Spoilers - Lauren Alaina Suddeth - American Idol 10 Top 40

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More American Idol 10 Top 40 goodness from Gangreen29 via Joe’s Place Blog. Hint: Check out the girl crying in this Idol promo.


Lauren Alaina Suddeth – Another country singer, and this one is only 15! Lauren has powerful, rich vocals.

The video of her singing “Anyway” is from when she was only 12, so her stage presence is very mature for her age.  It will be interesting to see how the audience reacts to a contestant who is so young but seems so confident and self-assured.

Video after the JUMP…

No Place That Far cover

Anyway cover

  • Valentin432

    I think this one is going to be a frontrunner.
    Her voice is good and she sounds more pop/country and that should help her with the voters.
    The age thing should really help her also.

    This is beginning to look like a Nashville Star season of Idol. I think some of that is due to Carrie’s success.

  • jumpstart

    Great voice along with the “look.” A definite frontrunner IMO.

  • Incipit

    Very attractive young woman – strong voice, she was doing a little too much ‘sliding’ up to the notes in those videos, but she was a lot younger too – or perhaps it’s a stylistic choice she could get rid of.

    If Randy can keep from droning on about the “Onlies” people would not be using a different measuring stick and may just listen and appreciate the talent. If there are more than one, maybe he’ll get bored of it? The good ones don’t need that gratuitous B’day announcement for every performance, and if they’re not good enough – age doesn’t mitigate , IMO. It’s annoying to me – perhaps it is to them as well.

    And having typed all that – DNW Country. *snerk*

  • windmills

    Valentin432: This is beginning to look like a Nashville Star season of Idol.

    * does Snoopy dance *

    Actually as much as I’ve wanted more country on AI I do think the important thing is diversity, not overloading the season with any 1 genre.

    Good voice on this one. Nice tone, lots of power, good control. I wasn’t impressed by Anyway but that was before people told me she was 12 in that clip. She needs to make sure her stage presence doesn’t stop people from thinking she’s sincere.

  • bjames

    Whoa, was not expecting her to be that good. If she can at least make it to the top 10, she’ll definitely have some kind of future in country. I have high hopes for this season!

  • koshka

    I must be watching different YT performances. She seems like a solid performer, but I don’t see her as immensely talented in such a way that she would be sure be a frontrunner or even have a guaranteed top12 slot.

  • girlygirl

    Are we sure she’s 15? She looks a lot older than 12 in that one YT :)

    I’m not overly impressed. Nice voice, decent stage presence, but nothing that really stands out

  • chessguy99

    Nice vocal, but this is stuff she’s prepared. IDK if she can hold up under pressure of learning new songs every weeks. Young ones usually fail because of the lack of solid performance background. I don’t see enough stuff on her that shows she is ready for the rigors of the live shows. She doesn’t have the extensive experience of an Allison, Archie or Diana. She got the big promo this weekend, so she’s probably slated for the initial voting round. But, I see her as ending up gone top 7/8 like Katie last year. Still, it should be enough for her to get a career start.

    Also, word going around is the show is excited about both her voice and the fact she created some drama in Hollywood. Some have suggested she may be cast as a bit of a villain. Since she is underage, she’ll have to have a guardian, which may provide another chance for drama. Lauren’s mother has a pic of her and Lauren getting ready for a toddler & tiara type event. So she may be a bit of a pageant/stage mom.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Nice vocal, but this is stuff she’s prepared. IDK if she can hold up under pressure of learning new songs every weeks.

    I agree. It’s when the contestants have to prepare a new song every week that shows their real level of talent. I’ve learned that the audition songs are ones that the contestants have practised to death and perfected, so sometimes the contestants that sound great in their auditions aren’t so good when they have to deal with new songs.

  • Mark

    Am I the only one who thinks this girl is totally Katie Stevens if Katie Stevens was the country singer Simon wanted her to be?

  • stellamarris

    contestants this year will have more support so perhaps the age and the smaller experience won’t her as much.
    I am optimistic about her dancing skills. if she is a cheerleader it means that she can move and not only sing!

  • Valentin432

    Am I the only one who thinks this girl is totally Katie Stevens if Katie Stevens was the country singer Simon wanted her to be?

    I think she may be Jordin Sparks, the country version, but IA that’s probably the range of contestant we’re talking about here.

  • platoken

    I think she could go far. And like someone else said, they will get more support/mentoring this season, so that shouldn’t be a problem with her.

  • toonces1966

    I really like Lauren’s voice a lot. She is very attractive in a way that reminds me of early Kelly Clarkson and she seems older than just 15. That being said, I’ll have to reserve judgment on whether or not I’m a fan when I see more of her on the show. If she’s that controversial and that much of a drama queen she could get Danny Gokey levels of hate which worries me because of her young age. Is she prepared for that? As for myself, I could wind up hating her or she could become my favorite, depending on how good she is and how much the bitch angle or stage-mom angle is played up, and other factors. I think this young lady could either go really far and even win, or she could be eliminated around 7th-9th place like Katie Stevens. I don’t anticipate her being boring, that’s for sure. Bring on the drama!

  • chili1000

    She has a nice voice, but that’s not what is going to carry her far. What will, based on the content of these videos, is that she should do extremely well with one of AI’s core voting blocks – conservative Christians. I won’t go into it because it’s partially off topic, but Google or do a Youtube search of “LFO cheerleaders”, as I did, if you want to get a conservative Christian perspective on the age-old topic of separation of church and state. There is even a youtube video which contains footage of Lauren Suddeth being interviewed about the controversy for a local newscast.

  • jammasta

    I like this girl. At any rate, I kinda didn’t like her version of No Place That Far. I think she could tackle another Sara Evans song, however. I think her version of Anyway is pretty damn good. Not perfect, but good. She hit that big note pretty powerfully, but it sounded a little off. With 3 years of practice since then, I think she’s got a shot at getting pretty far.

    I didn’t feel all that comfortable watching that last video, but I think her singing here was pretty spot-on.

    The only thing I can see myself having against her right now is if she turns out to be an overactive fundamentalist who’s out to “fix” Adam Lambert.

  • k.elizabeth62

    I go to school with her and she has an amazing voice and yes she really was 15 she is now 16 though . I think she will make it pretty far . She is not a very nice person and is very much one of those mean girl drama queens !