Casey Abrams “Get Out” Official Music Video

And here is the REAL culmination of yesterday’s “twitter fun” with  Casey Abrams.  It’s the official music video for the American Idol 10 alum’s single “Get Out.”

Directed by Bayan Joonam and filmed in New York City, it has a Valentines theme going on. But sadly, no gorilla.

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  • Xentusk

    How comfortable is he in his own skin?
    Love the video and great album…  You need to listen to it if you haven’t yet… :D

    Friday’s show with Haley and Casey has just gained a little more buzz, methinks :D

  • LA944

    I went to see him at a Christmas acoustic show and got to meet him. Such a nice guy–really warm, sweet and genuine. He talked to me for a bit–and there were others wanting to meet him. So, I said thanks and hope u come east again. And he said–Wait a minute–give me a big hug. He gives a good hug too (And I’m not some young hot girl –anymore–lol)

    IA–he is very comfortable in his skin I think. I love his cd. Get Out studio version not my fave on the cd–but his jazzed out live version of it is terrific!

  • Xentusk

    You’re right, he’s a really friendly, down to earth guy.

    I met him in LA with Tim Halperin at Haley’s Album Debut in May.  He even pulled out his phone to put my twitter name in, but alas I’m sort of Twitter ‘phobic’ so don’t have one.  He gave me a hug anyways and thanked me for the compliments.

    After the show, I went to thank him and wish him good luck and got another hug!!  LOL

    I think he was feeling really good that night :D

  • LA944

     WOMS is a good one. I wish someone would put that stageit up on youtube. I would love to see it again. I don’t know which is my fave from the cd- I switch around.

    I’ll tell u what–I saw him as an opening act for two other acts (American Rejects and Gavin DeGraw) It was a fairly large venue. Casey was a late addition to the bill and most of the crowd was there to see the other acts. But Casey really held his own. Just him and his guitar and Bass. I was so impressed–but not surprised.

     My husband heard some lady say when Casey was introduced that she didn’t want to see anyone from THAT (AI) show. After Casey was finished–she said – WOW–he was really good.

  • Incipit

    Ahh, yes – the culmination of all the web Hi Jinks. Great marketing here – kudos to whoever is responsible for this multi-pronged move – several different avenues, all leading to the same place.

    And that’s one whack-a-loon video – prefaced by the Jack Black segment – I don’t know which part amuses me more – but it may be the Five Casey’s – including the one just sitting on the bench. Or maybe it’s that red drum, something about the red drum makes me *chuckle*.

    “Get Out” is one of my three top tracks – and I have decided I quite like Rune Westberg, after this track and DC’s LMFFY – I want him to work with more artists I like. The other two tracks are “Blame it On Me” and “Dry Spell”. And, also “A Boy Can Dream” has crept up on me – it’s kind of sweet…in a very adult way. But “Dry Spell”  is it’s opposite – and my favorite, because there is so much room in there for extended vamping with all the instrumental moments – the song just swaggers, and the lyrics are flirty, confident, and sexy – this isn’t just a dream. And there are plenty of them! Not just repeating the same few lines over and over – which is a pet peeve. But the songs do that – tell stories that bounce back and forth between insecurity, hopefulness and confidence – and WOMS – where Casey is just plain having fun with the word play – but he had to let everyone in on the joke!  

    I hope there will be some videos from Casey’s concerts of the “jazzed out live versions’ – because I like the album versions of my favs fine – but I know they can be more free-wheeling live, and I would like those even more. And another single would be cool, because – another video – but how does he top this one for kooky?

    Looking forward to whatever he does next, for sure!

  • seldomused

    Hilarious video!  Casey is really creative…

    Hats off to him!

  • Miz

    Fun fun fun video! I like the song too. Loved the ending. 

  • kayd23

    Love the video. I think Casey is such a talented guy and so creative. I remain a big Casey fan.

  • sue

    That was awesome! Love love love this song. Casey’s album is so good. Hope he gets radio play.

  • Anny_nanny

    I love you, Casey! But where did you put “perfect girl for Casey” from the last clip?

  • BonnieDee

    Hilarious.  Hats off to him for marching to his own drum, always.

  • CB40

    That was funny, take that Andy Grammer lol

  • juliegr

    Fantastic!  Both the video visuals and the music.  Haven’t been impressed with Casey’s efforts before but this one made me smile and tap my feet.  Bravo Casey.

  • irockhard

    Great video, very Casey and shows his offbeat sense of humor. This song is one of my faves on his album but if he gets another single I hope it’s either Blame it on Me or Dry Spell.