American Idol 12 Spoilers: First Theme Week “Previous Winners’ Performance Catalog”

According to the Idol Blog Spot, next week’s theme will be “Previous Winners’ Performance Catalog”.

The finalists will choose a song from the American Idol performance catalogs of the 11 previous American Idol winners, excluding Coronation Song. Meaning: No “Home” or “I Believe”.  To clarify–the list will comprise of songs the Idols performed in competition during their season. ETA: It’s actually any song a winner has covered on the show or sang in their post-Idol careers.

In case you need a refresher, the previous winners are: Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, Scotty McCreery and Phillip Phillips

Via The Idol Blogspot

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  • Lori

    Double-edged sword. It’s great that Idol is paying homage to their winners but we all know how protective Idol fans can be about their special idols’ songs. No one here of course ;) 

  • Elizabeth

    Ooh, this will be a popcorn feast for sure!

  • CB40

    HA! I want to see someone do “Sweet Serendipity” or “Corn Bread and Collared Greens”! :)

  • angiedb

    Fun! I love this idea. 

  • tripp_ncwy

    I am just glad I won’t have to live through someone trying to sing No Boundaries.

  • tigervixxxen

    So performance catalog means songs they performed on the show, not post Idol material, right? First reaction is I like this theme, it’s new and I like highlighting the winners which is something Idol should do more of. Now I know the big downside is lazy overdone choices that will compare poorly. But we are pretty much going to get that every theme week anyway so at least this theme week is entertaining for the audience. There better not only be Carrie and Fantasia selections though. Idols, you are on notice.

  • Eric Ascher

    Horrible move. Covering an idol on idol is quite frankly the worst thing you can do. Why? Because fans are loyal to the original versions. Nobody will look good with this theme unless they dramatically change the original songs.

  • Weebs787

    Well…… huh.

    I guess it depends on how deep they are allowed to and actually do go into their songbooks. There are alot of great songs from some of the less successful winners but they just have to be found. But my guess is we’re in for alot of Kelly and Carrie with a side of Jordin.

  • HermeticallySealed

    Will be a bit dull for me.  Don’t think any of the winners have songs that I have found interesting. And I can’t imagine the whines of “only my Idol should ever sing that song!” will make it any more pleasant. Would rather it be just a “Previous Contestants,” not that would have halted the inevitable crying, but at least there would have been the chance of liking one of the songs.  ::sigh::

  • John M

    I think it is songs they did on the show, not songs like sweet serendipity that were on their albums.

  • Sunny Mc

    I’ve always wanted this, but at the same time I get annoyed when people  butcher  Kelly or Carrie. Should be interesting. Hope it doesn’t lead to fan wars.

    I’m happy they’re doing new themes. I hope they have an unplugged night too!

  • sporkle

    now here’s a theme the other shows can’t copy ;) 

  • Latin2

    I am excited about this! I can’t wait to see who does what. 

  • Taylor

    People have been complaining about stale theme weeks for years….so they finally have a new fun one, and y’all are STILL complaining. Geez. 

  • halo9125

    Given the totally uninteresting nature of this year’s crop (whomever they will be end up being) all this theme is going to do is spotlight how the show has declined, this year in particular. Big mistake. 

  • irockhard

    Oh I’m stocking up on pop-corn for the bajilian hate threads both here and at IDF! Thank God my special snowflake is not one of the winners!

  • LeahKittyS

    Hey, I’m not complaining! I think it’s a cool idea, curious to see how it goes.

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    Lol…this ought to be fun. And with this group…I’m thinking NOT in a good way.  ;)

  • girlygirltoo

    Supposedly it is only for songs sung by the winners during their season on Idol — not their post-Idol stuff.

    Boo :(

  • jcabby

    This could make for great TV!

  • yoshirox10

    The way they describe it on TIP, it’s songs that the winners performed during their time on the show, not post-idol material.

    That being said, imagine if Haley won her season and someone did one of her performances next week. Randy would be all, “A MILLION TIMES BETTER THAN HALEY!”.

  • Latin2

    I think they should do post idol songs. 

  • tigervixxxen

    In this instance people will be upset if their snowflake is NOT chosen.

  • Brittany Keener

    I asked for clarification from TIP and he said, it’s from their PERFORMANCE catalog, not their actual catalog of originals (post-idol). In other words, songs the winners performed while they were contestants on the show. 

  • curly_yenta

    I agree. That’s how I interpreted that.  Songs the winners performed on the show – not songs from their subsequent albums.

  • Axxxel

    Clever: honouring the winners and no problem with clearance !!

    Mentor: hopefully Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood…

  • fantoo1

    Seasons 10 and 11 had some of the best talent ever, so I don’t think the show has “declined” in contestant quality. Watch back the first three seasons and there were a lot of terrible contestants, and it was mostly top heavy(Tamyra, Kelly, Clay, Ruben, Latoya, Fantasia). 10 and 11 didn’t have the Carmen Rasmussens, Nikki McKibbins, Sanjayas, Tim Urbans, or Kevin Corvais’s in the top 10.

  • John M

    Taylor picked the best songs over the course of the show, I would go with something from him..or maybe Fantasia. I would say Scotty and Ruben picked songs that were more specific to their type of voices and wouldn’t work for these contestants. 

  • Latin2

    That is really a vast array of songs.

    Who will do MacArthur Park?


  • irockhard

    That’s even more popcorn worthy!

  • HermeticallySealed

     If that is what they mean, then that’s fine.  There will still be a lot of whining I am sure, but at least there will be some interesting song options.

  • jennyl2

    Too bad it’s not post idol songs. That will be more interesting and pop corn worthy.

  • MissMyEm

    I am just glad I won’t have to live through someone trying to sing No Boundaries.

    Hee.  I was thinking the same thing.  I might even watch the show.  Depends.   Kris had so many good moments on the show, it would be interesting to see if anyone tackles one of his songs.   I’d also love to see what someone does with Taylor’s songs.   I have no idea about the gals since I haven’t been watching, but I would not be surprised to see a majority of them tackling only Kellie or Carrie with maybe a Fantasia thrown in.

    I guess if anyone wants to sing country, the only choice they have is Scotty, though. What was the name of that song that everyone raved about?   The one where his voice gets into his bass and he sounds way older than a teenager?

  • Jake W.

    Lol,this will piss some fans off for sure.

  • NatSasic

    To clarify, I think it’s the songs they performed while they were on Idol (and, unfortunately, not their post-Idol material which I think would be a far more interesting theme.)

  • elliegrll

    Since they aren’t singing any of the winners’ original songs, the theme is actually “Sing whatever you want from AI’s standard catalog of 50 year old songs.”

  • David Facenfield

    from reading comments there seems to be a view that it songs the winners sang on the show as contestants, and not their post idol songs…

    which I guess makes sense, as at 10 ish songs per winner that gives the current contestants a fair amount of choice… if it was post idol stuff, I suspect it would’ve been a Kelly and Carrie overdose!!

    looking forward to hearing how brave they are… anyone ballsy enough to try and take one of the songs previous winners had a ‘moment’ with… Alone, Stuff like that there, Summertime, Heartless, Billie Jean etc…

  • Axxxel

    Hope there will be a week in which they can perform post idol songs of all alumns..would be fun to hear Lee Dewyze’s  “sweet serendipity” or a song from James Durbin or Melinda Doolittle…

  • irockhard

    Interesting yes cause that way there’s potential to hear new songs. More popcorn worthy no. Zoanette attempting Fantasia’s Summertime of Charlie attempting Cook’s Billie Jean will be way more pop corn worthy.

  • Axxxel

    wow, would be fun, unplugged night..
    and then the next week would be “no ballad week”  LOL….

    ETA: I don’t mind about the fanwars… it will keep the buzz alive and hopefully make people watch the show…

  • H.A.

    This is going to be so hilarious. I bet the contestants will be picking songs from the more successful winners just so they can get their fans votes.  Looking at you Kelly, Carrie and Fantasia.  

  • Jr

    this was the one song i wanted people to sing haha 

  • Sammy Joe

    Its a shame they cant dip into any of Melanie Amaro’s plethora of pop hits.

  • irockhard

    Yes please “no ballads” week, that needs to be a theme EVERY season.

  • curly_yenta

    Some of the songs Taylor sang on Idol have already been done by a few contestants over the years …. In the Ghetto, Jailhouse Rock, Trouble, Try a Little Tenderness and a few more, I’m sure.

  • Patrick Tang

    Taylor Hicks sang this during season 5:

  • irockhard

    LOL Scotty is a baritone he always sounds way older than a teenager. And Carrie is country too.

  • curly_yenta

    He did.  And didn’t Jessica Sanchez sing it too last year? (You Are So Beautiful)

  • Lexie O’Neill

    I don’t think anyone would touch “Baby Lock Them Doors” which is really title, “Your Man.”  

    I wonder if TPTB would do like they do with Dancing with the Stars where you have a dwindling choice…draw numbers, then the first person gets first choice, and so on.  That way, every winner would be represented…

  • Livi2

    If it’s songs performed by winners while they were on the show, that seems like it’s doubling down on the “stale” factor — it guarantees every song performed will come from one of the same mostly-older catalogs they’ve relied on in past years, *and* that it will already have been done on the show, probably in a memorable way.

    That said, I do think it could still be a good show.  If the contestants are smart, they won’t try to imitate the most iconic moments of the past winners who are most similar to themselves.  A direct comparison with fans’ rose-colored memories of old favorites will only highlight the flaws of the new crop.  The strongest contestants will be the ones who remind us of performances we’d forgotten, and/or flip styles or genders to make it feel like something new.

    It’s also a chance to reach out to different fanbases in creative ways — e.g., one of the soul/gospel guys could try to connect with Carrie’s fans by doing a favorite performance of hers, or one of the girls could try to get the WGWG fans on her side by presenting herself as a fellow Kris/P2 enthusiast…  Angie already pulled this type of trick with Colton’s fans last week, so I predict we’ll see another smart move from her to expand her base even farther with this theme, and hopefully some of the others will follow suit.

  • Patrick Tang

    Yeah, but Jessica didn’t win the season, Taylor did.

  • Kevin

    I’m sorry but honestly I am going to laugh at whoever chooses a Taylor Hick’s performance.

  • JD

    Of I thought this meant songs the winners recorded… Every year theyre told NOT TO SING SONGS MADE FAMOUS BY PAST WINNERS… so now sabotage them to hear you’re no Carrie or Kelly or fantasia

  • Sunny Mc

    OK I totally read that wrong, I thought they could sing songs from the winners cataloge (which would be awesome and might give some of the idols a boost).

    Paul just sang one of Carrie’s performance songs Alone.  I hope they look at David and Kris’ catalogues, I think they did the most 1st on idol songs.

  • Blah Blahblah

    Was excited when I thought it was music recorded by previous Idol winners. That would be fresh and new and fun.

    Instead, the theme is “Songs We’ve Already Cleared.”

  • sumidol

     ha ha, right? So many bored people and annoyed people, why watch.  I love the idea

  • tucker davis

    Who’s going to pick DMB’s ‘The Stone?”   ha ha

  • Patrick Tang

    Angie knows how to play the game. As a true artist, I think she will do a song from DC or KA. 

    David Cook:

    – Switchfoot – Dare You To Move (Christian Band, and Angie is a ‘messenger’ so..)
    – Roberta Flack – First Time I Ever Saw Your Face (She could do something cool with it)
    – Mariah Carey – Always Be My Baby (Risky, but I think somebody like Amber is likely to take this song.

    Kris Allen:

    – Adele – Make You Feel My Love (Just alone with the piano could create a ‘moment’)
    – Glen Hansard – Falling Slowly (If someone picks this song, it has to be Angie)
    – Kanye West – Heartless (Dia Framption version?)

  • Incipit

    They pick from Songs Winners did on the show? No kidding.

    So, which of Brian Mansfield’s Ten Commandments does that smash?
    Oh yeah – 

    The First Commandment:

    ~Thou Shalt Not Mimic Any Idols before You~ 

    Nigel, really, things are that bad? You really think these hamsters have the musicality to change up the songs, when they haven’t done it yet –  – or are we in for some Karaoke?

    This is like NEVER sing Mariah Carey – except when we decide to do Mariah Carey Week

    Same with Never sing Whitney or Stevie Wonder – unless we give you no choice.

    Wow. I hope they all stay away from the DC catalog, as tempting as it may be, because unless they were assigned songs, with one exception, DC didn’t sing anything on the show that had been done before and most of them rated very high – although a few people have used his arrangements since. 

    Still, it has never worked out well – and there is not a dramatic tenor among them. Just don’t do it!! Plus, it’s very close to breaking the Tenth Commandment:

    ~Thou shalt not covet another artist’s image nor another singer’s style~

    OMG. And WNTS will have a bird. That editorial, I can’t wait to read. More interesting than the show – but what isn’t, lately? Heh.

  • milwlovesadam

    How about ” No laser lights, no high heels, no flaming pianos, no marching bands, no backup singers, no massive production until the finale” as a theme????

  • tucker davis


  • Miz

    Nah, not just Scotty for country. I think most years had a country theme week. 

  • Miz

    I think this is a really stupid idea for a lot of reasons. #1 being that almost every song done on Idol has been done to death.

    On the plus side, it begs a drinking game for every time Randy says ‘dude, that was better than XXXX, it was better than YYYYY, and all the ZZZZzs!’ Or maybe a pool for how many times he says it and who he says it to. 

  • dishwalla

    Whoever wins has to work with Jimmy Iovine. Someone is bound to Phillip’s We’ve Got Tonight, U Got It Bad.  Maybe Movin Out or Superstition.  Volcano may be more risky.

  • Listening

    I actually like this theme the winners were usually great at picking songs. And I believe they chose relatively fresh songs so we’re not gonna get played to death songs. I’m particularity thinking of David Cook choices he had some awesome songs in there. Little Sparrow ( I believe it’s a dolly parton song) loved David’s rendition of it would love to hear this song.

    This is a super risky theme b/c winners usually slayed their songs that’s why they won these contestants are gonna be compared to great performances.

  • mtlfan2

    blah, i tought at first it was songs released by winners AFTER idol, not songs cleared for the show

  • jpfan2

    Oh boo. It’s songs done by them during the season. I thought it was their original music. Oh well, tons of stuff to chose from.

  • jammasta

    NO NO BOUNDARIES?!!!? AWWW (not)

    This is a HUGE list of songs.

  • b_james

    Why not make it songs that Idols have released?  Ugh, ugh ugh.

  • John S

    This group isn’t horrible, I can only see Lazaro messing up and giving trainwrecks in the coming weeks.

  • John S

    I would have loved that. 

  • cheese1

    I can see all ten of them fighting over who gets to sing Lee’s “Fireflies”!  Well, actually, just nine, because Lazaro can sing Bridge Over Troubled Water again!

    I actually don’t mind the theme – most of the winners did make some good song choices along the way. It will only be tedious if each contestant just picks their favorite song from the winner who happens to be the most similar to him/her. 

  • jammasta

    I typed a list of every single performance done by a winner subtracting their coronation songs. Holy shit, it’s EXTREMELY long, so I dunno if I should post it lol. I don’t think every song will be cleared. I realize also that I don’t like this list as much as I thought I did.

    I’m wondering who’s gonna rob the following gems/hilariously odd song choices from the winners:

    Kelly Clarkson – It’s Raining Men
    Ruben Studdard – A Whole New World
    Fantasia – Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    Carrie Underwood – MacArthur Park
    Taylor Hicks – Play That Funky Music
    Jordin Sparks – Livin’ On A Prayer
    David Cook – Billie Jean
    Kris Allen – Heartless
    Lee DeWyze – Fireflies
    Scotty McCreery – Gone
    Phillip Phillips – Fat Bottomed Girls

  • standtotheright

    Every winner had a good three or four performances that were solid songs on paper but just didn’t gel on stage. Or even several that did gel but just weren’t the moments of their two or three iconic songs. That actually probably leaves a much wider field of songs than usual.

    Basically this seems like a fast way of demonstrating whether contestants know how to play the game outside of the threat of sudden death.

  • EvenMoreron

    Ooh I think it could be a dogfight for A Broken Wing (Jordin).  I can see both genders wanting that song.  

  • FinalFantasy13

    I bet someone will do “you’re all I need to get by” that kelly clarkson did…

    Janelle might do broken win (jordin) or independence day (carrie)

    but honestly I wish it would of been idol winners own songs, instead of forcing them to recycle songs we have already heard on the show….

  • Liteasy

    I don’t think any of these Idols can do nearly as well as Taylor Hicks.  He ruled the season with his performances, and many people tuned in just to see what he was going to do whether or not they liked him.

  • Sassycatz

    - Mariah Carey – Always Be My Baby (Risky, but I think somebody like Amber is likely to take this song

    If anyone does cover it, they will probably do Mariah’s version. David Cook’s version is very different and became a huge hit in the Philippines and other Asian countries. They even have his version copyrighted or whatever the song terminology is for calling it a “new” version.

    He did cover Dolly Parton’s Little Sparrow, so there’s a good country song.

  • pmreyn2010

    I loved Kelly’s rendition of “You’re All I Need To Get By”– great vocals, lots of fun. She’s the complete package.

    I think that the contestants who have done that song in other seasons paled in comparison, just because Kelly’s personality completely dominated that song!

  • marcoUpstate

    Love love love this theme.  As long they don’t pick an iconic performance (Carrie’s “Alone” or Fantasia’s “Summertime”), we might get some really interesting performances (thoughI really don’t look at this group as being full of “interesting performers”.  Immediately I can think of A House Is Not a Home:  Candice Glover (Ruben); Always on My Mind Janelle Arthur (Fantasia); In the Ghetto Kree Harrison (Taylor); The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Angie Miller (David); or Give Me One Reason Burnell Taylor (Jordin).

  • sdmama

    All what is missing a big sign that says “Recycled”. 
    We wanted new songs, not new theme (== grouping). Nigel, you tease. I got excited for no good reason!

    At least, to me, the most memorable performances that I do not need to see a poor copies of, come from second runner ups or even lower. So, no imitation of David A, Clay, Adam, Daughtry, Jennifer, or Melinda. :)  So, thanks for limiting the list to “winner” and not top 3.

  • Emmuzka

    I don’t get the idea. What’s the point in limiting the selection to the winners’ Idol performance catalogue, when the performances are still all over the map? 

    Now I’m kinda hoping that someone will snatch Lee’s Hallelujah, and everyone will be like “but Jason Castro didn’t win?”

  • Sassycatz

    I just got back from seeing Crystal Bowersox in concert tonight. (She was wonderful, by the way.) So, I’m late to the party.

    I think there’s a difference here regarding Idols’ cover songs. There are songs Idols sang pretty straight where their vocal strength and dexterity is highlighted over the whole “making it their own” meme. Then, there are the Idol performances where the Idol is lauded for changing the song up, rearranging it, and/or making it their own. (Not that the Idol didn’t sing it well too, but sometimes they sang it so differently that it didn’t sound too much like the original.) So, in those latter cases, maybe someone could take a song that had been rearranged and do it straight. That would be different. And, for those contestants who CAN rearrange songs, they could choose a song which had been sung straight by a winner and try and change it up!

  • girlygirltoo

    Didn’t Nigel say something about doing a “Where Are They Now” type thing during this season? So maybe this theme night is tied into that somehow?

  • Sassycatz

    If they expect to do that “Where They Are Now” segment over the course of one show, then they have to be sure that each contestant selects a different Idol than the other contestants, including the Wildcard. That adds up to 11. 

  • Sassycatz

    If they expect to do that “Where They Are Now” segment over the course of one show, then they have to be sure that each contestant selects a different Idol than the other contestants, including the Wildcard. That adds up to 11. 

  • hayes

    I think this is a fun theme, a filler-type deal with previously cleared songs while they try to get more songs cleared.

    There’s gotta be at least 150 songs that fall in this category, some of which have been performed 8-10 years ago, so it can’t be that bad.

  • chicksineggz

    No, Idol, when I said I wanted a theme week in which the contestants cover past Idols’ songs, I meant their original post-idol stuff, not what they sang on the show…

  • Kariann Hart

    Most import advice I could give the contestants for next week is to pick an opposite gender winner’s song.  So, Paul should sing Carrie Underwood, and maybe Candace can sing Ruben?  Something like that!

  • girlygirltoo

    Update: evidently contestants can sing songs from the former winners’ post-Idol careers (see the new thread MJ just put up for info)

  • John S

    I think Candice could definitely do great with “Living For The City” or “Taking it To The Streets.”

  • nyc57

    To Make You Feel My Love was written by Bob Dylan.Adele did a cover

  • ellen8

    I wish they had omitted the part – “songs Idol contetants have covered”.
    That really dilutes the theme and opens up hundreds of possibilities.  
    Just Idol contestants’s recorded songs since being on the show would have
    been much better !!

  • Namarinad

    i would love someone to do Lee’s “treat her like a lady” it was a moment
    or Phillip’s “Beggin”
    Kris Allen’s “Ain’t no sunshine” was my favorite (i have it till now)
    Scotty was a favoriter of mine but i don’t remeber any song of his
    i did not watch the other seasons

  • Ironic

    These are my picks for performances:

    Paul: [Taylor Hicks] Play That Funky Music (Wild Cherry)

    Burnell: [Phillip Phillips] Beggin’ (Four Seasons)

    Lazaro: [Scotty McCreery] For Once In My Life (Stevie Wonder)

    Devin: [Kris Allen] Ain’t No Sunshine (Bill Withers)

    Curtis: [Fantasia Barrino] Knock On Wood (Eddie Floyd)

    Kree: [David Cook] Little Sparrow (Dolly Parton)

    Angie: [Lee DeWyze] You Found Me (The Fray)

    Amber: [David Cook] Always Be My Baby (Mariah Carey)

    Janelle: [Jordin Sparks] A Broken Wing (Martina McBride)

    Candice: [Carrie Underwood] Love Is A Battlefield (Pat Benetar)

  • Cory Patrick ??

    If Candice Glover did “Summertime” ala Fantasia, I would die. I would just be completely dead. I’m not sure if anyone is familiar with Jordin Spark’s material from “Sparkle” but if Amber did ” One Wing”, that would be kind of epic…or even if Curtis Finch Jr did it!

  • julesb2183

    This is actually a cool idea. I am excited to see who comes up with what. :)

  • dawnage01

    I’m scared for next week. We’ll probably be served a crockpot full of cheesefest ballads. *prays to God* Lol.

  • dawnage01

    I’m scared for next week. We’ll probably be served a crockpot full of cheesefest ballads. *prays to God* Lol.