Don Philip Claims X Factor Judges Pressured Him to Come Out as Gay

What you didn’t see last night: X Factor contestant, Don Philip, came out to the judges during his audition. He’s the hopeful who recorded a duet with Britney 10 years ago. He proceeded to have a meltdown on stage when he blew his audition and all 4 judges said no. He tells The New York Post that he was pressured into coming out.:

“I think they were scared I was going to kill myself,” says Don Philip, who recorded the duet “I Will Still Love You” with Spears in 1999.

“After that thing, I went home and had thoughts of [suicide]. I was so destroyed that they set me up.”

Philip, 32, says he confided in producers that he was gay but didn’t expect it to be discussed on the show.

“When I got on stage, [the judges] chimed in saying, ‘What is your secret?’ ” Philip tells The Post.
“I knew immediately what they were talking about. I only had one secret.”

Philip — a vocal coach in New York — left Spears visibly shaken when he told her: “I didn’t think you thought it was OK that I am gay.”

She responded: “I think it is fine that you are gay.”

The singer then began crying onstage, telling his former singing partner: “I never thought I would see you again.”

Philip said his voice “froze” when he began to sing and the judges voted unanimously to send him home.

Hm. I have this account of Don’s full audition, and it sounds like it didn’t take much prompting from the judges for him to come out.

After Britney rejected him, Don leaked one of her demos HERE and made a snarky remark about her emotional issues. “At least I didn’t shave my head,” snarked Don.

I’m watching the entertainment shows right now, and he’s telling his version of the story everywhere. What a troubled man. I hope he gets help.

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  • Ronnie D

    Sounds like he is clinging to his 15 minutes of fame lol

  • Jazz_11

    Ohh he reminds me of a woman from Season 1. Tracy something??

  • Nasstopher

    To be honest, as soon as I saw him, I knew he was gay. It’s not big deal! It doesn’t matter wether you are gay or not, it matter though if you have talent or not. And he clearly sounded as if he didn’t practice in the last ten years. Cause in the song with Britney he sounded great. But on the show last night, he was horrible.

    Now about what he’s talking about to the media, is just attention seeking. 

  • chillj

    It seems the whole lot of them is troubled.  I saw this man twice on the teevee tonight; it could just be his own performance and subsequent notoriety embarrassed him.  What a way to become famous.  Oy.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I agree, MJ. Don is a troubled man and needs to seek out help. I hope that he gets it.

  • Katie’s Uvula

    So weird how they force him to “out” himself to the judges and they edit it so it looks like he was only emotional because he thought he disappointed Britney. He definitely has issues (not being mean) based on what was seen.

  • sue

    Uh really? It was kind of obvious, come one now.  So what? Being gay is ok! No one cares, his singing was just plain bad. Why the heck did he come on the show anyway? When you go on shows like this you never know what aspect of your performance will be used. He is definitely troubled and needs help immediately. 

  • Shelby Walker

    “Ohh he reminds me of a woman from Season 1. Tracy something??”

    I think her name was Stacy Francis.

  • Kitwana

    Listening to Don’s performance again, I gotta say that it is not that bad. The judges have let worse go through.

    Listening to Halo reminds me of Already Gone :) Beyonce definitely got the better song from Ryan Tedder.

  • Jazz_11

    Just watched the video… he was more concern about dissapointing Britney. But look at Britney’s face, like she’s in pain… Oh.. and Demi looks so cute. LOL

  • Alexandre Oliveira


  • iluvai

    I feel sorry for him. Everyone has their struggles. But he was out of line.  gag….

  • iluvai

    At 32, he is not going to be a popstar.  Too bad it didn’t work out for him. 

  • lukien

    Since i knew the story about him beforehand, it was so uncomfortable watching the whole thing. I feel sorry for him. Understand that when he was 19, knowing himself was gay but he was afraid to come out, he could have thought that a young Britney at THAT time might not accept him for who he really was. As for his media round after the show, he might have done that not for the attention but to clear his name. If i were in his position, i might want to clear the whole story too. Sometimes we need to give benefit of the doubt, it’s very easy to judge people by seeing what’s presented on tv, but humans are fragile. But i agree, he needs help, at least a strong person to hoist him up, in the video when he cried, there was a guy with him, could be his bestie or bf, hopefully the guy could help him. I love the new X Factor with It’s Britney bixxx … But please please no more uncomfortable stories like this.