Harry Connick Jr Tells Ellen He “Lost It” when MK Nobilette Came Out (VIDEO)

American Idol judge, Harry Connick Jr., dropped by the Ellen DeGeneres talk show to talk American Idol and more!

Ellen grilled the singer on why he eliminated Jessica Bassett, whom Ellen had on the show after her surprising elimination. Harry had to go back and look her up. He didn’t remember her. His reasoning for eliminating her had a universal explanation. “Somebody comes in, and you have to respond to what they are doing at that very moment, he said. “I’m sure there are a lot of extremely talented people that get sent home.”

Harry explained that there was two parts. The “subjective” part which everyone in the room can do. But then he describes the “objective” part. “That’s where my musical brain kicks in. Whatever it was? Something didn’t inform me that she was ready to go through to the next round.”

Ellen insisted that he was wrong. “very wrong.” (Actually, after watching Jessica on the show, I think Harry and Keith Urban were exactly right to reject her. Example 2,301 why Ellen was a terrible judge.)

Harry pulls a Randy and promises that it will be the BEST Top 13 THE SHOW HAS EVER SEEN.

Ellen also brings up MK Nobilette, the young gay singer who came out as gay as the judges advanced her to the Top 31.

Harry reveals that he “lost it” during MK’s segment.  After the judges put the young singer through to the next round, she revealed she was gay. When Jennifer said “the world is changing”–that’s when Harry got emotional.

“I hope I don’t get emotional now,” confessed Harry.  “I don’t want to know the backstories,” Harry confessed. “It would cloud my judgement.”

“But when she [MK} said a little bit about her personal story, I’m thinking ‘Oh my God, what a wonderful day in our country…”

Watch the interview below.

BONUS: Check out Harry’s new “One Fine Thing” music video.

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  • Damien Roberts

    Assuming the right people make the top 13 I really do think it could be one of the best top 13 ever.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “(Actually, after watching Jessica on the show, I think Harry and Keith Urban were exactly right to reject her. Example 2,301 why Ellen was a terrible judge.)”

    Yes, I agree.

  • mel432

    I wonder what Emkay told them off camera? Maybe that her parents disowned her and kicked her out of the house when she came out to them. That’s really a common story.

  • Julie Indelicato

    Emkay’s parents love her and are very proud of her. They’re a constant support.

  • Dakota

    Ive only watched bits and pieces so far but wasn’t there an African American guy who kept telling JLO he wanted to wear her high heels?

  • Tess Herself

    I do like me some Harry Connick Jr. His voice just echoes New Orleans to me, a place I was lucky enough to fall in love with some 50 years ago.

  • BluSky

    Ellen is being arrogant, don’t you think? She had her 5 minutes as a judge on Idol, and she wasn’t even that good as a judge. How can she put her personal opinion higher than an opinion of a talented, very well trained, and experienced musician? I think Ellen took it too far. As Harry said, everyone has their own opinion and they are all different, not better and not worse. But Ellen should understand that he (not her) is playing a role of a judge this year. So she’d better respect that.
    As for #28, Jessica got that high on iTunes ONLY because Ellen promoted her on her TV show, then begged (at least twice) her millions of twitter followers to buy her song. I highly doubt Jessica would get anywhere near #28 if she was going on her own without Ellen’s begging. And Jessica fell off iTunes 1500 songs as quickly as she got to #28.

  • mel432

    Ellen and HCJ are best buds. They always talk to each other that way.

  • BluSky

    Well, she didn’t announce their friendship. Based on this clip alone, I wouldn’t tell they were best buds. And I think he is coming off as a much nicer person than she.

  • Dianne


  • Jeff Dodge

    You personally might not know that Ellen and HCJ are best friends, but it’s common knowledge that they are, especially if you watch her show. She doesn’t have to announce their friendship because people who watch her show already know.

    And to say she doesn’t come off very well in this clip just means you don’t know the whole story, and doesn’t mean she’s being rude or anything because she’s not.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Do you know M.K. and her family?

  • BluSky

    Now you know an opinion of a random viewer like me: Ellen didn’t come off as a nice person in this story…

  • Jeff Dodge

    Maybe to an outsider like you, but it still makes it incorrect to say she’s not coming off as a nice person here. Most people who would watch this interview are people watching her show, so there’s no need to clue people in that they’re friends since her viewers already know. She’s not rude in this clip, end of story.

  • WestiesRule

    I ??? HCJ

  • LA944

    That’s a nice song from HCJ

  • Tess Herself

    I find Ellen exceptionally rude and very condescending on many video clips I see of the show. And I wouldn’t have a clue who she is BFFs with. And her rudeness as well as her arrogance is one of the reasons I seldom watch the show. A bee sting covered in honey is still a bee sting.

  • Tess Herself

    Some of us just don’t like Ellen….

  • ray

    Her moms are awesome, loving parents. Emkay was surrounded by love since day one.

  • Not fit to print

    Ellen is a pussycat, compared to most daytime TV personalities – The View, The Talk, Joan Rivers, Judge Judy….

    I’ve seen Ellen do versions of the “well, you’re’ wrong” routine before and have always thought that it is funny; fanged without fangs, so to speak. Her audience laughed and so did Harry. I can’t see her doing this with J-Lo, though. Keith, yes. There has to be a chemistry for that sort of exchange and, being a comedian, she’s smart enough to know when it’s there.

    I didn’t know that these two were friends but you can sort of tell from the way they banter that they are very comfortable together and and when Harry says we’re both from New Orleans, it’s clear there is a bit more to their connection than his being on the show once or twice.

  • Miz

    Who are her ‘Moms’? I thought it was her Mom and her Aunt (who encouraged her to audition) in the audience.

  • Miz

    I think Harry was saying they didn’t show him losing it off camera. He also said he hasn’t watched any of this season since he doesn’t want his opinion to be colored by back stories. So he may not realize that we all saw her speech to the judges when getting put through and their reactions.

  • Miz

    Yep. I think there were other gay and lesbian contestants. They just didn’t flat out say so in front of the cameras that we saw.

  • Not fit to print

    I think so, too. By his own admission he hasn’t been watching the show.

  • Miz

    You sound like my Mom. She thinks Ellen is the meanest rudest person on TV. If it’s any consolation, friends who work or have worked with her agree with my Mom.

  • Jordana33

    Even before Ellen was a judge, she used to invite Idol contestants that she thought were eliminated too early to sing on her show. e.g Josiah Lemming in season 7. I don’t think it has anything to do with the fact that she was a judge or feels more competent. She’s always been a big fan of Idol and likes to help out the artists that made an impression on her but didn’t go far in the competition. To me, her comments to Harry were completely in keeping with Ellen’s usual style of harmless ribbing. Usually when Ellen “chastises” or teases someone, she does it in a fun joking manner that I’ve never taken seriously and neither do any of her guests. To me, they always seem at ease with her, no matter what. It sort of goes along with her self-deprecating style of humour, where she’ll often pretend to brag or be full of herself, when it’s obvious that she’s actually making fun of herself and inviting the audience to laugh along. That’s her style. I think she’s one of the nicer TV hosts.

  • Jordana33

    I didn’t know they were friends, but it was clear to me, that it was Ellen’s typical style of harmless teasing, But maybe that’s because I’ve watched her enough times to tell that she wasn’t being rude at all. I’m actually kind of surprised that anyone would describe Ellen as rude or arrogant, LOL.

  • http://www.arthur-in-the-garden.com/ Arthur

    Didn’t like her voice.

  • http://www.last.fm/user/RemusL/ RemusL

    Determining “rudeness” and “arrogance” in a person can be extremely subjective. That said, I have never consider Ellen to be rude or arrogant. Like Tess, I have seen a lot of individual clips here and there but have seldom watched the full show. I didn’t think Ellen was rude or arrogant in this clip with HCJ either. Whether she’s mean and rude to co-workers and staff, well, I’ll leave that determination to those who’ve actually worked with her.

  • http://www.mjsbigblog.com/ mjsbigblog


    Whoa. There’s this little thing called an opinion? And it differs from person to person? I don’t understand blowing a gasket because someone disagrees with you. I particularly get that because I blog. *Idexpectfellowbloggerstogetthattoo*

    In other words, as always, I’m deleting overly defensive and angry posts. Questioning the motives of commenters and putting words in their mouths is a no no around here.

  • frumpus

    No, her mom is supportive of her.

  • frumpus

    More than half the guys last year were gay and I would say at least a quarter if not more were gay this year.

  • Julie Indelicato

    I’ve known MK for many years now. She’s a humble, sweet intelligent person. Her family is wonderful.

  • royalparasites

    No ! She has a loving home–