Idol Headlines for 9/19/13

The X Factor auditions continue tonight on FOX at 8/7c pm.

Today’s Scotty McCreery lyric preview from Windmills: “We can rock it out or we can lay low, get caught up in the night and the kissin’ slow.” Can you guess the song? She’ll reveal later!

An ‘Idol’ returns: Former Tulsan David Cook talks about new album, Cain’s show and love of QuikTrip – “It’s pretty perfect for me,” he said. He moved there just over a year ago. “I came out here with minimal contacts, and it’s quickly becoming a true, collaborative, full-on run for me.” On the heels of a recent single release, “Laying Me Low,” Cook doesn’t promise a new album release, at least, not just yet. In true indie fashion, he promises he’ll release it … soon. When the time is right. In the meantime, he said he will perform new music at Sunday’s concert, as well as his hits. – Read more at Tulsa World

Linda Ronstadt’s Surprising Views on ‘American Idol’ – Commenting on TV singing competitions in general, the singer of “You’re No Good,” “Blue Bayou,” “When Will I Be Loved” and a string of other hits offers a broader perspective, saying: “I don’t think that competition is for art, I think it’s for horse races … they do, just like with pit bulls, they pit these singers against each other and they try to undermine each other and I think that’s terrible; it’s win at whatever price. … To me, I think it’s just a bad … I think it’s stupid.” – Read more at TV

‘The Voice’ will sound familiar in fifth season – Leapfrogging Idol among young adults was a “big shift,” says executive producer Mark Burnett. “The Voice is now really a step forward. I believe it’s young America’s show. It’s been great fun to have CeeLo and Christina back. Christina looks amazing. She looks like a professional athlete in her fitness,” while Levine and Shelton are “like a comedy act.” Green, a mere spectator for Season 4, sees some reasons why The Voice is holding up better than its rivals. “The blind auditions definitely separate it from the others,” he says. “It does boil down to a matter of casting and chemistry. Either of those things can be compatible or combustible. You’ve seen them be combustible, like on the other two shows.” The Voice, he insists, is “new and fresh, and we are all actually not artists in an afterglow. We are current.” – Read more at USA Today

HeeJun Brings the Love Back to Yahoo – HeeJun (he goes by just a single name now, much like Cher, Madonna, or Sting) recently dropped by Yahoo to give his first public acoustic performance of his new single, “Bring the Love Back,” along with his first post-“Idol” video interview. While the usual hilarity ensued, he did show that he’s serious about his career, as he talked about his new record label and forthcoming EP.


Allison Iraheta – Tonight Show Backstage

The Season 8 American Idol alum is performing with Rickey Minor and the Tonight Show Band all week. Here she is back stage in a photo taken yesterday.


‘American Idol’ Alum Allison Iraheta Sits In With ‘Tonight Show’ Band for One-Week Run – “Rickey called me Monday morning and asked if I was available to step in,” explains Iraheta. “I received another call Monday night asking if I could also come in on Tuesday. Rickey called again Tuesday evening and asked if I could be a guest for the whole week. Who wouldn’t want to play with Rickey and the band for a week! They are like family and Rickey is one of the great ones.” By sitting in with Minor and his band for a Monday-Friday stint, Iraheta makes Tonight Show history as the only guest vocalist to sing with the show’s band for an entire week during Leno’s tenure. – Read more at Hollywood Reporter

Shelby Corn Maze looks like Kellie Pickler – Alice Pyron and her husband started operating corn mazes in the fall 12 years ago, as a way to make a little extra money for their chicken farming business. Each year, more than 7,000 people make their way in and out of the 8 acres of twists and turns cut into a corn field. But this year, Alice thought of a new design. “We were watching dancing with the stars, and said if she makes it, we’re going to put her in the maze,” Alice said of the idea to use a likeness of country music star Kellie Pickler.

WBTV 3 News, Weather, Sports, and Traffic for Charlotte, NC


Photo Coverage: Constantine Maroulis, Montego Glover & More Celebrate 10 Years of The Canal Room! – Earlier this week, Broadway favorites gathered to celebrate the Canal Room’s 10th anniversary with the Back To The Eighties Show along with Rock & Roll star Constantine Maroulis, Jessie’s Girl and surprise celebrity guests. BroadwayWorld was there for the special celebration and you can check out photos below! – Read more at

Ryan Seacrest’s Trick for Appearing Taller Revealed – Have you noticed that Ryan Seacrest looks taller lately? Life & Style has learned that the Million Second Quiz show host, 38, is going to great lengths to boost his height.
“He’s grown his hair out and has been quaffing it higher,” an insider tells the new issue of Life & Style, on stands now. “He was just so sick of looking like a little boy in front of the A-listers he interviewed on the red carpet.” – Read more at Life and Style

Revealed: How X Factor USA judge Paulina Rubio, 42, ‘split up marriage’ to snare Venezuelan toyboy lover, 28 – Simon Cowell isn’t the only The X Factor judge who has allegedly busted up a marriage lately. According to Star magazine, new Factor judge Paulina Rubio, 42, it reports, has also caused a couple to hit divorce court. In May the Latin American singer started dating Gerardo Bazua, 28, who she met on La Voz…Mexico, the South of the Border version of The Voice. But now it’s been revealed that he was married to his wife Yuriko Sandoval-Bazua when the singers started seeing each other. – Read more at Daily Mail

Q&A: Naya Rivera From ‘Glee’ on Her New Single, Big Sean and Nudity – You just released your first single. How long have you been waiting for this day?
I’ve been waiting for this day ever since I was a little girl. It’s always been my dream to release my own music. I love writing, and I wrote this song, so to see something that I’ve been wanting to do forever come true is amazing. Seeing my solo stuff on iTunes right now is blowing my mind. – Read more at Rolling Stone

Who Was Voted Out of Survivor? Jeff Probst Sizes Up the Blood vs. Water Competition – The returning players jump to an early lead, winning immunity and flint at the first immunity challenge. But will playing with a family member bring out a softer side in the contestants, or make them all the more competitive? It remains to be seen, but as the season gets underway, host Jeff Probst gave his analysis of the 10 pairs: – Read more at TV Guide

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  • JLE12

    From Adam’s PR person about Glee

    stone ?@shoshannastone6m

    ha! And complete rubbish ;)

    he was never asked to
    do drag. So silly. Completely made up. And the song info is wrong too.

  • Eileen8

    Idol finalist & country singer Aaron Kelly posted on his official facebook that his little brother passed away yesterday.

  • Mel432

    It’s not that MJ made this up. Her source at Glee told her. However, this source had two things wrong: 1) The drag queen info; 2) Adam meeting with the producer/writers saying he didn’t want to do a drag queen.

  • JLE12

    I totally agree. This is aimed at the source. The song is wrong also, according to Shoshanna.

  • jan

    At one time on twitter, Shosh also described the job of a pr person to someone who aspired to that position. She said it was her job to squash the news or shape it to her client’s benefit. It’s interesting that she took a couple of weeks to squash this.

  • JLE12

    Not really. The story wasn’t picked up on at all until the last couple of days.

  • HermeticallySealed

    And yet, Adam supposedly knew weeks ago? She doesn’t seem all that on top of things.

  • JLE12

    Not sure what you are asking, knew what?

  • taylor

    Knew what weeks ago? The rumor was reported here a week ago and it didn’t get picked up by other sites, including Glee sites. Adam’s publicist replied the day after that it was reported here, that yes, she had heard the rumor. That’s what it always was, a rumor.

  • Incipit

    Very sorry to read that, Eileen8. I don’t know the backstory; just extending my sympathies for the family.

  • H.A.

    Shoshanna heard the rumor the day after it was reported here. All she has to do is push one little button and squash any rumors. No other media worth it’s while picked up the story. She did her job.

  • Incipit

    I really enjoyed that Tulsa World interview with David Cook, mj, Thanks for the mention in the Headlines thread today! Nice PR for David and for Cain’s…and interesting crumbs about the album, and some clues about musical direction.

    DC has been playing that venue consistently since 2003 with Axium – a ten year history covering every configuration from local band to Major Label artist to present day Indie – that’s actually quite cool that he is back with another Cain’s gig. IMO.

    There’s even a Voice connection with the pre-show press for the Cain’s Ballroom gig – @CarolineGlaser has been added as support for @thedavidcook on 9/22! She competed on this season of The Voice.

    Good to see some improvement in the post show support for Voice contestants – if that’s where the gig came from, for Caroline.

  • mjsbigblog

    Ugh. Could we not hijack this thread? I’m going to update the original post. Could you take the convo there?

  • Anny_nanny ?@pphillipsfc

    Tonight is the night!!!! Phillip @Phillips first show in Sao Paulo #brazil WELCOME TO BRAZIL, WE LOVE YOU!

    I don’t know this for a concert, but this is the second added show in SA – they have the show in Buenos Aires 09/16, that was not planned. Apparently tour JM is there enough people willing to visit the show. And they have a week before the show in Atlanta.
    As another bonus, P2 could see a concert of Boss yesterday.

  • H.A.

    Fun.’s Nate Ruess to Join Adam Lambert for Queen Performance at iHeartRadio Fest via @THR

  • taylor

    I was replying to the comments that were already here. There were eight other comments on this subject before mine. I saw a comment about the new updates in the side section of the blog and followed it to this thread. The new comments from Adam’s publicist are news I hadn’t seen, as I get most of my news from here.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Update on the song Kris recorded for the movie. He wrote/co-wrote it.

    Kris Allen @KrisAllen
    Yes RT @xxxx: @KrisAllen Is the song you recorded for a movie a song you wrote?

  • JLE12

    Deleted….jeez….It was just my opinion…

  • taptap

    It’s a radio festival – Queen was always only going to be one small part of it (even though an important part).

  • JLE12


  • lkingcorn

    Queen said from the get go there would be surprise guests. I’m surevAdam will be thrilled sharing stage with whoever shows up.

  • H.A.

    It said Queen and Adam Lambert plus surprise guests from the very beginning. I don’t mind the surprise guests. It’s always nice to see Adam perform with other artists. I’m hoping Muse or Elton John or David Grohl will be the other. Even more amazing if Bowie shows up(wishful thinking).

  • JLE12

    Yes, again, I know that. I thought the “guest” would be Elton coming on and singing Under Pressure with Adam or Roger like he did at Freddie’s tribute concert. (That I was excited about. ) I do not like the idea of doing whole songs without Adam.

  • Beck1982

    Today’s Scotty McCreery lyric preview from Windmills: “We can rock it out or we can lay low, get caught up in the night and the kissin’ slow.” Can you guess the song? She’ll reveal later!
    “Get Gone With You”?? Gotta be.

  • taptap

    Word on the street is that it’s just one song.

  • girlygirl
  • curlyenta

    “American Idol” winner and Paris Las Vegas headliner Taylor Hicks will take the stage with the smash-hit musical MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET on Sept. 25 at 7 p.m. in the Harrah’s Las Vegas Showroom. Hicks will perform alongside the cast for a special encore during the show’s finale.

    MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET is the new smash-hit musical inspired by the famed recording session that brought together rock ‘n’ roll icons Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins for the first and only time.

  • H.A.

    Associated Press ran the story so all the media is picking the story up which is cool. Did you get to buy the album? What do you think? Which ones are your favorites besides the obvious? ;)

  • Anny_nanny

    ‘American Idol’ on the Charts: Phillip Phillips’ ‘Gone, Gone, Gone’ Tops Sixth Tally
    For a third consecutive week, the franchise reaps more No. 1s, increasing its total to 405.

  • l8er

    Danielle’s little behind the scenes video thing for THOD music video that comes out Monday (buzz word “excited”…lol) Given the topic, I was wondering what they’d do. Kinda of hard. That “Dancehall” song would be a really good one for a music video. They should do that one eventually if they release it as a single.

  • L. R. M. L.

    Scotty’s lyrics Will go with that one too. “Get Gone With You”

  • jpfan2

    The New York Times had a big article on Avici and the album today. It focused mostly on the combination of country/folk/dance music. My favorite track is Hey Brother which I think could be a breakout hit. It’s done very well on iTunes in the US so I’m hopeful it will get sent to radio one day.

  • jpfan2

    Happy Birthday Phillip Phillips. Here’s a shot he just tweeted of his audience tonight in Brazil.

  • Sharon S.

    If we’re mentioning the NY Times review, I’ll add this:

    “Lay Me Down,” produced in part by Nile Rodgers, who is having a banner year, and featuring a bracing vocal by Adam Lambert, is completely valid modern disco, faithful to the genre as it once was but not a slavish throwback. It’s another escape into yesteryear by an artist carrying
    today — and tomorrow — on his shoulders.


  • macfae

    Amber Carrington is opening for David in Nashville on 9/28

    – She moved to Nashville about a month ago and has been working with various songwriters – one of them was Jason Castro !

    Amber Carrington ?@ambercarrington16 Sep

    Wrote one with @jasoncastro & @jasondering today! It was so great getting to work with these guys! #idolmeetsthevoice

  • macfae

    wow !!

  • Incipit

    I saw that she was the opener for DC’s Nashville show, macfae – – but I didn’t know she was also a Voice Alumna. That’s a synergy that works for me –

    Nashville certainly seems to be a creative mecca for all sorts of music!

  • girlygirl

    I ended up not getting the album. I did buy 4 of the songs (including LMD)

  • Anny_nanny

    Elise Testone ?@ETestoneAI11

    “I Will Not Break” is officially in ITunes!! Download it tonight :) Search by song!! So Excited!!…

  • Anny_nanny

    Phillip Phillips ?@Phillips
    Wow. Wow. WOW! São Paulo, you’re AMAZING!!! Thank you for a great memory tonight! Awesome beginning to my birthday!

    Phillip Phillips ?@Phillips
    Absolutely AMAZING São Paulo!! Thank you!!

    Ppl say the crowd was ~45k and knew all the lyrics and sang along. I have no words, it is a great experience for Phillip and a wonderful Birthday gift. I am so happy that John Mayer helped make this happen.
    Let’s wait for a photos and the report from Pam, she met with P2 before the gig in SP and presented the gifts. She was on the show and promised to share photos.