shes always with him-  I don’t think he did it for the enjoyment of anyone else except for the two of them….call me a helpless romantic but I like it!

  • justmefornow

    I don’t mind the lipstick tattoo either. Since they’re Heidi’s lips, I think it is kind of sweet.
    I like seeing young married couples that much in love :)

  • Sue
  • shamrock

    Nice to have more and more pics of James on the Idol stage popping up. A simple picture is enough to see how much fun he has, and he’s so contageous, I just love watching him.

    He looks so young on the megaphone pic. :o

    As for the lipstick tattoo, I am somewhere in the middle between debrod/justmefornow and Sue: While I appreciate it as a cute and romantic gesture, I am not really enamored by the result.But then a) I am not a big fan of tattoos in general and b) I am not the person who has to be enamored by it, as long as James and Heidi love it, all is great. I am way beyond the age to choose my favourites uppon their perceived hotness, anyway.

  • Anonymous

    James’s hair looks awful.  It even looks like a tinge of green is in it, it has a sort of pea soup color to it.