American Idol 12 Hollywood Boys Solos – Poll Results! (VIDEOS)

Poll results for Wednesday’s guys a’cappella and group roundswere kind of pathetic! And for good reason–the episode landed with a resounding thud, lacking even one buzzworthy performance.

Last night’s hour long episode featuring solos from the remaining guys brought you all back to the polls. The numbers are back to normal, thanks to a few breakout solos from the guys.  Revisit the poll-toppers performances below:

The boys were not a total fail!  Hooray.

1. Nick Boddington – Nick’s beautiful performance of ‘Stars” tops the list! The singer, an Idol returnee (He was a member of last year’s Groovesauce group) captured 35.66 percent of the vote.

2. Charlie Askew’s odd, yet arresting performance of “Somebody That I Used to Know” earns him the #2 spot, right behind Nick, taking 27.76% of the vote.

3. Coming in a somewhat distant 3rd, is Devin Velez, who performed an exquisite rendition of “It’s a Wonderful World.”

Bonus Video! Despite a dressing down from  Nicki Minaj (For good reason, in my opinion) Paul Jolley, who sang “Blown Away”, is right behind Devin in 4th place with 8% of the vote.

Also featured the video below is Lazoro Arbos who came in 5th with 5.15% of the votes.

Are you looking forward to next week when the girls hit the Hollywood stage?

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  • tomr

    Some weren’t shown.  I really wanted to hear Elijah.

  • James M.

    Fully agree with the top 5 in the poll. I think Charlie and Paul will end up being most appealing to me based on genre and voice. Both their voices and styles appeal to me more than any other guy there. I think Nicki should have complimented Paul on a good performance, but he totally deserved the “dressing down” *snicker* he got from her, I cringed hard enough that my manhood hurt. Devin’s got dark horse quality (I think Jimmy may end up taking his spot, though). Lazaro is also great in spite of the backstory holding him back (I think people think he’s getting on just on backstory alone, which I think is false.)

    I’d like those to be the guys in the Top 10. And even then, I’d feel like someone would be losing a spot, because there were a lot of actually good singers last night.

  • potatorocks

     Of those we saw, this ranking makes sense to me.  Lazaro at 5 wouldn’t be my choice but I understand why he is there.   I suspect there are some gems in those we haven’t heard yet.  Keeping an open mind.

  • Larc

    I wish we could have seen more performances.  If Idol didn’t insist on showing so much before and after crap and would just run performances and results nonstop, they probably could have got in at least double the number they did.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Honestly, aside from Nick and Devin (they are both awesome), I prefer Jimmy, Cortez, Burnell, and even Curtis (despite being a ham, a stagehog, and a d*ckhead), over Paul, Lazaro (I really can’t get into him) and even Charlie. With Charlie, he is really touch and go for me. Sure he’s different, but I can’t 100% stand by him for some reason. I wish we could have heard more from Josh Holiday or even David Willis. More Elijah would have been good too. I really like Bryant Tadeo as well.

  • No Thanks

    YouTube view count:

    1) Charlie – 9,835
    2) Nick – 5,974
    3) Devin – 5,144
    4) Paul & Lazaro – 4,762

    Not that anyone asked me but here is my take on Charlie.  I think as a child he was “socially awkward” and had problems connecting to people.  But, at some point, he discovered music and that help him come out of his shell.  Which probably lead to him meeting like minded people and making friends who “get” him.  Flash forward to now, “socially awkward” has morphed into “weird” but a self-confident “weird”.  He’s still blooming and I think this stint on Idol will help him grow even more.  He seems like and extremely bright kid, with a good attitude.  The type to soak up everything like a sponge.

    I also suspect he knows his music history and has very eclectic tastes.  That should lead to some interesting song choices.  And I suspect he’s probably not afraid to experiment either.  I REALLY hope he makes the voting rounds, this can be a wild, hilarious ride.

  • steve2013

    Honestly from what we’ve seen so far were going to end up with a very average cute looking guy win as the talent is very much lacking I haven’t seen a guy that I’ve thought has been good.

  • Mafalda Abreu

    They were all good (we can even consider that some of them were very good), but I still don’t see a winner in any of those guys.

    However, I didn’t imagine something close to Kris Allen and Lee DeWyze winning their seasons when they were in Hollywood. This means we must wait until we can judge correctly each contestant. 

  • Kariann Hart

    There is plenty of talent here, possibly better than a few seasons I won’t mention.  Charlie, Paul, and Lazaro are probably headed for the tour.  There are several others who are GOOD singers.  This should be fun!

  • Latin2

    I bet once the show gets going and Paul Jolley starts to perform he will start to move up. 

  • Latin2

    Hard to believe that Devin Velez is YOUNGER than Justin Bieber by a month.

    Devin seems way mature than most 18 year olds. 

  • girlygirltoo

    Not if he acts like he did last night. He kept making excuses even before he started to sing. Nicki was right…that wasn’t professional at all. And his performance wasn’t very good. To me, he came off as wimpy and not particularly likable. Maybe he can recover from that, but it didn’t leave me with a very good impression of him.

  • girlygirltoo

    I’m in the minority here but I didn’t particularly like Devin’s performance. Nice voice, but he overembelished that performance. The song is beautiful on its own, and the extra runs/flourishes he put in it just made the song sound worse. Sometimes it’s better to just keep it simple.

    I do think he has potential, though.

  • tarquinius

     I agree with your take on Charlie…I think he is a very intelligent kid who not only has an above average voice, but also has a quick wit and that innocent charm, combined with a ‘ something up my sleeve ‘ look in his eyes.

    Charlie has been performing with a group of teens known as The Four Reps
    ( Barbershop Quartet ) for a few years and in this video from 2010, his awkwardness is evident compared to the others…a little unsure of himself and routine, though the vocals are excellent. Note; the one arm song ending gesture seems to be something he carried over from the quartets routine to Idol. He should put that in his back pocket as a solo, IMO.

  • Miz

    I can’t disagree with these rankings. We need to see more. I also liked the turban guy’s voice.

  • No Thanks

     Thanks for that video!  That was cuter than a basket of puppies!

  • Bill Mitchell

    I’m sorry but what the hell is Paul Jolley so nervous about?  Boy is good looking, has great stage presence and can sing his ass off.

    Is he going to be another one of those super talented people who is such a head case they self destruct?  And what’s with all the male talent getting so weepy this year?  You guys are aware you are wearing your panties on your heads on national TV right?

  • Bill Mitchell

    Charlie Askew is one of those quirky guys who impresses early but fades because the song format on this show eats weaker voices like his alive.  Also, while the quirkiness is at first charming it becomes annoying after a while.

    Man some amazing male talent this year.  Hopefully the idiot judges won’t cut most of the best people as they normally do.  Thank god we aren’t going all country this year.

  • No Thanks

    Charlie doesn’t have a weak voice AT ALL.  Who knows how he’ll handle various theme weeks but vocally he’s pretty strong and likely to get better with more training. And personally, I don’t get tired of quirky. I dig it.

  • Incipit

    That was a neat little video, thank you, tarquinius. And evidence that Charley would actually know who Billy Joel was, if Nigel were to pull another Billy Joel theme week. Heh. Not to mention that many classic Barbershop Quartet songs like “Goodbye My Coney Island Baby” – 1924 – are from even earlier musical eras. A lot earlier. 

    His voice sounds plenty strong to me, here and in the Idol video…and as you say, the vocals are excellent. Given that background, if he gets through I will be interested in hearing what his song choices will be. This is not one of the hamsters Nigel is looking forward to confusing because they don’t know any music history, I think. 

  • HKfan

    me too….he looks cool

  • Bazzle

    From the snippets I’ve seen so. I like Nicki as a judge. She’s good. I feel like Mariah hasn’t said much for me to judge. Keith is good too. For me the boys talent so far as a crop is average. Last 2 years, by the auditions/Hollywood 1. I woulda already seen someone that I would be invested in. This year I’m not sure about any of them. Even X Factor.

  • http://MJO judes

    I get annoyed every year that some who get through you don’t see & some who don’t get through you see so much of. What’s the point in that?

    I liked Paul’s voice & Nick’s overall performance . Charlie is cute & quirky now but he might get a bit annoying after a while.

  • Whatiswrongwithus

    Whhaaaaa….when i voted and left the poll, Paul Jolley was in 3rd! Oh well… :( his true potential will show more soon.

  • Anny_nanny

    Thank you, with pleasure listened to and looked for more of their songs. I enjoyed the fact that the children sing classical polyphony (correct term?), modern songs normally involve a set of solo performances only. It is something that I like in HW and LV – the opportunity to listen to high quality standards and look at the kids what hear it for the first time.

  • JBT

    I hope Charlie Askew doesn’t make it.  He’s too quirky and will only be a Vote For The Worst candidate.