Download Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You” – FOR FREE!

I totally missed this! You can download an mp3 of Kelly Clarkson’s new single, “My Life Would Suck Without You” from VH1.

Check it out right HERE.

Here’s the direct link: Kelly Clarkson – “My Life Would Suck Without You”

Sure, the song sounds like something Pink or Katy Perry would release–Kelly isn’t breaking new ground–but she had to come back with a big hit after the so-called failure of her last album, “My December”. I don’t blame her for playing it safe.

Still, I can’t get this song out of my head. I like it.

thanks widz

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  • widz

    You’re welcome, MJ! :D

  • gabam

    Thanks for the link. I downloaded it. I had not heard the song before.

    It’s ….. interesting.

  • CathyMK

    Thanks, MJ and Widz.

  • Jolene

    Could someone enlighten me on why they would offer a free, legal download of a song before its release? Wouldn’t this cut into sales?

  • widz

    ^I have no idea..LOL.
    Maybe it’s just to create buzz and make people more familiar to the song?
    And they know that’s it’s going to be a HUGE hit anyway, so maybe they’re not that concerned by the fact that it cuts sales? :ponder_tb: :lol_tb:

  • Dr. Tracey

    Sweet deal, thanks for the link!

  • Barbariba

    I got a free download of Bruce Springsteen’s “Working on A Dream” in December. The song is on his upcoming album due to be released this month. I think it’s good promotion that increases interest in the whole album.

  • primeminister

    I remember seeing this in the comment section of the previous Kelly thread, but the poster didn’t post a link..! haha. Thank you, mj!! (Though I hear what Jolene’s saying, isn’t this is going to cut into Kelly’s digital sales?)

    I didn’t like this song at first, but it’s definitely growing on me. Plus, it sounds a lot better in HQ–the chorus doesn’t seem as overproduced as it did on youtube.

  • dante

    This song has grown on me as well and I predict it will be a BIG hit. Overproduced or not, Kelly’s vocals kill.

    Thanks for the free download link – have it in my shuffle playlist ready to go.

  • SashaB

    Thank you! It’s catchy and I’m bopping along. Love Kelly’s voice. Thanks widz and MJ!

  • abbysee

    Overproduced or not, Kellyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s vocals kill.

    This is what separates Kelly and Pink from the rest of the pack their vocals are SICK! I don’t know why they would cut into sales, but something tells me that sales are not the point. I think in about a month we will all be humming this damn song like drones, and begging for the next. Mission accomplished.

  • BootStar

    Thanks for the link, MJ!

    Terry Gross interviewed a reporter from Rolling Stone last week and asked him about this giving-away-singles phenomenon. He essentially told her that all of this buzz-creating activity is to drive future concert sales because that is one of the few ways for artists to make money these days.

    The Rise And Fall Of The Music Industry

  • dreamr

    Thanks for the heads up! I usually don’t like dance/techno-ish stuff, but I’m finding that I really like this song. I’ve been listening to it on repeat since downloading it. XD

  • GwendolynD

    I really like this song….

  • yeahyeahsure

    Kelly is already an established huge artist of RCA. A free download is not gonna harm her that much. Remember how Nickelback gave away “Gotta Be Somebody” at their website for free? The single still did amazing with it’s download sales and the album is already at 1.2M with an underperforming single and very little promotion. Kelly would have that and much, much more – this single is guaranteed Top 3 at least and I expect RCA’s 100% attention and resources on her. RCA has full faith that Kelly is gonna sell craploads of singles and albums that sacrificing a few single sales won’t matter. She is gonna get top priority over at RCA. They’ve been preparing for this since last year. :jittery_tb:

  • kbr

    I agree, no big deal in my mind about giving away the single. Kelly has an established fan base already, so now it’s just about building up the buzz pre-album and who knows getting a few extra fans because they don’t have to purchase her first single (although I am sure they will have to buy the second one!)
    I guess I am one of the few Kelly fans who actually liked “My December,” IMHO Sober is one of Kelly’s best songs. I am not loving this song, probably because it feels too much like a dance song right now. If it’s like any other Kelly Clarkson song I am sure I will end up humming it all day long soon enough though! Gotta have a couple extra listens.

    Thanks for the heads up MJ!

  • Tony

    I like it.

  • RemusL

    Jolene, I’m sure the record company has realized that people will rip the song from her myspace page if they haven’t done so already, so why not give it away and make a marketing promotion out of it?

  • sav129

    I really like this song!! Thanks

    I think alot more artists will be doing this as well. It does create alot of hype and anticipation…

  • yeahyeahsure

    Kelly will be back on Idol “in a few weeks”!

    :jittery_tb: :clap_tb: :jittery_tb:

  • Michelle

    Thanks MJ!

    BootStar, I heard that interview too — very interesting. Basically the music industry has conceded that fighting illegal downloads is a losing battle (hence have quietly given up on suing users who d/l) and are trying to shift the business model to one where the song/album is not the end product, but just one component of an entire “product line” of related ringtones, concerts, apps, licensing to tv/movies/commercials…

    So it’s like…they figure ppl who don’t want to pay for Kelly’s new single will get it somehow anyway. At least if they make the giveaway official (authorized sites like VH1) they can direct the traffic and the eyeballs towards controlled sites where they can throw in extra promo for Kelly and the album.

  • widz

    Yay! Is she mentoring or something? I hope she is! YAY KELLY!
    (and can I still dream that Kelly and David C. would do a duet together on the show?)..Hee

  • jnd1221

    I’ve heard this song at least twice a day all weekend on various radio stations. It’s definitely going to be a hit. It’s not particularly “deep,” but it’s catchy as hell and I love it.

  • purplesmile

    I am not liking this song. Maybe after a few more listens, that would change. (I loved most of My December at first listen, though, so I don’t know…)

  • GwendolynD

    Ità ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s not particularly à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“deep,à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬  but ità ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s catchy as hell and I love it.

    True. Those looking for the deepness with this one might be disappointed. LOL! But, it’s definitely an earworm. And…Kelly’s awesome vocal abilities are still hugely noticeable.