Carrie Underwood Declares Album Launch Start, Will Shoot Videos for 2 Singles!

Carrie Underwood blogged at her fan club this morning and her blog is chock full of album news!

Carrie declares next week the official start of her album launch. She’s got 3 photo shoots next week for the album and single launch and meetings to discuss ideas (including a few or her own) for the video for the 1st single . She’ll be shooting the video for the 1st single at the end of January. Carrie’ll also be shooting the video for the 2nd single soon after that because she doesn’t like it when videos are released after the song’s already climbed, which has sometimes happened for her in the past. So, that means they know what the 1st 2 singles off the album will be.

Carrie also gave an update on Stella, the labrador thrown from a moving vehicle whom she’d rescued from the interstate last week. Carrie’d blogged a couple days ago that she’d found a home for Stella with a nice couple down the street. Carrie was missing her already but was glad she’d be able to visit. Her husband Mike did tell her not to stalk Stella like a crazy ex girlfriend! LOLZ. In this morning’s blog Carrie said Stella’s doing very well in her new home and her new family has sent Carrie pictures.

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  • Pam

    she doesn’t like it when videos are released after the song’s already climbed

    I’m with Carrie on this.  I don’t think it makes much sense either.  It seems like some of these singles are starting to peak when the videos are just debuting.   Glad to hear on some forward progress on the album.  Thanks windmills!  :)

    Mike is too funny! LOL!

  • Anonymous

    Glad things are moving along can not wait and as someone who has ended up keeping two dogs that were only suppose to be with us for a short time I totally get how hard it is to let them go even to a good home.LOL

  • Roger Kramjet

    I agree with Carrie. Release the video and the single around the same time. It doesn’t make sense to have the song out and then release a video for it later.

  • Mandy

    Alright! I’m excited to have some concrete news and looking forward to hear what Carrie has come up with this time around.

  • Anonymous

    Exciting news for Carrie fans!  I like that she’s shooting two music videos fairly close together, too.  Her comments make so much sense as we’ve seen what happens when the video is released too far into the song’s run.  

  • Anonymous

    So exciting! It will be a perfect time to release it when idol is happening. She can make a few appearances.

  • Anonymous

    Cant wait for the new music. Another rocking solid year for Ms. Underwood….

  • Anonymous

    Been waiting patiently for Carrie’s new album.  Agree that releasing videos coinciding with each songs release is the right thing.  Not only people will listen but rock out and watch it.  Love her.  She is an awesome lady.  It’s going to be another multiplatinum hit.