David Archuleta “Rainbow” Music Video Preview

Watch a preview of the music video for David Archuleta’s new song, “Rainbow” that will be available on the upcoming Expanded Edition of Forevermore out soon in the Philippines and available for import to most areas.

David’s team is doing a great job releasing music while he’s in Chile on a Mormon mission until 2014.

Check out the preview below:

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  • Menzell

    cool remix, nice groove … props to Archie and his team for sure… stoked to hear the rest

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1406415460 Martha Perez Buntyn

    We appreciate all the hard work he did before he left so we would have his music! Excited for the full version of this video as well as the full album Forevermore Expanded Edition available with WOW HD.  Also listening to BEGIN. released in August and the wonderful Christmas from the Heart!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/djafans Fan Dja

    David A can pretty much do it all.  He continues to sing as part of his mission and not only hymns.  This means he is keeping his voice in shape which makes his fans very very happy. Rumor has it he has 4 Christmas performances in Chile open to the public. This is normal Christmas celebrations at the different missions just never had a missionary with this much recognition :)

    I’ve ordered my Forevermore Expanded Edition which include all 3 MV’s.
    I’m really looking forward to the entire Rainbow 2.0 MV.

  • kmd23

    I really like this sneak peek video. So good to see David A.

  • http://www.facebook.com/djafans Fan Dja

    It’s available for pre order here.

    kim ?@kimak
    #6 TOP US PRE-ORDERS.. @DavidArchie’s Forevermore Expanded Edition CD @WOW_HD http://www.wowhd.us/music/0/0/pre-releases … NOV 19

  • hellomusicgirl

    Can’t wait to hear the entire song! The version of Rainbow that’s on the original release of the Forevermore album is quite a bit slower than this. This version is actually a completely different recording of the song. The initial thought when we heard a remix would come out is that it would just have been sped up in the studio and maybe some effects added but apparently David heard a remix of the original Rainbow while in the Philippines and got with one of the album producers, Jay Durias, to work out and record this alternate version. David specifically asked for a more uptempo sound since so many songs on the album were slower ballads (a hazard of recording an album of love songs lol).

    I like the vibe of it so far but I require more than 30 seconds ;)

    If I remember correctly, they shot all 3 videos for the album on the same day. Obviously not the preferred method but they wanted to have as much as possible to be able to release to the fans over the 2 year break. I think they might *possibly* have more music to release next year as well. Just rumors though. I love rumors. heh.

  • journey1

    This looks like it is going to be so much fun.  Pretty excited to see the entire video. People who haven’t seen David in a live concert will be able to see how well he moves on stage. 

    Thanks, MJ, for posting David news.  With him being gone for 2 years it would be easy to ignore the things that get posted.  David worked very hard to keep a steady flow of music, etc. for his fans, so it is nice to see that blogs like yours pick up these and post them.

  • kimak

    LOVE that sneak peek of Rainbow.. was shocked in a way and I am a big Archie fan! I can’t wait til we get the rest of it!
    Who would of thought David dancing!?

  • Kitwana

    David’s 8 months into his 24 month mission. Time really does fly when there’s a constant stream of new music (3rd cd coming) and music videos (4th music video coming) since his departure. I really respect his labels in Asia (Sony and Ivory) and the US (Highway Records) for continuing to support David so strongly even when he’s not available. I don’t care how good his team is, there’s no way he gets the distribution, promo and radio play without label support.

  • http://www.facebook.com/djafans Fan Dja

    Not in the US of A but he sure does in Asia.


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  • http://twitter.com/rhed31 rhed31

    I love the preview! Can’t wait to see and hear the whole thing. 

  • http://twitter.com/erlindita Linda Spivey#DA2014

    What a day, i love the sneak peek of Rainbow mv.  David is so special, i can’t wait to hear and see the whole MV.  David! Why are you so wonderful to your fans.  Hurry home, we will be waiting.

  • overthetop1

    David is so adorable.

  • LaLiliana

    Well, well David is definitely getting his moves out there. Like what I hear of the song so far. What am I saying? He is gonna kill us with his bad self when we see the whole thing. Voice + Looks ( was that a five o’clock shadow omg!) + Moves + Good song = Lotsahappyfans

  • http://twitter.com/VABeachJudy Judy#DA2014

    Thanks so much for posting the news of the forevermore Extended Edition and the RAINBOW MV MJ! EXCITED to see the entire video…love the vibe…and dancing David! 

  • http://twitter.com/VABeachJudy Judy#DA2014

    THANKS for posting the RAINBOW MV sneak peek MJ!  EXCITED to see the entire video!  Really looking forward to the release of forevermore Extended Edition…THREE music videos included!!  We are such LUCKY fans that David has left us with so much while he is away!  #DA2014

  • http://twitter.com/Marylee_DA2014 ??Marylee~#DA2014??

    LOVE this sneak peek at David’s RAINBOW remix MV! My thanks to his Manager, Kari & the entire TeamArchuleta for all you are doing for the fans while David is away on his Mission. Most of all thanks to David for being the caring person he is & doing everything in his power to leave us with music for his fans to enjoy while he’s away. Simply the BEST