American Idol 12 Finale: Angie Miller To Sing “You Set Me Free”, Release to iTunes

Angie Miller’s mom tweeted some scoop! Angie will sing her original song, “You Set Me Free” on the American Idol finale this week. Shortly after the show, the song will go on sale on iTunes.

?@tanamiller You are all amazing! @AngieAI12 Will sing You Set Me Free this week on Idol. Shortly after it will go for sale. She is so amazing! #proudmom

She tweeted the news on Saturday, but then deleted it a few hours later. Perhaps mom was mistaken? I don’t think so! Angie teased earlier today that she was in the studio recording.

@AngieAI12: #studiotime #recording #excited !!!!

Plus, in Friday’s satellite interview with reporter, Angie teased:

Did she want to do more original songs this season? Did she try or think about doing that? “Definitely thought about it. Definitely wanted to. I have more that I want to share, and I’m excited to on a future album. But the show isn’t over! You still got to watch the finale!”

I’m wondering what’s going to happen to the original songs the Top 5 were co-writing during the competition? Will they be sung on the finale or on tour? Hm.  Angie is also set to perform a duet with Idol alum, Adam Lambert.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to a studio recording of an original song from Angie?

Here’s Angie singing “You Set Me Free” in Beverly MA on her Home Visit last weekend (May 4).

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  • Jake W.

    Yay! This is exciting!

  • Paul Dickens

    Cannot wait to hear a full studio version of this song, I especially love the middle section where it gets angsty.

  • g1234y

    can’t wait.The Best of Angie

  • girlygirl

    So does this mean she is not going to duet with Adam?

    Also, wasn’t this song already recorded and sent to iTunes when she performed it on Idol the last time?

  • lovesickheroine

    Now that made me not so sad anymore that she got eliminated! I love this song so much even though im not a religious person. Haha probably the reason why they allowed her to sing this while in idol so 19 could sell this song. Angie is their lil cash cow, I hope she gets paid when it charts on iTunes.

  • lovesickheroine

    I think her duet with Adam is still happening. She’s lucky since she’ll be singing one original, one duet and group performances on the finale…

    She sang this on Hollywood week so, there’s no studio version of it

  • Last Laugh Lane

    Very excited :) hope Spiderman on Broadway doesn’t drop in and steal her spot à la Haley in the s10 finale

    Also: To those who were wondering, no she had never recorded or released the song before.

  • Wfish88

    Wish Haley would’ve sang the original song they planned for her on the finale… It was scrapped for the stupid Spider Man song.

  • tigervixxxen

    Great news, probably even better for her fans than releasing a coronation song single.

  • lovesickheroine

    Ugh I wish that wouldn’t happen to Angie. They did the same thing with Jessica on the finale when she performed a duet with Kristin Chenoweth but they decided not to air it.

  • Reflects On Life

    Since she wrote it, does she get a cut of the proceeds?

  • Chris

    Well hopefully the dog performs aswell as her did hard fans hope it does.

  • Chris

    Oh my i ment song

  • girlygirl


  • girlygirl

    thanks — for some reason I thought she sang it twice on Idol

  • Eilonwy

    An original song performed live and sent to iTunes? That’s actually… enlightened.

    I hope I like the recorded version, as I really want to support this idea on principle, but I balk at buying music I don’t actually like. Seriously, this is cool that it’s happening, and there need to be NO SUPERHEROES making unexpected appearances unless they intend to sing back-up for Miller.

  • springboard2

    Considering what happened with Haley, we can’t be sure that this will happen.

  • http://MJO judes

    I hope Angie is able to sing her original- how great for her .

  • John S

    Great for her!

  • matt89

    How awkward would it be if it charts higher on itunes than the actual coronation song from the winner?

  • H.A.

    This is good news for Angie. I think it’s the kind of song that can actually do very well.

  • Miles (Grumpy) (VI)

    I think they will air it. Just short of 4 million views on youtube and climbing. A good representation of what Idol is. I suspect this song has a worldwide audience already. I think it will do real well if it gets a good production…. hope she has final say.

  • b_james

    YES! Man, they totally planned on having her in the finale, didn’t they?

  • dabney c

    Her mother tweets “she’s so amazing” like a fangirl. ROFL… weird.

  • Miles (Grumpy) (VI)

    I thought so until I saw the hometown videos.. then I knew she was in trouble. Kree’s was a killer… that’s just AI….

  • mjsbigblog

    Even if Angie’s finale performance of the song is cut from the show, like Haley Reinhart’s was, Angie is one step closer. It appears that she recorded the song today, and I bet it will still be released to iTunes whether she sings it on the show, or not.

    “Set Me Free” is a fan favorite and the performance easily her defining moment on Idol. I imagine Angie was planning to sing it as her reprise if she had made the finals.

  • Amy Manuel

    Am I the only one that thinks this is sort of undermining the top 2 girls’ coronation singles? Seems a little odd to me.

  • Miles (Grumpy) (VI)

    You make a good point… it would seem that way. I personally feel this storyline is too good for the brand for Idol to pass up.

    I hope they find a way to get out of their own way and let her do it.

    The coronation songs are sung the night before so maybe something can be worked out. The song is out there so…..

  • chili1000

    It was great as a 2 minute clip during Hollywood week. I had a hard time sitting through the 6 minute version. Very repetitive.

  • Eilonwy

    Eh, sending a song to iTunes doesn’t make it more than a memento for fans.

    The winner will be singing her coronation single all over the usual talk shows, and the runner-up will get similar opportunities. Miller, in third place, probably won’t.

    The winner and runner-up will also have sung their coronation singles the night before, so those will have been on sale a full day before viewers hear Miller’s song.

    I’m totally in favor of Idol’s doing this — but unless there’s major promo planned, including a radio push, I don’t think there’s much likelihood of Miller’s song overshadowing a well-chosen coronation single that gets normal post-Idol winner’s treatment.

  • Jake W.

    I agree. I would rather have this song than a coronation single. I’m a happy camper.

  • Jake W.

    I dunno. I like this idea because it will feel like she already made the final with her coronation song for us Angie fans even though she didn’t get the AI title or reach the final two.

  • Lemoncello

    Well, since Ryan announced on the show Adam would be performing a surprise duet on the finale, I think it’s still happening. They knew the results then.

  • macfae

    Last year I probably bought 15 studio recordings. This year I have not bought any.

  • Kariann Hart

    Same with Candice’s video and song. WOW.

  • dabney c

    Is there a chance it might end up on Christian radio since it’s a worship song with tons of exposure? It might be successful there, but runs the risk of branding her as a Christian artist, which she doesn’t want.

  • Wui Zhuan Lim

    YOU SET ME FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BBchez

    Great news for angie fans. I guess It does make sense that they would have her perform it, dont they always do a “highlights of the season” during the finale results? I think jessica did “I will always love you” last year..and you set me free has i think 4million views on youtube so clearly she did something right. At the same time i do find it odd that they would let her perform her original, and a duet with adam. As well as release the song to itunes? Maybe they thought she was a lock for the finale(like alot of us) and already had it all planned? Idk im happy to be able to buy it finally but it all seems so weird to me.

  • Madilo

    what’s weird with that ? your parents are always your first fans

  • Madilo

    Good for Angie, i liked the song when she performed it on Idol, wish her lot of success and all the other Idols from this year
    i think Kree will be successful, i have no idea for Candice

    They should release it before thursday not after the performance

  • BonnieDee

    I think my son’s amazing. My Mom thinks I’m amazing. What’s wrong with that.

  • Madilo

    i hope it does not outsell the winners single though, it would be bad press for the winner don’t you think guys ?

  • Mateja Praznik

    If Angie’s single outsells the winner’s single, so be it. It’s not likely, the winner will have an extra day of sales (as will the runner-up) and after the results, everyone wants the winner’s single.

    If Angie’s single does better than the winner’s in the long run … well, good for her.

  • Jason Moore Cavanagh

    hey! check on my reviews for Idol 2013!

  • chillj

    What a terrific opportunity for her. Good for her!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Aw, I think that it’s kind of cute. lol Parents are forgiven for being super fans of their kids.

  • ellen8

    Cha Ching for Angie – yay !!!
    Who care who outsells whom?? They are all winners at this point.

    Angie and Adam ?? I just can’t get there ……

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Good for Angie!

  • Connie Stamley

    Hope Kree and Candice also get the opportunity to sing an original song since they r the winner and runner up. It’s kinda like all the special treatment pia got on her season.

  • Not fit to print

    It would be sad for her if “Set me Free” didn’t get TV play when the audience will be so much bigger than the average week. Knowing how Idol feels about her, they would want to push this single. It’s not like Hayley. They were trying to bus her – didn’t think she would sell. She had given them a bit of lip, too. (I supported her on that.)

  • emme1000

    Pia who?

  • Sassycatz

    Hmm, so Angie is going to be participating in all the group numbers involving the women and all the contestants, plus she’ll be dueting and, in addition, she’ll have a solo? Isn’t that more than a third place finisher usually gets?

  • devorrah

    I caught Angie on the Tonight Show. Amazingly this girl cannot really sing very well at all. She is truly gorgeous and has a great personality but her singing is way off key.

  • Kirsten

    The winner will be singing her coronation single all over the usual talk shows, and the runner-up will get similar opportunities . Miller, in third place, probably won’t

    Third place hits most of the same talk shows as the others a day or two later. Third place cannot make the round during their elimination week because they must get ready for the finale. This year, with Idol ending a week earlier, there will be even more time to hit the shows before they go on hiatus.

    If the Idol PTB like you and Jimmy thinks he can make money off you, they will work to get you appearances. If you have a shock boot going for you and look like Angie, the shows may very well want to have you.

    I’m all for as many people having a career out of Idol that can get one. That is what the show is for. I just hate the argument that so-and-so is the rightful winner because they sold more.

  • nncw

    I hope that Angie’s song is not released at the same time as the winner’s coronation song. There are right ways to promote the show and the winner of the show. It is only good manners which is sorely needed these days.

  • stef

    I can’t remember a case with that much exposure for the #3 (or lower) finisher on the televised finale. Now Pia on the Ai tour that year, seemed to be everywhere lol……
    Maybe Angie won’t be singing the song on tv if she has the advertised duet with Adam. But they will mention it in her intro, and put it out as a recording?

    I think the focus finale night should be on the top 2.

  • Cindy Moniz

    So exciting!!! :)

  • elliegrll

    Given the ratings and tone of the season, I doubt that any single is going to do incredibly well, or that Angie will outsell Candice, if she wins.

  • stef

    Or another thought, I guess. If they let Angie do a solo, maybe she shouldn’t do the duet with Adam and have Adam do a guest song.
    Angie and Adam struck me as a slightly weird combination anyway.

  • bestmusic

    I agree. Lets make the last night about the winner.

  • perfectstorm

    It could turn out where the best seller isn’t the winner. It has happened with Crystal, Adam, Daughtry, Clay. Unlike Pia, Angie finished high enough where she has a strong following.

  • Montavilla

    And, up until the morning of the finale of Season 8, Scott McIntyre and Matt Giraud were supposed to perform a piano duel of “Tell Her About It.”

  • Mateja Praznik

    The last night is never just about the winner. Or the winner and runner-up. TOP 2 are dead tired, they will do what they have to do. The rest of the show will be filled with guest performers and other finalists.

  • Valarie

    Will Adam still want to duet with Angie, since she didn’t win? It wouldn’t be as much of a bragging point now. If anyone in season 12 had a huge fanbase, the. ratings would have been higher.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Yeah, past history has made me cautious about assuming anything about appearances on the finale, as the scheduling appears to be very “fluid”. lol

  • elliegrll

    You think that it was a bragging point before?

  • bridgette12

    Why would Adam or anyone brag about singing with Angie Miller?

  • bestmusic

    Of course.” Adam Lambert duets with AI winner.” Would make great press for him.

  • bridgette12

    Just how much press do you get for singing with the winner on Idol’s worst season ever?

  • matt89

    As opposed to her tweeting that her daughter sucks? Your comment confuses me

  • L. R. M. L.

    Well the NEXT DAY at least should be about the winner and not any of the other contestants. She should be allowed to have the first single out and enjoy her moment

  • Incipit

    I didn’t even like the two minute clip during Hollywood Week – not gonna be interested in a longer version. But I wish her good luck with that – and the CCM market, or whatever she is aiming for.

  • newinNM

    Adam singing with Angie has nothing to with barging rights and everything to do with exposure. Yes, Idol number are down big time, but it’s still a huge audience and the show is still shown in countries around the world. It’s good for both of them. Let face it, winning idol has very little to do with these kids future success, it’s what they are able to do with the opportunities that come AFTER the show that matter.

  • Lemoncello

    Well, since he didnt win himself and has a career including being on the finale, why would it matter? He liked Angie from the start and continues to praise the contestants win or lose. I also haven’t seen him “bragging” about it anywhere. The news did get a lot of press, it’s the most I saw Angie’s name in the media outside the bubble.

  • Alexandre Oliveira

    That would make a really great moment for her, performing the song that put her into the frontrunner status on the finale, I’m glad she’s doing this

  • springboard2

    Usuallly the third place finishers get very little promo. But we never know. If the itunes sales are strong enough to indicate potential as a radio hit, it may get pushed to radio.

  • Lemoncello

    It’s never been just about the top 2. Contestants in other eliminated spots have gotten duets, performances, etc. the finale celebrates the entire show and concludes with the result.

  • Lemoncello

    Maybe her singing her original song and releasing it to iTunes is Interscopes way of gauging interest in her and whether signing her would be advantageous. Their experience with Jessica and Haley in the pop market may have them more cautious than ever.

  • Catherine Mina

    thank you mjsbigblog for this..
    I almost cried when angie was voted out..

  • flog gnaw

    “You Put Me To Sleep”? Yamn, no thanks.

  • bridgette12

    Bad press? At this point in time, Idol’s press couldn’t get any worse. So if Angie or anyone else single outsell the winner, that’s the way the cookie crumble. It’s called competition.

  • Kesia Monteith

    That’s what I was thinking! This can totally steal the thunder of the actual winner.

  • girlygirl

    I was thinking that, too. If it sells well, that could help her chances of getting signed by UMG (even if not necessarily by Interscope).

    It’s great for Angie. I just hope this means that Candice & Kree will be performing their own original songs on the finale as well.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that you are right on with this assessment.

  • girlygirl

    Angie could end up being the best seller of any of the contestants this season, in fact I wouldn’t be that surprised if she did that. But that wouldn’t necessarily mean she would end up selling all that well. Let’s face it, with the lack of interest this season has drawn, and the fact that most (not all, but most) of the contestants don’t really fit well into genres that sell big, it’s hard (for me, anyway) to expect any of them to be big commercial successes. I personally would put my money on one of the country artists if I was picking the contestant likely to be the most successful from this season, but it all depends on who signs them, how well they are promoted, and, of course, the quality of the music they release.

    Third place finishers on Idol do not have a great history in terms of selling. Elliott did with his 1st album, but I think Danny is the only other 3rd place finisher who sold more than 100K of his album (I don’t know what the current sales #s for Haley are). Some of them didn’t even get signed. Because they have to be in L.A. to prepare for the finale, 3rd place finishers often get less promo than the other ones in the Top 10, which doesn’t help.

  • girlygirl

    Lots of people have had songs played on Christian radio without being branded as a Christian artist. LLWD got a ton of play on Christian radio, and no one (other than perhaps a few fans that hold out hope he’ll go in that direction) brands him as a CCM artist.

    It’s all how they promote and package her. If they don’t promote her as a Christian music artist, then most people won’t brand her as one.

  • Ryan Comer

    It’s not Angie’s fault that Kree and Candice are so underwhelming that they can’t be expected to put out coronation songs that people actually want to listen to.

  • Rose

    American Idol making up for kicking her off! I’ve been watching this show to damn long! They wanted a Candice WIN! YOU COULD SEE IT THE WHOLE TIME ON IDOL! I love Candice, but if Angie would have been in the Finale she won have won! It’s a no brainer! I hate cheating

  • Miz

    Yes, I’d like them all to do original songs if they can.

  • Lemoncello

    Not true about third place hitting all the same talk shows.

  • elliegrll

    Being on the AI finale is the ultimate get.

  • Miz

    I’ve only seen this within the bubble. Local press in Angie’s hometown maybe?

  • elliegrll

    The performances on the AI finale rarely get a lot, or any, press.

  • Miz

    The high place finishers usually get more than one performance on the finale, if I’m remembering correctly.

  • Miz

    I really have a bad taste in my mouth over the ‘winning doesn’t matter’ of this show. I’d even go so far as it being part of the decline in viewers and fans.

  • Miz

    Oddly, so did I.

  • iliveforthis

    I am guessing their shared theater background is the rationale for pairing Adam and Angie.

  • Sassycatz

    This is supposed to be about Angie, not Adam. I assume the reason they ran a clip piece about him the other week was because they weren’t going to do it during his appearance.

  • bestmusic

    Guess we will see after the finale. Still millions watching.

  • sdmama

    Maybe Angie will sing her song with Adam and release it as “featuring Adam Lambert” to iTune.

  • bridgette12

    Cheating is what happened when they threw in a lot of inferiors male singers to increase the chances that a female would win. Angie didn’t get cheated, she was pimped all season while the other two ladies who were fairly chosen, got bussed a few times.

  • Ladyguard

    I’m going to be watching the final only because Adam will be on. This is the worst season ever. TPTB were so willing to cheat in order to get a female winner. Well the fact that they stacked the deck doesn’t bode well for the winner or runner-up. So having Adam sing with the winner will do nothing for his press. Adam already put his mark on Idol. He is known as one of the best contestants ever

  • CB40

    Angie deserves this little showcase on this finale. I couldn’t imagine this season without her or “You Set Me Free”

  • Jake W.

    Actually incorrect. Angie got dissed by the judges more than Kree or Candice.

  • bridgette12

    Oh! Do you consider it a diss when they suggest to Angie that she might need to get back behind that piano because she’s better with it than out front without it. Maybe they were dropping a hint that she wasn’t at her best running around the stage and trying to sing at the same time. Not everyone can do that and Angie proved it.

  • Mateja Praznik

    The winner and runner up will both release their debut singles on Wednesday night. Hopefully both are of comparable quality (unlike last year). It looks like the plan is to release Angie’s song one day later.

  • Mateja Praznik

    LOL. TPTB cheat every year when the cast the show. Considering 2/3 of all people auditioning are female, 5 male winners in a row seem more suspicious than an all female TOP 5 this season.

  • Jerry Thomas

    What that tells me is that they thought Angie was a bad stage performer and she should hide behind her Piano,so yeah,they tried to say she was limited

  • Eilonwy

    What it tells me is that the scripted comments for Miller were supposed to include “you hide behind the piano too much” and she wasn’t obliging by hiding behind the piano enough.

    The judges’ comments this year were mostly random nonsense for all of the top 10 performers. While they may have occasionally hit on the singers’ actual strengths and weaknesses, I wouldn’t use “the judges said” as evidence that the judges did think beyond regurgitating their assigned scripts.

  • YeP

    Any word on who Candice and Kree will duet with? Are they go to get a current pop star or some has been

  • Jerry Thomas

    What the judges said is the only thing I can go by, I can’t read between the lines on things they didn’t say.;)

  • Eilonwy

    Oh, I’m not saying “read between the lines.” I’m sayin’ “ignore the judges’ babbling — it is sound and fury signifying nothing.”

    I’ll admit I’m influenced by other seasons in which other judges told contestants to “stop doing so much of” things they weren’t doing (e.g., Blake Lewis’ beat-boxing every song, Cook rocking up every song, and I’m sure there are scads more for a wide variety of singers). It’s a standard piece of Lythgoe’s scripting because he really does believe Idol audiences are morons.

  • Jerry Thomas

    Oh,I gotcha now ;) You are 100% correct.When comes to the Idol judges people need to believe only half of what they see and none of what they hear x)

  • mchcat

    I don’t agree – the other years guys and girls were all talented. This year only the girls were – it was done of purpose to guarantee not just hope for a girl winner.

  • Lemoncello
  • Nadine_Bitch

    Let me list a few articles about Adam & Angie’s duet on the Finale. Some were from UK, others were from Oz. I could swear I came across an article from China & Russia. So, I guess, it got a fairly good press considering the season hasn’t had so many buzz.

    Adam Lambert Performing with Angie Miller on “American Idol” Season Finale
    Adam Lambert is locked in to perform on the season finale of American Idol next week.

    Adam Lambert to Perform with Angie Miller on AMERICAN IDOL Finale

    Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson to appear on ‘American Idol’ finale?

    Adam Lambert to Duet With Angie Miller on ‘American Idol’ Finale

    Adam Lambert And Jennifer Hudson For Idol Final?

    Adam Lambert To Perform On ‘American Idol’ Finale With Angie


    Adam Lambert: ‘American Idol’ Duet Next Week with Angie Miller?

    American Idol: Angie Miller to duet with Adam Lambert on season finale despite elimination!

    American Idol Finals Update: Adam Lambert to Duet with Angie Miller on Finale Night!

    Buzz Bites (5/8/13): Adam Lambert To Perform During ‘American Idol’ Season Finale!

  • Miz

    Whenever anyone’s favorite gets voted off, their fans scream ‘CHEATING’. Face it. She didn’t get enough votes to advance.

  • Nadine_Bitch

    LOL Lemoncello, I think we posted at the same time! *fist pump*

  • Miles (Grumpy) (VI)

    Not one single note off key and really had the audience involved. Leno and Aaron E. were amazed.

  • bridgette12

    Or people could think for themselves.

  • ZsusK

    Cheating would have meant disregarding the vote totals. I think Angie’s fans assumed she was more popular than she was based on the usual suspects – Twitter followers, Youtube hits. Angie was in the middle of the pack in week six. She is a sweet, cute girl with a good voice. But, America voted, and she did not make the finale. I

  • ZsusK

    Excellent suggestion. Personally, I think everyone who votes for an Idol does, in fact, think for themselves. It’s insulting to insist that those who voted for Candice or Kree or even Angie over Amber did so because the judges told them to.

  • Aakash Mansukhani

    Lol, this is gonna be very, very interesting to see. I think this song of Angie’s is gonna be a super hit.

  • girlygirl

    Where was the cheating? Angie didn’t get enough votes. Full stop, end of story. Just like any of the other contestants who might have been considered front runners on Idol yet didn’t end up winning simply didn’t get enough votes.

    What people who scream about “cheating” don’t seem to realize is that their are laws in the US that apply to television programs like Idol.

    There is something called the FCC that regulates broadcast law. If TPTB falsified the vote results, they would be breaking several laws and could easily end up in jail. Not to mention they could get slapped with all sort s of lawsuits for voter fraud. Even TPTB aren’t stupid enough to do something like that.

  • Siana Amparo

    I would have thought maybe at the finale they would have surprised Angie with a duet with Jessie J but Adam is still just as good too :)! Can’t wait to hear the studio version of You Set Me Free!

  • Dianne

    The coronation song won’t sell no matter who sings it unless it’s a good song. P2 hit the jackpot, other winners not so much. If Angie is the only one with the potential for success, where were the votes? That being said, I like Angie and was hoping for a Candice-Angie finale but oh well, life goes on. The country fans dominate which is one reason I don’t like the show as much as I used to, but I’ll watch it until the last note is sung. If Kree wins I won’t be shocked but all of my votes have gone to Candice.

  • bridgette12

    For me to take someone advice, I have to respect them and their opinion. Idol’s judges don’t fall into that category.

  • flog gnaw

    I wouldn’t count on it.

  • Cindy Moniz

    Considering that her performance of this song from Hollywood week as almost 4mil in views on youtube, I’m not surprised they’re doing this. :]

  • Cindy Moniz

    Considering that her performance of this song from Hollywood week as almost 4mil in views on youtube, I’m not surprised they’re doing this. :]

  • flog gnaw

    No one’s cheating lmfao. You stans are ridiculous.

  • Lemoncello

    I don’t think that’s it at all. Most television watchers don’t even know or care what happens to the contestants after the TV show is over.

  • Lemoncello

    You have to remember that number of votes doesn’t equal number of voters. That’s been shown in the past quite obviously. Maybe TPTB know something we don’t know like her iTunes sales, voter demographics, etc that make her an attractive contestant to spotlight,

  • Axxxel

    As an Adam Lambert fan, I would say this would be a great twist.. Of course I would prefer them to duet on one of Adam’s songs but I would not really know which one (besides Whataya want from me), would suit them best… Angela is so lucky to have a great duet partner as Adam who will do his best to make his duetpartner shine…and therefore the duet will be wonderful..

  • Axxxel

    I agree with your whole posting except for the last sentence about cheating…

  • Axxxel

    But it is not about Adam but about Angela… Adam is a nice bonus but not the main course. (except for me LOL).

  • Axxxel

    The weird combination is part of the fun…Give the audience something they did not expect… catch them off guard… Where did we here that before ? oh yeah, Adam’s strategy during his run on Idol.

  • Axxxel

    Yes, example : The Voice.

  • Axxxel

    I only remember Season 8 when Matt Giraud (5th place winner) did not get a duet at all while contestants who were placed below him , actually two of them, a male and female finalists… get to share a whole song with a guest star…

    So as gossip says that Rihanna may be on… I would guess… Rihanna, Adam and Angela singing together on “Stay”…

  • HKfan

    yet in reality, she has far more performance skills than either Kree or Candice….

  • marmom07

    I don’t agree. The bragging point for Adam is he is invited back to sing on Idol in front of a huge audience. IMO it doesn’t matter who he duets with he will do a great job and that will be remembered. The winner would have to be a better singer/performer than Adam (and that’s not the case for any of these top 10) for it to be “good press for him”.

  • Montavilla

    I don’t remember if Joshua Ledet had a real solo, but I do remember that he was front and center for all the male group performances, plus he had a duet with Fantasia.

    I remember that because it struck me as a little odd. Philip wasn’t even in the group performances, so it came off like Joshua doing his job (IMO). But I thought at the time it was probably due to Philip’s health. Plus, I love Joshua so, better for me!

  • pirouette13

    Yeah, well Elton John had an amazing career “hiding behind his piano”.

  • No Thanks

    To all those saying that it’s “unfair” that Angie gets to release her single the same time as the winner….welcome to the REAL WORLD.

    In the REAL WORLD, other artists aren’t going to stand back and clear a path for ANY Idol alumni to have their moment in the sun. They’re not going to give them a head start or walk 20 paces behind the winner as they take victory lap.

    If the winner ends up selling less than the runner up or 3rd place or any other place, that’s a big honkin’ clue as to their viability in the current music market as opposed to the fake, insulated world of a TV talent contest.

  • bridgette12

    Well, Elton is a really talented man, not everyone who plays the piano can say that.

  • Chablis

    I am a thinking Idol couldn’t afford Jesse J.
    Any news who else is appearing?

  • mmb

    Shows like idol don’t pay more than scale for music guest artists. I’d think w Jessie J it’s more an issue that she is busy with the Voice UK

  • mmb

    Exactly. All of the contestants have their run on the show to build buzz and convince the media and public and record labels and program directors that they are viable future artists/stars etc. idol voters are only a small % of idol watchers and idol watchers are only a small part of the general public. Iif the public likes Angie’s single better than the coronation single? So be it. If Interscope thinks it has more potential than what Candice or Kree come up with? So be it. I’ve no particular interest in Angie or her song but I’ve no issue with her getting a single release or if the single does better than the coronation single

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Angie has been pushing to sing with Jessie J for a while now:

    Angie Miller ?@AngieAI12 20 Apr
    Pretty sure I would die if @JessieJ followed me… OR sang with me at the finally…. #fangirl #DreamBig =D

    T——– ?@b———– 21 Apr
    @AngieAI12 you should preform “who you are” by Jessie j on the finale or one of these next weeks. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Retweeted by Angie MillerJESSIE J ?@JessieJ 25 Apr
    Just watched this. AMAZING!’ I am so proud :) “@Baybii_T: @JessieJ knows how much this song means to me and …
    Retweeted by Angie Miller

    Angie Miller ?@AngieAI12 25 Apr
    @JessieJ @baybii_t wow… This means the world!!! Thank you so much =) hopefully I will get to meet you! Or sing with you at the finally ;)

    Plus, Angie has retweeted a lot of tweets from Jessie J.

  • mmb

    Oh Angie. ” finally”. And she did it twice /o.

  • mmb

    The guest artists rarely get much press behind acknowledging they were there. There are so many performances it all becomes a blur

  • fuzzywuzzy

    lol That made me chuckle too.

  • Jerry Thomas

    I agree with that and I also think Angie is just as good without the piano as she is with the piano.If the judges would not have mentioned that she was like a prom queen/pageantry when she stood to sing, most people wouldn’t even care, why would they say that using a negative phrase but only to create doubt in the minds of the viewer.If they would have said she needed to improve on her technical part of the performance it would have been more professional and less damaging because she never reminded me of a little Miss Sunshine,Happy to be there yes but a prom queen with tattoos, not likely .

  • bridgette12

    I don’t know whether to laugh at her or feel sorry for her.

  • Happyhexer

    That’s true, girlygirl. The only time I heard LLWD on the radio (I mostly listen to country) was when I was station-hopping. I heard LLWD playing, so I tuned in, only to find after the song finished that I was listening to a Christian station. The station just announced the song title and artist, but there was absolutely no suggestion that Kris was a “Christian artist.”

  • Morgan Williams

    But if Candice win, I will hate to see the outcome play out on the boards, blogs, social media. I can see the Clay/Reubin thing going on and on. Idol just don’t need that kind of controversial, if they hunting a certain demographic again. Remember they still haven’t recovered with that demographic after the Reubin/Clay and Tasia bashing on their message boards. They just need to careful.

  • Morgan Williams

    Idol just don’t need another Clay/Reubin situation to play out right now. Just release Angie single after the tour and allow it to be featured on the tour to keep it out there. Its no question it will sell millions because the viewers on YouTube are ridiculous(meaning Good). Just with all the drama with judges, I’m not trying to see another controversial. They haven’t allowed runnerUp or 3rd/4th place finisher to release the same time since Clay/Reubin. So imagine if Candice win and don’t sell. I’m not trying see, read, hear all that negative buzz. It will tank Idol for sure.

  • Morgan Williams

    Indeed, I never understood that logic. Its like admitting people have weak will or you are superior because you can’t be controlled like the majority of Americans. I refuse believe we/Americans are so easily swayed. If you can’t be influenced by the judges then perhaps many share the same powers.

  • mmb

    not true. Scotty and Lauren both released their coronation singles at the same time and both were pushed to radio; crystal and Lee’s coronation covers were both released for sale; both Adam and Kris versions of the much maligned NoBo were released for sale…there has pretty much always been the option of purchasing the runner-ups single. If Candice wins and doesn’t sell Idol will continue on as before, it won’t tank idol..and I say this as a huge Candice fan

  • Q3

    Idol pays performers more than scale —

    When American Idol approached the outrageous singer, she demanded a paycheck of $250,000 to appear on the hit Fox show. Producers of the show hesitated to pay her that amount of money.

    “They thought it was just crazy she was asking for so much money,” a source tells OK! “It was just too much money to pay talent for a performance.”


  • Q3

    I have no issue with this and wish 19 would have gotten singles out sooner for others. this single’s release will take Idol or effect Candice or Kree in any way. And the YT views are modest — not exactly a viral hit. It will sell because millions of people will see it performed on Idol but Candice and Kree will get a ton of promotion this week. More than Angie.

  • mmb

    that article isn’t evidence that IDol pays more than scale (or much more than scale)…it just says that Gaga demanded something ridiculous and Idol refused to pay..most shows like Idol and the talk shows pay little for talent because its promo for the artist.

  • LisieB

    I don´t remember the judges saying that Candice was singing golpel all season… did they really say that? Because I noticed that only one song sung by Candice fits that cathegory (When You Believe – R&B/Gospel). She also sang R&B/Soul, but so did Angie.

    But the one singing a lot of “inspirational” songs was Angie: Hollywood (her original song – “You Set Me Free”), Vegas (“Nobody’s Perfect” – Jesse J – R&B/Pop), Semi-Finals (“Never Gone” – Colton Dixon – Christian Rock), Victory Songs ( I Was Here – Beyoncé – R&B/New Age), Top 6 (“Love Came Down” – Kari Jobe – Christian Contemporary Worship), Year They Born (“I’ll Stand by You” – The Pretenders – she even dedicated the song to Boston), Top 4 (first week) – Contestant’s Choice (“Who You Are” – Jessie J. – R&B/Pop).

  • Eilonwy

    Judges repeatedly referred to Glover as “the church girl,” supposedly for her style.

    While I wouldn’t balk at trying a church where smooth jazz is the dominant sound, most people would interpret that as meaning she was gospel-ing things up. As you point out, the description holds no water whatever, which was my point. S12 judges = random noise generators.

  • Morgan Williams

    Thanks for the info….. It should sell like crazy based on Her YouTube views. Congrats to Angie!