Dancing with the Stars 12 Week 5 – The Results!

Petra Nemcova and Dmitry Chaplin leave Dancing With the Stars

So, how is it that Kendra and Louis live to see another week? Kendra sucks and has a bad attitude. I ask, once again, is the crappy E! reality show she stars in that popular? I guess there’s got to be one every season that overstays their welcome.  Kendra is it.

Petra seems like a very sweet person, but she wasn’t that great a dancer, and models have a lousy track record on DWTS.  Bye Dmitry. SNIFF.

Next week will feature the weird cross-pollination of American Idol and DWTS as 9th place finisher, Pia Toscano sings on the results show while her supposed boyfriend, Mark Ballas performs a dance routine.

An observant fan on twitter(thanks Brittany!) mentioned that The Voice–that new vocal competition show featuring Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo and Adam Levine–is set to premiere on NBC next Tuesday.  Does Pia’s appearance represent an unholy alliance between two old rivals to beat down the new kid on the block?  Idol and Dancing are no longer going head to head, so I guess it’s cool!

Honestly, I could see the benefit for ABC, but could not see what was in it for FOX. Now I get it.

Tom Bergeron announced Pia Toscano’s April 26 appearance on the DWTS results show. Pia will sing during a routine by Mark Ballas, whom she is reportedly dating. Backstreet Boys and NKOTB will also perform.

Next week is Guilty Pleasure week.

Recap and Video after the JUMP…

Hines and Kym and Kirstie and Maks hit the floor first.  Hines is SAFE. Kirstie is STILL IN JEOPARDY.

The judges tap Romeo and Chelsie to reprise their Foxtrot. GOOD CHOICE.  Chelsie almost loses an ear ring.

Maks and Lacey plus the DWTS troupe dance while Toby Keith performs his big country hit, “Shoulda Been a Cowboy”.  Maks and Lacey have a minor oopsie! It must be the Kirstie Alley effect!


Romeo and ChelsieChelsea and Mark and Chris and Cheryl are up after the break.  Jordin Sparks African Cats commercial. Chelsea is SAFE as is ROMEO. Chris is STILL IN JEOPARDY.

The Macy’s Star of Dance routine is next.  I really look forward to these performances. This week features more awesomeness.


Petra and Dmitry, Kendra and Louis and Ralph and Karina, the lowest scoring couples are next. Ralph is SAFE. Kendra is also safe.


Toby Keith is back to perform “American Soldier”. Next, more filler: a video package featuring the judges.


The next couple safe is… Kristie and Maks.  Len is VERY grumpy about the bottom 2.

That leaves Petra and Chris. Who is going home? Petra and Dmitry are eliminated.



  • Hines and Kym
  • Chelsea and Mark
  • Romeo and Chelsie
  • Ralph and Karina
  • Kendra and Louis
  • Kirstie and Maks

In Jeopardy

  • Kirstie and Maks
  • Chris and Cheryl
  • Petra and Dmitry
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  • GreenHippo

    I just heard next week is ‘Guilty Pleasure Week” on DWTS, is this true? Anyone?…… Bueler?

  • soccerboi

    WTF is the Toby Keith doing on DWTS? He is a racist homofobe

  • jlc

    What??? Kendra is safe???
    It better be Petra going home & not Kirstie!! (Damn it!)

  • cjinsd

    Damn! I don’t want any of these three couples to go. Kendra needs to. I loathe her attitude. I guess Petra is the weakest of the ones in jeopardy, but that means losing Dmitry. : (

  • GreenHippo

    What??? Kendra is safe???

    there go all my points :(

  • DogBitez

    I’m sorry that people don’t seem to be voting for Chris. Seems like a nice guy and his dancing is quite good — he should be someone in the finals, I think. Instead we get obnoxious unlikeable Kendra?? Hope Petra is leaving and Chris and Kirstie stay.

  • jlc

    I’m worried it’s Kirstie….and that means no mo ‘sex-stick’ Maks!!! Please be Petra…she’s sweet but I’m not invested in her.

  • luval

    So, I guess it’s true…Pia to sing next Tuesday.

  • jlc

    Notice how I’m assuming Chris is going thru…

  • jlc

    The Pia thing will be interesting…I still don’t see her & Mark as a couple…weirds me out for some reason. I guess cuz I had Mark & Chelsea pegged as having a thing going on. They just seem to have real chemistry.

  • wfish8888

    So Pia Will sing next week!?!?

  • halo9125

    Hell, Mark even seemed like he had chemistry with Bristol Palin, lol.

    I have to say though- Mark bears an almost uncanny resemblance to Pia’s boyfriend- she absolutely has a type.

  • Mel1

    How is it Kenda isn’t even in the bottom three? Who the hell is voting for her? What does she even do? Is she an actress?

  • jlc

    YayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! GO G-MAK!!!

  • sunny2

    Yup, I had a feeling the eastern europenas would get the boot on American night. Still shocked Kendra wasn’t in the bottom three though!

  • brie200

    I don’t believe for a second Chris was in the B2. The B3 is usually completely random unless they say otherwise. I also think Kendra was likely one of the bottom vote getters. Just not the bottom vote getter obviously.

  • jlc

    Mark bears an almost uncanny resemblance to Pia’s boyfriend- she absolutely has a type.

    I noticed that too…and posted same on last night’s comments.

    I feel bad for Petra..she’s sweet. But she just doesn’t have the fan base Kirstie has.

  • GreenHippo

    Ugh, I didn’t want to lose any of them from the bottom 3. I want to lose KENDRA now…… I guess someone must like her.

  • webster

    Louis must have fans.

  • sweetmm

    Wonder if the AI contestants be allowed to cheer on Pia next week.

  • Mel1

    Sorry to see Petra go. I thought she was one of the sweetest contestants on the show.

  • cher

    Very sorry to see Petra go. Kendra needs to be gone. Unfortunately she has fans from her reality show. :(

    I have to say though- Mark bears an almost uncanny resemblance to Pia’s boyfriend- she absolutely has a type.

    So true. I did a double take when i saw the ex bf’s pic :)

  • Mel1

    What reality show is Kendra on?

  • Miss Blue

    Crap. As usual, America screws it up. First we get a homophobic racist to entertain us, then we boot the nicest person on the show, instead of plastic boob girl with Daddy issues. Shameful.

  • nncw

    Well that is a shame that Petra was eliminated I don’t know how they choose what dances people have to perform – wouldn’t it be fairer if they were all dancing the same style so they could be judged more fairly – that is what happens in ball room competitions. I hate to see both Dimitri and Petra leave.

  • cher

    What reality show is Kendra on?

    Mel1, it’s called Kendra and it’s on E! channel. :(

  • JudyL

    Len, if you judges hadn’t way, way, way over-scored the stomping dance Kendra performed last night, maybe you would not have to be so upset about the elimination tonight. Usually the really bad dancers get through on their ‘fan base’ but last night the judges were propping up a bad dancer….I have no idea why.

    Who in the world is voting for her…..is her show actually popular? I’ve never seen it and never will.

    BTW, seeing Hines tonight reminded me how over-scored he was. And the judges seem to have it in for Ralph. I find him very entertaining. Is it just me or does the judging seem to be strange this year? In the past I usually agreed with them except when they take points off for some technical flaw that I don’t understand.

  • OnePlusSix

    want to lose KENDRA now…… I guess someone must like her.

    She used to be one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends, hence, she may be garnering some votes from that direction. She’s also married to Hank Baskett, a wide receiver in theNational Football League.

  • Mel1

    For some reason, the judges seem to like pro football players. They seem to do well every season. I didn’t think Hines was as good as his scores indicated.

    Supermodels don’t seem to ever have any kind of fan base. Was Petra at the bottom of the judges scores, along with Kendra? Goes to show mean people end up better than nice people.

    Yep, Kendra was way overscored last night. Maybe if she was the lone bottom scorer from the judges, she might have left.

  • jlc

    We, the audience, would get too bored if they all danced the same dance on the same night. At least I would. The show is about entertaining us and getting ratings. Having them all dance the same dance on the same night would be like Idol contestants all singing the same song on performance nights.

    Hmmm….not a bad idea.

  • Vanille

    I kind of like Kendra.. Every tv show needs a villian.. I just hate that it was at Dmtrys expense… I like him a lot :(

  • iluvai

    Happy for Kirstie!

  • ninergrl6

    NKOTBSB next week! *squee*

  • Ratna12

    I was hoping that Petra and Dmitry lasted one more week and Kendra get voted out. Oh well.

    The American themed / country-ish songs don’t fit at all with the dances I think. Watching Jonathan and Anna danced to that song tonight was weird to see.

    The audience has limited votes, but sometimes the judges can help or hinder certain dancers by over / underscoring them. So, there is still some manipulation going on.
    Hines was overscored this week, but I thought that he was underscored last week.

  • Allison

    This week took a big back step from last week. The songs didn’t work. My two faves Petra and Chris were in the bottom 3.

    Is it just me or does the judging seem to be strange this year?

    No it’s not you. I find Carrie even more biased against beautiful girls this year. Petra was a sweetheart, beautiful inside and out and no way she should have gone home over that clod Kendra.

  • Mel1

    No it’s not you. I find Carrie even more biased against beautiful girls this year. Petra was a sweetheart, beautiful inside and out and no way she should have gone home over that clod Kendra.

    I thought Carrie Ann had been very supportive of Petra. She’s the one who hasn’t been weird this year. For a show that doesn’t have power voting like AI, they sure got it wrong not voting out Kendra.

  • http://myspace.com/susanatfox sumidol

    Sigh, yes, I have seen Kendras show in the past and in it she is very funny, down to earth, honest, in your face, crass and a very loving mom and wife. She and Hank are cute together, so, there embarrassing as this may be, I said it. She does have fans somewhere somehow. My fav’s though are Ralph and Hiney