Glee Season 4 Spoilers – Darren Criss on Mystery Guest and Kurt’s Potential Love Interest (VIDEO)


On the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere of Struck By Lightning–the film written and starring fellow Glee co-star Chris ColferDarren Criss hinted at some interesting developments for Blaine.

“There’s somebody that’s going to show up in an episode, that if people know where I come from–this is really insider stuff…Someone’s gonna show up…that’s really great.”

What do you think he’s talking about Glee fans? Perhaps in the upcoming “Sadie Hawkins” episode, Blaine will address the beating he took at the hands of a hater that drove him to transfer to Dalton from public high school. In case you don’t remember, in “First Kiss” the episode that introduced Darren’s character to Kurt, and the world, the Warbler shared a story with the bullied Kurt about how he and a boyfriend he took to his schools Sadie Hawkins dance were beat up by bullies. He advised Kurt to confront his tormentor (the closeted Karovsky) rather than run away like he did.

Or…some in the Glee world are speculating that one of his fellow  Starkids–that’s the University of Michigan theater group he helped found–will appear as a guest star.   That would be a cool meta development. Darren was famous on You Tube before Glee as the star of  Starkid’s “A Very Potter Musical.”

What do you think?

Darren also dishes on Oliver Kieran Jones, cast as Kurt’s choir teacher at NYADA and a possible new love interest for Blaine’s ex!

“I really like Oliver a lot. I have not seen their scenes. He’s the new guy that’s uh…one of Kurt’s new friends, I shall say…I haven’t seen any of the footage, but he’s a lovely guy. I’m looking forward to it as much as the fans are to see how that shakes out.”


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  • Axxxel

    @MJ, the episode in which Blaine was introduced, is called “Never been kissed”.  In which unfortunately Kurt was stolen his “first kiss” … sigh… never can forget the expression on his face after that… I know it is just TV…guess it was the result of great acting of both actors (Max Adler and of course  Chris Colfer) 

  • Axxxel

    Much possible that it is a “Starkid”… Just like Jonathan Groff acting as the love interest of Lea Michele’s character… deja vu…

    Looking forward to see Oliver too… Strange that his name is Adam…. inspired by Adam Levine ? Or Adam Lambert ? Just like the name ‘Cooper Anderson”, the character that is the elder brother of Blaine. Hope he comes back on graduation day !

  • Montavilla

    I hope it’s a Starkid.  Just about anyone would be good, but I’d be hoping most for Lauren Lopez.

    Especially if she’s playing a small British school boy.

  • Axxxel

    isn’t she the one who played the role of the blond Draco Malfoy ?

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    Ugh…I’m such a pathetic Darren Criss fantard. Need to get over him. Damn it’s so hard. Especially with that new beardy-thing. ;)

  • Montavilla

    isn’t she the one who played the role of the blond Draco Malfoy ?

    Yep. :)

  • Axxxel

    Not really a Darren Criss fan, but when I saw him in that Katy Perry video (last friday night), I liked what I see…

    I know that Blaine in Glee was supposed to be a mentor for Kurt and therefore was so clean shaven and gelled… I hope if ever there is going to be a Glee season 5 and Blaine graduated from highschool, he would look a bit more like in that Katy Perry video… and I wont mind the beard as well once in a while.. 

    If Rachel can look more and more like Lea Michele… Why not Blaine looking more like Darren Criss….

  • Debbie U. (Yellin’)

    I’d put all my money on Joey Richter……:) 

  • DD

    It is Joey Richter from Starkid (he has had a slightly recurring role on the Disney show Jessie) and Tessa Netting (Youtube star, Ultimate Fangirl). 

    I am very excited about this. They are singers in the Adams Apples, the glee club that tries to recruit Kurt at NYADA. I guess they are doing an unusual arrangement of Baby Got Back. This should be great!!

    And finally, I have met someone on Glee! I have met both of them and they are awesome!

  • Stephanie Samara LeBlanc

    Who ever wrote this article needs to get their facts straight! There was never a episode called ‘First Kiss’. The Episode Blaine first appears is called ‘Never Been Kissed’, and Blaine didn’t mention his bad experience at a dance until the later  episode called ‘Prom Queen’. I feel so embarrassed for whoever wrote this article.