Britney Spears Unveils "Perfume" Music Video

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If you’re a pop singer, and have a perfume brand to promote, why not record a song called, appropriately enough, “Perfume,” film a sexy video, and stick bottles of the stuff everywhere you can?

That’s what Britney Spears did. Congrats on the cross-promotion girl! Everybody is asking if the song, about a cheating boyfriend, is about her ex-fiance, Jason Trawick. We may never know…

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  • listening

    I like this song and vid it’s sooo much better than Work B!tch. I think Britney looks pretty but umm why does she lay still during the bed scene? It’s so weird and random it makes me suspicious like there’s some kind of blue screen body double. Hmm I guess it could be some stupid video technique like the director thought he/she was being unique/creative.

    Oh and one more thing the guy in the vid is HOT! Oh man is he beautiful.

  • heartly

    The director, Joseph Kahn, has been going on and on on twitter yesterday and today about being disappointed that the label won’t also release the director’s cut of this video. He says it’s a minute longer and Britney’s performance in it is really good. He says he likes this version, but loves the other version that no one will ever see.

    Joseph Kahn @JosephKahn 11h
    Official cut is a good video as you’ll soon see. But it’s a true loss not to see what she really did. It’s incredible. Beyond other artists.

    But to be VERY honest. Some people would prefer the official version.
    It’s prettier. Simpler. I like it. But I love the DC so much more.

    Maybe if your voice is loud enough they’ll release it. But other than
    that, I just needed to tell the truth. Something amazing is waiting.

    Anyway, that’s officially my last tweet on the subject. Genuinely hope
    you like the official video. I genuinely like it. Sorry I’m so nuts.

  • wonderings

    Thanks for the intel / gossip!

  • Porfivor Nixon

    Meh- she sounds like she has a stuffed up nose. Video is a bit Miley Cyrus with the half-naked man. He is cute but not impressed