Ella Henderson – “Chapter One” – Album Artwork, Release Date & Tracklist Released!


Ella Henderson claimed her first #1 single earlier today with “Ghost”, and now she is on to the next chapter. She released her debut album’s artwork, release date and tracklist on Twitter.


“Chapter One” will be released on September 22nd and the pre-order will be available tomorrow.

Tracklist for standard version: (click to enlarge)


Ella co-wrote “Ghost” with Ryan Tedder and “Rockets” with Claude Kelly.

Deluxe tracks: (click to enlarge)

Oh, and the second single. Reportedly the second single is “Empire”, which makes sense, considering it appears right behind “Ghost” on the tracklist.

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  • Mateja Praznik

    Just preordered on iTunes Slovenia. The standard version is €5.99 and the deluxe is €6.99, which is ridiculously cheap. The deluxe version actually has 21 tracks. The 18 above + 3 acoustic tracks: “Believe” (I think a cover of Cher’s song), “Rockets” and “Give Your Heart Away”.

  • Baptized

    So happy ‘Missed’ made the track listing. Love that song. And bloody hell, Ella is gorgeous.

  • JustJam

    She should’ve won The X-Factor instead of James Arthur but on the plus side, she was given more time to work on her album and develop as an artist.

  • KBAKER01

    will this be available in the u.s. too?

  • Kimmy Moores

    I squealed when I saw “Missed”
    I think they ought to make that one the second single rather than Empire if that’s what they’re aiming for.

  • Maya

    Can’t wait for this. So excited. I just wish it was sooner