American Idol Top 8 “Back To The Start – First Audition” Theme, Daughtry to Perform (PHOTO)


Next week, the American Idol Top 8 will sing their very first audition song. But we already knew that.  Plus, Chris Daughtry and his band will perform “Waiting for Superman.” Yay for the return of the Idol alum! Check out the FOX press release below.



Multi-Platinum Band Daughtry to Perform on IDOL Stage During LIVE Results Show Thursday, April 3, at 9:00 PM

Majesty Rose was eliminated tonight on AMERICAN IDOL XIII, after she received the fewest votes. From Goldsboro, NC, the 22-year-old sang “Shake It Out” on last night’s performance show. Plus, Grammy Award-nominated pop star Janelle Monáe performed her new single, “What Is Love,” from the album “Rio 2: Music from the Motion Picture.”

Next week, on Wednesday, April 2 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed), the Top Eight – C.J. Harris, Jena Irene, Caleb Johnson, Jessica Meuse, Alex Preston, Dexter Roberts, Malaya Watson and Sam Woolf – will perform on the “Back to the Start (First Audition)”-themed performance show. Each of the finalists will sing his/her very first audition song.

On the next live results show airing Thursday, April 3 (9:00-9:30 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed), tune in to find out who will be sent home. Plus, multi-platinum band Daughtry, fronted by Season Five IDOL alum Chris Daughtry, and just off a European and sold-out U.K. tour, will perform their new single, “Waiting For Superman.”


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  • roger

    Sigh – Majesty and Violet Hill – What could have been…

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    Plus, multi-platinum band Daughtry, fronted by Season Five IDOL alum Chris Daughtry, and just off a European and sold-out U.K. tour, will perform their new single, “Waiting For Superman.”

    I hope that’s a fact-checking glitch from 19’s intern in charge of press releases and Daughtry’s actually launching a second (third? how official was LLR&R?) single from Baptized, since WFS went recurrent on HAC back around March 3, and CHR’s unlikely to change its mind about the song this late in the game, based on an Idol performance.

  • LeahKittyS

    Too soon…don’t remind me.

  • thirdtime

    Oh Yay!! Daughtry to perform! Glad to see an Idol alum performing again.

  • albean99

    I’m happy that Daughtry will perform. Finally an alum and one I like. Yay.

  • Matthew Kitson

    Yes! Feels like its been a while since he’s been on

  • bridgette12

    Nice for Daughtry, will give their song a boost. Didn’t realize they were touring in Europe. I wonder if they are going to go to Asia this year.

  • Kariann Hart

    I can’t believe the themes they have had this season. Where’s some originality?

  • Chessguy99

    Eight performances in two hours. They’ll gonna need a couple time wasting filler stunts this week.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    will give their song a boost.

    It’s already recurrent on HAC and dead on CHR. It’s almost 150,000 copies short of platinum, so the Idol performance isn’t to get it to platinum — that’s way too big a gap. It has run its cycle as a single. [ETA: It’s in the 30s on the HAC Recurrent chart, with <500 spins and falling fast, so a performance isn't going to push it back into non-recurrency for a shot at going higher than its BB #11 peak. It was released in September 2013, so it's not like it hasn't had a fair shot.]

    This slot should be used for a new single from the band.

  • thirdtime

    I think it’s all the complaining people did about the stale old themes in previous seasons, but one of the things I’m missing this year is for them to be challenged to go outside of their comfort zones. I used to like when they would announce a theme that was totally opposite of some of their styles. It made for some really interesting and creative performances.

  • jcabby

    Great to see Chris will come back and perform. I’ve heard his single on radio here and there and on commercials. Glad he’ll get a boost.

  • DBfan

    It better be a mistake. ITA, performing WFS would be ridiculous. It would be their 2nd single. LLR&R was released only in Europe.

  • Chris Osborn

    What I love about next week is that the people who will be singing their originals, if for some reason it doesn’t resonate with voters they could use the save. Glad they didn’t use it tonight just for that reason alone

  • bridgette12

    Sounds like they are not ready to release another single yet. They have been abroad touring and it would make sense for them to come on the show and promote their first single off their latest album.

  • DBfan

    Daughtry is performing the night before for All Access’ Radio Summit. If RCA doesn’t take these opportunities, 6 months after the first single, to launch the 2nd single, they should not be in the music business.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    When your first single off your current album has been recurrent for a month after doing fairly well (and is six months old), you should be ready to release a second one. (It’s not like the album is still unreleased — it’s been out for months, so the label knows what songs are on it.) Continuing to promote the old one as “new” is flogging a dead horse.

    If RCA is blowing off an opportunity to launch a new single in order to try to eke out a platinum certification for WFS, they’re idiots.

  • Larc

    Exercising poor judgment about singles seems to be RCA’s usual modus operandi.

  • Kariann

    Also, by using this theme, there won’t be many surprises unless they change up the song they sang. We know what they will sing.

  • Elizabeth Rosalyn

    Exactly. Pushing the contestants into unfamiliar territory can lead to some unforgettable performances – which is what this season desperately needs.

  • Elizabeth Rosalyn

    Good for Daughtry. I would much prefer seeing Idol alums on these results nights every week.

  • bridgette12

    That’s up to his label to decide when to drop his second single. If the information is correct that he’s going to sing his Waiting for Superman on Idol, I wish his luck and hope he get a boost.

  • apezpril

    excited for Jess’ original song

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    That’s up to his label to decide when to drop his second single.

    We know. Here’s how it works:

    Ideally, you want to release the second single around the time the first one goes recurrent. We’re there! Actually, we’re a month past there!

    Ideally, it’d be nice if that coincided with the start of a U.S. tour. We’re there! Tour starts in April.

    It’d be truly fantastic to have a major industry event — hey, we’ve got one of those!

    And of course you need a TV appearance or two — and wait, we’ve got that, too!

    Next week’s Idol appearance would be the complete alignment of stars for launching a second single. If RCA is blowing that off, yes, it’s their decision — but they’re idiots.

    I’m totally in favor of Daughtry’s having Idol as a launching pad for music. But not using it for a second single at the perfect time for a second single would be so stupid that I can’t applaud that. It’s trading off this amazing opportunity for… eh… 50,000 in incremental sales, maybe? (I do think it’s a fact-checking error, though.)

  • bridgette12

    Obviously RCA has a different strategy and right now, they are not dropping a second single yet. They might have some plans that they haven’t released to the public and without knowing what those plans are, everyone is just making assumptions.

  • Happyhexer

    This is the stupidest theme week ever!

  • Chris Osborn

    right because year you were born has great relevance to anything or Andrew Lloyd Weber week

  • springboard2

    It means that they will sing songs that they picked to represent themselves on Idol and that they know very well. In theory, it should make for a good show.
    It’s also a good excuse to let the contestants sing originals. It’s a win win theme, imo.

  • lkingcorn

    When do these contestants step,out of the box. Or is the challenge to show what they are capable of doing besides what they are comfortable with gone by the wayside. I liked when contestants had to do different things. With eight left its time to start showing their range, etc. or are they just going to slide through this season?

  • Nedsdag

    Which plays into the hands of a Dexter, who will sing country and sail through to the top 7.

  • Kariann

    This is not a challenge. There will be very little surprise. Stupidest theme ever? Probably.

  • Kariann

    It may be quite boring. I like Harry’s suggestion about Dexter singing that Glen Campbell song. Such sweetest and passion; however, we’re not going to see that from Dexter this week.

  • Chris Osborn

    got to add a group performance and then maybe 2 trios and a duet or something

  • hayes

    How funny would it be that after all these loose theme weeks, they come back next week with Latin week? Haha.

    I’m not complaining about the loose theme weeks. The suckage comes from the lack of talent. Imagine how awesome it would have been if we had themes like these with the talent of Seasons 5 or 8.

  • LeahKittyS

    He was on in Season 11 when they sang “Outta My Head.”

  • b_james

    I can’t even. This season just keeps going down the tubes.

  • JustJam

    Aww…I’m gonna miss Majesty. She would’ve aced this seeing as how outstanding her audition was.

  • Kariann

    I thought about this, but the varied themes is what made Seasons 5, 7, & 8 so terrific. Having a repeat of songs is the least demanding theme Idol could come up with. I am getting discouraged with this season.

  • Cary Gonzalez

    They should do a gender cross theme. I’d pay money to hear and see Dexter sing “man, I feel like a woman”…

  • Lori

    Totally hoping it’s a lazy error. Somewhere I heard Battleships was the next single. Can’t remember the source, so could just as well be just fan fic. They’ve been playing the new album (of course) on tour so it’s not like they haven’t been practicing a possible new single.

  • tomr

    Sort of like this theme in that I don’t remember the specifics of any of their auditions. It will give those that do a chance to see whether growth as occurred. Would really like it if the judges selected a song for each at this point of the competition. They always save that for the last 3 but I’d like to see it now.

  • amadcow2

    I’m sad that Majesty was voted off, but not surprised. So, with CJ’s trip to the B3, Jessica, Caleb, and Alex have not seen the stools of doom. So for next week it’s:

    Alex – ? (original song)
    CJ – Soul Shine (The Allman Brothers Band)
    Dexter – Drive (Casey James)
    Jessica – Blue Eyed Lie (original song)
    Malaya – Ain’t No Way (Aretha Franklin)
    Sam – Lego House (Ed Sheeran)
    Jena – Rolling in the Deep (Adele)
    Caleb – Into the Void (original song)
    Here’s a link to all the Season XIII Auditions:

    NOT a very inspired theme. I don’t know about this one. At least we won’t have 4 versions of Radioactive. Jessica will shine and Malaya might have trouble (because it’s hard to cover Aretha), but beyond that I don’t know. All I do know is that the new production team is giving us the Bargain Basement Idol this year. You can sometimes find a good deal in the bargain basement, but there’s no effort here.

  • Marko

    Or “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman”.

  • Jae

    I’m not excited about this theme at all. I really hate when they repeat songs on Idol. I feel there is no reason to listen. But maybe the judges are trying to recall what they and America saw in this group in the first place.

  • amadcow2

    The theme’s a cop out and totally a lazy mixed bag. I listed the songs above. Three original songs (Alex, Jessica, Caleb). Jena and Malaya taking on very hard covers (Adele and Aretha). Dexter right down the middle of his lane. Sam might be somewhat less than boring. CJ might actually be great. This could be the week the save is used.

  • Baptized

    Can’t wait to see Daughtry perform. But I really hope they don’t do “Waiting for Superman” as that song has been heard so many times, and is almost at the Platinum stage. Daughtry should concentrate on bringing out a new single, “Battleships” has HIT written all over it.

  • Landon Cox

    Uhhhh I think the talent is what made those seasons great. Season 7’s themes were pretty terrible; two back to back weeks of Beatles, 10 Neil Diamond Songs, 6 Andrew Lloyd Webber songs, plus a night of inspirational songs and musty Rock N Roll hall of fame. Season 8 had some clunkers too; Motown, the nebulous top iTunes downloads, Songs from the Cinema again, disco, etc.

  • jpfan2

    So boring. Now they’re back to doing songs we heard already. This makes me nostalgic for Nigel and his Motown themes. It’s like they have no faith in the contestants at all. How does this bring even one new eyeball to the show. I mean Sam doing Lego House again..zzzzz.

  • jga94

    A lot of original songs….a chance to see if they will be “sellable”

  • LeoCS

    I think producers are trying to bring the Top8 to music that they can (finally) sing. I mean, people need to know that there’s a Top8 that can sing.

    Yeah, I know, it’s a desperate move, but it’s also a desperate situation.

  • Liteasy

    Cannot stand Daughtry and why does he always come back – must need a boost in sales.

  • MichaelG

    Talk about retread…and you know it’s a genuine retread when you are retreading your own performance in the same season. The retread of retreads. What a hairbrained-derived ‘theme’.

  • HermeticallySealed

    I would imagine the same could be said for anyone who performs on any show, anywhere.

  • weareallinnocent

    I don’t follow Daughtry, but I thought the same about the Superman song. Hasn’t it been out forever? Sing something somewhat new at least. Or maybe this fits this week’s theme of retreads?

  • pj

    As someone who doesn’t watch until after Hollywood, I am not familiar with these auditions. I am not mad at them. I’m interested in hearing the originals. :-)

  • weareallinnocent

    Sept to April is 8 months, right? even worse.

    A definite head scratcher for me.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    Oh, it’s obvious that the strategy is to re-bullet the song on AC and try to get a top-10 AC hit from a song originally intended to be an HAC hit and cross to CHR. This is a known RCA thing for trying to get its money out of an album that’s performing below expectations, and it’s not a good sign. I was really hoping RCA wasn’t going there with Daughtry and still hope it’s actually a second single that gets performed.

  • MichaelG

    I think they should change the theme title from “Back To the Start” to “See, we did once have potential”

  • weareallinnocent

    Assumption or not, the song is old, not new. That’s not a guess, it’s just true. I don’t even care about strategy. I just want to hear something new. But like I said above, it fits the week’s theme of retreads, so there’s that.

  • Guest
  • bridgette12

    If your coming on Idol, the main purpose is to pimp your product. Your not coming back to say hello or have a reunion with the judges or Idol family, your selling something. Daughtry is doing the same thing that, Carrie, Kelly, P2, Scotty, Adam, or anyone else who comes on this show, selling a product. Do anyone think those judges would be there if they couldn’t use the show to expand their brand or use Idol for publicity.

  • Matthew Kitson

    I’d be happy if we never see Motown week again

  • Matthew Kitson

    You can’t expect people to have hindsight with regards to idol, lol

  • bridgette12

    Talented Singers should be able to make any theme work if they have any sense of who they are and what they want to do. It’s what Idol do, throw a theme at you whether it’s a bad theme or not and hopefully talented singers that will make it for them. With some luck and some good singers, you will get some memorable performances out of it that will resonate with the viewers.

  • Dakota

    What a terrible theme… Sing a song we’ve already heard them ????? Any better than another Stevie Wonder or Elton John night. Thanks Idol for freeing up my Wednesday night once and for all. I thought April Fools was next week

  • Dakota

    Show them what talent used to be on Idol.. Even among non winners

  • Landon Cox

    Agreed, but they were also eras of limited song selection, so even though the theme might be as open as Beatles songs, they would have only bought the rights to 25 and they needed 23 individual songs for those two weeks.

  • Nikki Sliepcevic

    Ummmmmm, when the heck is Keith Urban performing, since the other judges have, and horribly at that.

  • Nostradamos

    Jess is climbing my ladder of musicians I actually give a dang about…

  • Nostradamos

    The first interviewer is a narcissistic moron…clueless…

  • scoobynacks

    I see your point. On the other hand, it makes it look like ‘see, a former Idol that has a hit!’

    I would imagine Ryan will ask him about getting booted and how the save might’ve helped him or say that see, you can have a great career even if you don’t win. Something like that.

  • iluvai

    I wish Jess had a more natural look. It would match her sweet personality.

  • iluvai

    They should have to try harder.

  • Kariann Hart

    The save would not have helped Chris. He ended up in 4th place.

  • Kariann Hart

    Some people really do love the Beatles, Neil Diamond, Motown, etc. Uh, that would be me!

  • Kariann Hart

    I would love to hear some of the guys sing Karen Carpenter’s music. Ruben Studdard proved that could be successful.

  • Kariann Hart

    Wasn’t Keith the first judge to perform a few weeks back, Nikki?

  • Kimmy Moores

    Omg we get to see them sing their auditions?
    Minus Dexter and CJ
    And by yes…I mean YESS we get to see Jess perform Blue eyed lie.
    Other than this…this could be a disaster. A lot of contestants that made it far in the show in the past had picked some crappo audition songs.

  • Kimmy Moores

    I think this coming week will really be shafting Malaya.
    She auditioned with “Aint No Way”. We’re just seeing her grow as a more restrained artist who makes better choices with when she’s going to let it rip. Dunno, how to feel about this..
    Or…she could take her experience and give us a stellar performance..who knows? idk

  • Madilo

    A boost in sales like everybody else yes, that’s why they release albums and singles, to sell sell and sell otherwise they’d be free :)

  • jt45

    Does this include Hollywood too?