Hola! David Archuleta has returned from his two year Mormon mission in Chile! The American Idol season 7 runner-up posts a greeting for his fans as he arrives at the airport.

Welcome back, Elder Archuleta!

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  • fuzzywuzzy

    lol Archie is as cute as he ever was.

  • Fan Dja

    He’s hoooooome!!!! lol Thank you MJ for posting. The Archie fanbase is in celebration mode!!!!

  • jan

    He looks good – sounds happy – can’t wait to see/hear what’s next.

  • Marko

    I’m not familiar with Mormon religious practices and I can’t understand why he abandoned his musical career for 2 years.

  • RCormier

    Thanks MJ. I still blame those power-texting Kris Allen fans from beating out Archie in Season 8! Welcome back David!

  • GRjourney1

    Thanks, Mj, for the post. David is a one of a kind guy. So happy to see what he has in store for us in the future.

  • Marko


  • roselim

    holaaaa so hapyy david is finally here!!!!!u have no idea how happy r we who’s waiting for ur return..thank u mjsbigblog

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I found this site informative:


    The LDS Church is one of the most active modern practitioners of missionary work, reporting that it had over 80,000 full-time missionaries worldwide in October 2013[1] (as well as over 22,000 part-time church-service missionaries at the end of 2012).[2] Most full-time Mormon missionaries are single young men and women in their late teens and early twenties and older couples no longer with children in the home. Missionaries are often assigned to serve far from their homes, including in other countries. Many missionaries learn a new language at a missionary training center as part of their assignment. Missions typically last two years for males, 18 months for females, and 6 to 18 months for older couples. The LDS Church strongly encourages, but does not require, missionary service for young men. All Mormon missionaries serve voluntarily and do not receive a salary for their work; they typically finance missions themselves or with assistance from family or other church members. Many Latter-day Saints save money during their teenage years to cover their mission expenses.

    Throughout the history of the church, over one million missionaries have been sent on missions.[3][4]

    In October 2012, the LDS Church announced that young men have the option of serving a mission at age 18 if they have graduated from high school.[5] It was also announced that young women may serve beginning at age 19 instead of 21.[5]

  • kegler5088

    In case you’re interested, you can learn about the Mormons at http://www.mormon.org. Check it out!

  • roselim

    take time david we will just be here..waiting for ur music. and concert soon pls. have 1 in paris pls!!!!

  • kegler5088

    David Cook actually beat him in Season 7, but you’re right…David Archuleta should have won (though I do love David C. too).

  • Dakota

    He needs to get a role in Book of Mormon…He looks like every stereotype of a Mormon boy

  • Heidijoy

    He was on Season 7. David Cook won! that year but Archie and his fans were and are happy!!

  • Dakota

    It doesnt specify what the ‘mission’ is and how much involves trying to convert people

  • Heidijoy

    Welcome home David Archuleta is Trending. We are happy he is home safe!! Thanks MJ

  • Sassycatz

    David Archuleta was runner-up on Season 7, not 8. So, RCormier was making a funny.

  • karatx

    Yay!! I’m so happy to see him back, I know he’s going to take a little time to catch up with family but I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next! Welcome home!! :)

  • MarthaPB

    Very kind of him to let us know right away! Welcome home, David!
    By the way, he was runner up in Season 7, not 8. Thanks!

  • Sassycatz

    *That* would amuse me. I might even go and see the play again, if he did.

    ETA: The best part would be having Syesha *and* David in the play. That would be even a bigger hoot.

  • Marko

    RCormier owes an apology to Kris Allen’s texting fans then :)

  • Tess Herself

    Of course the Mormon church sends missionaries out to convert folks but that isn’t their only “job”. It is also a time for these young adults to better learn more about the church, its scriptures, and practices. These missionaries also do considerable community service projects from tutoring at local schools, working in food banks, doing service projects, neighborhood cleanups, and working with existing Mormon church members to help them with their local meetings.

  • hellomusicgirl

    Hey Archie! So nice of him to record a little video, directly from the airport before even going home. Finally all the speculation about when he would arrive is over. Now we can start in earnest on the speculation about what he has planned for the career lol.

    Seriously though. It’s really good to have him back. 2 years, man.

  • Sassycatz

    Well, just substitute the name David Cook for Kris Allen and you’ll feel a whole lot better! ;-)

  • GRjourney1

    All churches that I know of send missionaries out to help people less fortunate and in some cases there are conversions taking place. This certainly isn’t just a Mormon thing. The sending of their young adults may be the difference, but it seems to me that teaching these young people to care for others and learn more about themselves and their church is commendable. I am Methodist, and we have missionaries, too. Youth are encouraged to help out others and some serve shorter missions in third world countries. The fact that David left his career to do this just shows what an amazing young man he is.

  • HappyDaisy_2

    Aww, the pause after “and” and then he says “I’m home.” Could feel the emotion.
    So glad he’s back and hope to see more of David real soon.
    p.s. Season 7 was sooo good.

  • Eileen99

    Awww welcome back Archie! I’ve missed your cute tweets.

  • tomr

    Welcome home, David. We missed you.

  • HappyDaisy_2

    MJ’s post says Season 8 (typo).

  • shell29

    Welcome home Elder Archuleta! Good to see him back home.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    It’s not unusual to encounter missionaries of many varieties here in Phoenix. (Apparently we’re a godless lot in the desert.) The Mormon ones have lovely manners and therefore respond to a polite “no, thank you, have a beautiful evening” by bicycling off instead of by getting in one’s face. I would happily encounter Mormon missionaries thrice daily in preference to the religious group that stakes out the Target by the tram station and harasses women who wear pants.

    It’s an unusual religion in that every young person does such a long missionary stint, with fairly stringent rules, but that also makes it a valuable rite of passage.

    And yeah, the community service component definitely is a big deal for them.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    There is a section on “proselytizing” at the link I posted.

  • Pastel

    Thanks a million for posting this MJ. We are pretty excited. And happy he sent a short message to fans upon his arrival. Kari Sellards, part of his team, orchestrated this well, I’m thinking :)

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Also, his videos to his fans were adorable and funny. lol

  • Lori

    Awwww. Welcome home Archie.

  • Janina


  • Lori

    LOL. Alrighty then!

  • KaLyR


  • alonzo7

    Nice to see David back-had to go to you tube to watch Imagine again.

  • H.A.

    Awww. Welcome back Archie. He looks so grown. Happy for his fans.

  • Trina

    Aw welcome back Archie! Always such a sweet and classy boy. He looks so grown up now. It will be interesting if he talks about his mission and how it impacted him.

  • kimak

    I’m home.. I’m home! sweetest words ever not to mention he looks and sounds exactly the same as he left!!

  • girlygirl

    Aww, I’m happy for his fans.

    Welcome back, Archie :)

  • Incipit

    He doesn’t look 2 yrs older much – well, maybe just the haircut – But I’m also happy for his fans to finally look forward to shows and such again. They’ve been very patient.

  • Kimmy Moores

    It’s time for this young man to come back and reclaim the huge music career he was bound to have before he left.

  • Kimmy Moores

    The kid doesn’t look he aged a day

  • KaLyR

    David takes after his mom that way. She does NOT look like a woman who bore five children.

  • sue

    YES! So happy he is finally home!

  • hellomusicgirl

    David’s sister posted a sweet pic on twitter of him reuniting with his 3 sisters at the airport. Must have been great to see each other again after so long!

  • Lynn Di Resto

    Yay!!! Lets make some music now. It has been way too long.

  • Peter Hewitt

    that went by kinda fast actually, i remember when he left and it felt like not too long ago.

  • nyc57

    He seems like such an incredibly sweet guy.I wish him the best.

  • seldomused

    Nice to have David back!
    A lot of emotion packed into those two simple words: “I’m home”.
    I look forward to seeing what he does next.

  • hellomusicgirl

    A sweet pic posted by David’s sister on twitter of him reuniting with his 3 sisters at the airport today. Must have been great for them to get to see each other after so long apart!

  • perfectstorm

    How the seasons change. Can’t get used to the image that Scotty McCreery is younger than David Archuleta and that he and Phillip Phillips are the same age.

  • Quaribea

    He looks good. Hopefully he’ll be back to his music career soon.

  • Hanna Park

    LOL. You haven’t seen his hot pictures, mostly taken in another countries.

  • khomphuong2

    Awwww.. Miley Cyrus and David Archuleta …https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4fy4D5wkb0&hd=1

  • catlover84

    How times have change. I CANNOT imagine they’re doing anything together now. I’m just glad nothing happened to him back then LOL. But I must say, that duet was cute.

  • Incipit

    Huh. OK, I never had any reason to notice that – but it does tilt perceptions a little bit. Archie is three years older than Scotty.

  • JustJam

    He’s 23 now. Time flies by. Still remember all the girls going nuts over him on Idol when he was 17 :-)

  • Judieann

    David looks Happy, Healthy and Handsome…

  • hellomusicgirl

    Wow, talk about a blast from the past! Wonder when he’ll find out what Miley has been up to in the last 2 years? lol

  • Lynn Di Resto

    Start making that music Archie. Your fans have been waiting anxiously for some songs from a very talented guy. Welcome back!!!

  • GRjourney1

    I see David trending on Yahoo and Facebook today. Nice to see his name out there after his 2 yr.break. Wonder what will come next.

  • Fan Dja

    Really nice :)

  • germanyet

    See David Archie fans are back in full force! Got love this guy! Cannot wait to travel to the states for his first concerts – hoping there will be some Spanish songs!

  • gem2477

    well, he did release music that did okay. It’s really a right of passage thing.

  • gem2477

    that’s only a few hours a week, if at all. It also depends on the Mission Pres.

  • gem2477

    LOL that’s because they all dress alike.

  • Ryan Blake Comer

    Missionaries are definitely sent out with the intent of converting people. It’s a huge part of why they are sent out. But I wouldn’t expect anything less from a church that claimed to be the true church of Jesus Christ. In my opinion, no church could make that claim if it wasn’t out actively trying to bring people in.

    That being said, 99 percent of the missionaries anyone will encounter are polite. They ask if you’re interested, and if you aren’t, they politely move on.

    And yes, a greater understanding of the scriptures as well as the opportunity for service are also major benefits to serving a mission.