Dancing with the Stars – Season 17 – Pre-Show POLLS!

  • hcpoirot

    Each premiere season, the celebs will had 2 dance before one of them will be eliminated.

    So I guess, this season the celebs will also dance twice and at end of the second week, one of them will be out.

  • Miss Blue

    I voted for Leah but my heart belongs to Bill Nye. I think the poll showing him leaving early is VERY, VERY wrong. The geek in all of us is going to carry him far – I think his fan base is going to be way larger than anyone expects.

    I was happy to see Valerie not getting the sympathy vote here, I hope it carries through to the rest of the voting public. While I do have great love and concern for her, this is a dancing competition and I personally feel it was crass and irresponsible of the show to even ask her to be on it.

  • raya

    Miss Blue, I’m with you on people underrating Bill Nye. Not only is he the person I’m most excited for oddly, I’ve also seen far more internet excitement and hoopla over him than over the poll leader here Elizabeth. Which is not to say I have anything against Elizabeth or that I think she will do badly, but I hazard to think fans of the pros find these polls and the results skew more to that than anything having to do with the actual celebs in question. I just find it odd that Elizabeth has been a nonfactor on just about every site I’ve seen and here she’s the one people expect to win?

    I don’t agree on the crass and irresponsible part re: Valerie though. She’s given her reasons for why she’s doing it and I understand and respect them. Tristan already went to bat as well for his partner after a particularly nasty article about the whole situation.

  • Racheal

    Val and Elizabeth for the win!!

  • raya

    Though I have to say the poll results so far, without seeing anyone dance, look much like last season. Derek vs. Val. Wasn’t that pretty much all of last season? Just swap out their celebs.

  • Wfish88

    Bill Nye has a rapid fan base whom I believe will allow him to cruise into the finale

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