The Biggest Loser 15 – Episode 11 – Recap and Results

The Biggest Loser - Season 15

An exciting start to tonight’s 2 hour Biggest Loser show after the hiatus.  As promised the eliminated players are brought back & weighed in. Hap is the first sent home. Ruben who is recording his 6th album was next. He lost 85 lbs… sadly not enough to beat Matt & get back in the house. Fernanda lost 42 lbs.,  Holley 74,  & Bobby 97 lbs. earning him a place back in the house & sending Matt home.  Allison announces in one month the players will compete in the first Biggest Loser triathalon. This week there will be a yellow line leading to the first vote of the season. Of course Bob is happy to see Bobby after losing Hap & Matt.  The first workout checks in on almost all of the remaining contestants. Pretty amazing to see how much they’ve changed already 11 weeks in.  We get an update on Hap who shows how he’s working in being healthy as his job takes him on the road.  Matt has been working on wedding preparations since he’s been home. David also talks about his new wife for one of the first times & the good that has come out of a bad situation. Later in the episode contestants also get a visit from Abby from season 8

Abby Visits The Ranch

For this week’s challenge the contestants are competing for $25,000 worth of gym equipment from Planet Fitness.  Contestants must carry 10 kettle bells up a beach on a hill & there is a golden kettle bell hidden that is worth 5. The player who comes in last will have a 1 lb. disadvantage. Despite Marie finding the golden kettle bell Jay wins. Tanya is last.. Dolvett takes the contestants to a race track to meet Nascar driver Carl Edwards. He puts them through a workout on the track. Rachel then tries on a pair of size 8 jeans she’s had for years & fits in them. Marie lets Jillian know her competitive drive has come out & she wants to win. The weigh in begins with Tanya who has the 1 lb. disadvantage.  She only loses 3 lbs. but it’s enough to get her to one-der-land. Bobby loses 7 (taking him over a 100 lbs. lost) , David 12 for the 2nd week in a row, Chelsea 6, Rachel 6, Jennifer 6, Jay 4, Marie 4, & Tumi 4.  Tumi is voted off over Tanya. Seems the others don’t see Tanya as much of a threat.  The remaining contestants are headed to the Olympic training facility in Park City, UT to get ready for their triathalon.  What did you all think?

  • Sassycatz


    I was all ready for them to bring back Ruben for the THIRD time, when I saw that they were bringing back all the eliminated contestants to give one of them a chance at returning to the show. Fortunately, he wasn’t the one to return, but Ruben did get to plug his new album one more time! (To give the show the benefit of the doubt, this might be an additional way of keeping eliminated contestants on the weight losing road — by constantly dangling the chance to get back on the ranch.)

    I was really getting impatient with the show when it seemed that the middle of it was just a series of ads for weight loss products, foods, and services. Actually, the whole show has turned into one big ad.

    Finally, I hate when they start eliminating contestants via a vote. Just let them go based on their weight loss and quit with the popularity contest, the “strategy,” or the “who deserves/needs it most” rationalizations.

  • mjsbigblog

    The product placement on this show is just out of control.

    Also, as someone who has struggled with weight all her life, I think the show helps no one looking for guidance on how to drop the pounds.

    Ridiculously rapid weight loss encouraged, exercising until the point of vomiting, and the lack of emphasis on food and planning meals makes for an unrealistic portrayal of how to treat obesity.

    The show is really about sob stories and melodrama, and putting the contestants into extreme situation for good TV. Bah.

    As far as Ruben is concerned: There’s no point in bringing him back. He’d just get eliminated in the next couple of weeks anyway. He’s proven himself not to be in it to win it.

  • Sassycatz

    I don’t recall how bad the ad placement was when the show was first introduced, but now it’s way over the top.

    As for the worthiness of their methods, I agree that the overly dramatic focus on over exercising is ridiculous — even harmful. They do spend some time on diet/menus, but not enough. They also spend a great deal of time on backstories and psychological/emotional/social reasons why these particular people are overweight, and I think that is useful in as much as viewers can relate. But, of course, they milk that to an extreme as well.