An American Idol 12 Ticket Holder Never Made it to Hollywood

Sometimes, a golden ticket holder does not make it to Hollywood for one reason or another. Seventeen year old Chicago auditioner, MacKenzie Wasner, was one of those unfortunate hopefuls, reveals Country Music Tattle Tale.

MacKenzie, who hails from Tennessee, is the daughter of Pete Wasner, keyboard player for country superstar, Vince Gill.

Mackenzie posted on her Facebook:

“Hello Everyone!!

First off, I just want to thank you all for your amazing support. It was so much fun getting to sing for the celebrity judges on American Idol!!!! It’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing and they were all so kind and gracious, it was truly exciting.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I will not be competing in the finals in Hollywood. While I’m disappointed, nothing will stop me from continuing to pursue my dream of entertaining everyone through my music. I’ll update my Facebook page to let you know about my plans – and I hope I get to meet all of you and sing for you! I can’t wait to see who is the next American Idol!! :) ”

I wonder what happened? Was she disqualified for some reason? Or did personal matters get in the way of travelling to California for the round in December. We will probably never know.

Watch Mackenzie sing Vince Gill’s “Whenever You Come Around” at her Chicago audition.

Mackenzie Wasner, Auditions Chicago ~ American… by HumanSlinky

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  • Kesia Monteith

    Damn. And she was one of my fave auditioners, too :(

  • Andy

    Maybe she has signed a record deal???  hehe

  • Tom22

    I’m sorry to see her go but I think that the upbeat statement that says she can’t talk about it really should be the end of it.  If it were a contract thing that’s pretty boring and if it was someone in the family suddenly needing some extensive health treatment it would be pretty sad to have outsiders prying into a difficult thing for the family.  (even me speculating like that is probably unfair).   Its not like she’s a public figure inviting scrutiny into her private life yet for having appeared on a talent show audition.

  • Anny_nanny

    I want to see rest of names.

  • Natalie Blake

    Country artist. Meh.

  • Miz

    She had a real shot. I wonder if she had a management contract that she couldn’t get out of.

  • chessguy99

    Well, the show knew she was out before they edited the episode. They considered her story/audition good enough to still show it.The fact they did show it is kind of puzzling, as they usually do show all the audition episode contestants in HW, even if its “and also not making it through…”

  • mmmtx

    Disappointed!  I really thought she had the “it” factor and a great voice to boot!

  • MyDailyComment

    She can get a career in writing facebook posts for people.  That statement was very effective and savvy.

  • ZsusK

    A local boy (Michael Craig) auditioned in season 2 when he was 16.  He made it to Hollywood, but never went. I know friends of the parents and they  say that  before they signed the contract for their minor child that is required once the contestant gets to Hollywood, they phoned their attorney and read it to him. He said, “Do not sign it.” I’m not saying that’s the case with Mackenzie, but since her father has access to the names of some good entertainment lawyers, it might be what happened. 

  • dd999

    Darn! thats really disappointing. McKenzie, I felt, had a very good chance of going far and was looking forward to hearing her sing again! AI has lost a very good contestant, I can’t remember many of the others? Oh! well, the show will go on!