American Idol 11: Phillip Phillips Rushed to Hospital (But He’s Fine)

AMERICAN IDOL: TOP 24 SEMIFINALISTS: Phillip Phillips, 21. Leesburg, GA. CR: Michael Becker / FOX.


American Idol” contestant Phillip Phillips was taken to a medical facility this morning for emergency treatment … TMZ has learned — and his future on the show is now in question.

Sources tell TMZ, Phillip — the guy who always performs with a guitar on the show — was complaining of intense pain in his abdomen … and it seemed serious enough to sound the alarm.

The nature of the medical emergency is unclear — but we’re told people close to Phillip suspect it could be gallstones.

Gallstones? REALLY? Speedy recovery to Phil. I’m sure he’ll be fine at least by next week.

UPDATE: Zap2it reports that he’s back from the hospital and will participate in tonight’s results show.

UPDATE: TMZ talked to Phil’s Dad:

Phillip’s dad tells TMZ … his son has had 5 kidney stone procedures to remove kidney stones.  He says it’s been a problem since October.  As for performing, we’re told Phillip is determined to continue on A.I. and will postpone any type of procedure … at least until he knows the results tonight.  But it’s still really painful.


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  • Landon Cox

    Man they are really desperate for a girl to win this year! lol

  • Pam

     I really do hope he’s ok, but he did tweet about 20 minutes ago which makes some of us a little suspicious of this story.

    Really enjoyed last night,im not the best singer AT ALL hahaha but its about having fun and i did. Jessica KILLED it!

    4:30 PM – 8 Mar 12

    via Twitter for Android

  • too-cool-for-school


    Still, poor Phil! I hope he’s alright. TMI, but I had a gallbladder attack once and it was seriously the worst pain I’ve ever had. It went away within an hour but for that hour, it was sheer misery. I wish him a speedy recovery as well!

  • Anonymous

    Nigel needs to stop poisoning the contestants. 

  • Anonymous

    “Sources tell TMZ, Phillip — the guy who always performs with a guitar on the show”

    This made me laugh lol, but Gallstones is definitely not funny (I had the same problem last year). I wish him a speedy recovery.

  • Chris

    Eh, poisoning the WGWG works too … the old saying, by any means necessary. Lol

    Just kidding, I hope he is OK.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t he mention something about kidney stones during Hollywood week?

  • Kathleen Moore

    Ouch.  Gallstones.  That is painful.  (Trust me, I’ve gone through them).

    He can make it through the AI season, just stay away from the greasy foods.  But he should think about getting his gall bladder taken out as soon as his time on Idol is over.  Surgery is relatively painless (it’s out-patient), and the recovery time is quick.  I had surgery done about 20 years ago.  Back at work within a week, and was taking a week-long camping trip within six weeks. 

    Might be pushing it if he finishes in the top two or three.  With the media tour lasting until about June 10th, he’d only have about three weeks until tour.  Doable, especially if his presence in the group songs is minimal.  Since he’s a WGWG, he can just stand there and sings/strum.

    Again, gallstones is painful.  Hoping he can get the treatment he needs.

  • BonnieDee

    I like his tweet.  He seems really humble and a good sport.

  • ladymctech

    Let’s see…season 9, Crystal was in the hospital. Season 10, it was Casey. Now Philip. I hope that he is OK. 

  • Listening

    Don’t forget season 7 David Cook went to the hospital too. I think it was b/c of raised blood pressure. Did anyone have to go to the hospital in season 8?

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t he mention something about kidney stones during Hollywood week?

    Kidney stones would make a lot more sense than gallstones in a young non-obese guy. I’m not sure TMZ would know the difference.

  • Anonymous

    I have gallstones…they are no fun at all. Glad to hear P2 is ok

  • Anonymous

    The thought of a guy passing a kidney stone makes me cry and cringe and scream as a fellow male.

    He kinda sings like he’s passing one too. Hope he does better, he’s my 2nd favorite guy.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    @PPhillipsAI11:  Really enjoyed last night,im not the best singer AT ALL hahaha but its about having fun and i did. Jessica KILLED it!4:30 PM – 8 Mar 12 via Twitter for Android

    Yes, Phil, we all know that you’re not the “best singer”.  It’s nice to know that you were “having fun”, but that’s only part of what Idol’s about.

  • Anonymous

    Hope PP is feeling better. I thought about Casey and Crystal too. Luckily, I don’t believe the gall or kidney stones are anywhere as serious as Crystal’s diabetes  or what poor Casey dealt with for weeks last season (and will for the rest of his life).

  • Anonymous

    My dad had at least a dozen and really suffered. They are extremely painful

  • Anonymous

    Lol about TMZ not knowing the difference. I have had to rush my mom to the clinic once to find out it was kidney stones. She also had gallstones taken out, I believe by laser. I had a kidnesy stone 2 years ago and it definitely is not a pleasant thing. I, too, hope Phillip gets the care that he needs soon.

  • Friar Phil

    I don’t think Nigel would poison him- not the way they are pimping him on the show. Not a big fan of his singing and Dave Matthews impersonations but I do feel for him. That can be really painful. 

  • Incipit

    And TMZ keeps their accuracy record – for having none.

    According to Phillip – he did not go to the hospital, he went to the Doctor – according to his Dad – he has a problem with kidney stones, not gall stones – Maybe TMZ ought to stop payment on the check for that ‘source’. Not that they actually care. Made a nice headline. Heh.

  • iFoundIt

    This story is all over the internet.  Glad P2 is doing better.

  • Ali Marilyn Rose

    My poor bb… I’m glad he is better.

     xoxo Ali