The Amazing Race Season 23 Episode 5 Discussion and Recap *Updated*

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It’s time to continue the leg from last week. Tim seems to call it and they give the Express Pass to Team ER for the information to go to the Viking House. Marie is not happy about giving up the pass (even though she is supposed to give it away anyways) and Tim says it needed to be done.

Team Beards are on their way to a boat to go on the next leg. Back at the Viking House Team Plow is the next team to check in and we are giving the Route Info that the teams will travel by boat and plane to Gdansk, Poland. When they land they will then make their way to Solidarity Square where they will get their clue.

The teams that follow are: Team ER, The Cousins, The Exes, The BFFs, and The Ice Girls. After Team Beard and Team Plow find the boats they are told that the boat leaves that night as The Baseball Wives get their next clue and move on.

All teams are on a 34 hour boat trip where they will grab a flight to Poland. On the Boat Marie completes the deal with Team ER and they all agree to not share the fact that Team ER were given the Express Pass. Marie is hoping to fool teams into thinking that they still have the Express Pass to give away.

As the teams reach Poland they grab taxis as Team Exes are in the back of the pack. But that is short lived since the taxi drivers for the Ice Girls and The Cousins so to the wrong shipyard allowing Team BFF to get the clue first. Teams must now travel by taxi to the Golden Gate for the next clue.

Team Plow and Team ER get the clues next followed by The Baseball Wives. The Exes are also having trouble with taxi drivers so we at least three teams are on equal footing with bad drivers.

Team BFF get the next clue first and we get a Detour:

  • Pose: Teams must pose in the same position as a stature of Neptune and collect tips. Once they collect enough tips they will get the next clue.
  • Polka: Teams will need to learn and dance a traditional polka dance in costume.

Team Beard gets their clue to find the Golden Gate but when they try to get help to find it from Team Plow’s driver he rejects them and pretends he has no clue to the enjoyment of Jason and Amy.

Team BFF, Team Plow, and Team ER both choose Polka while Team Baseball Wives go Pose. All this while Team Beard is still trying to find directions and the back three teams can’t even find the location of the clue.

At the Polka Detour Team BFF has a minor disagreement on who will play the girl and Danny loses out and rocks the dress. After watching the routine once they look totally confused and start trying to pull off the dance. I think it’s going to be a long day for them.

The Baseball Wives get started on the poses and the other teams are all dancing as the Exes, Cousins, and Ice Girls are all still lost.

Team BFF try once and fail. While The Baseball Wives are posing Team Beard walks by and decides that they might as well just do that challenge. They get started posing while the Wives finish off. They are now on their way to the Medieval Harbor Crane. And I will add that one of Team Beard shouting “Come on Kids give us your ice cream money” is just a little creepy.

The clue also tells them that they must were the costume for the rest of the leg. I would put money on someone messing this up. The back three teams finally find the clue and are on their way to the Golden Gate.

Back at Polka Team BFF messes up again (No clue why two guys who can’t dance chose Polka, Have they ever seen Amazing Race and how hard those routines can be for non-dancers) but Team Plow nails it and are off.

Team ER is also having trouble with the dance but The Ice Girls and The Cousins decide to join them while The Exes go to Pose.

At the crane the Double U-Turn is there and Team Plow arrives first but decides to not use the U-Turn. They get the next clue and must go to Falowiec Building which is the longest apartment building in Poland for their next clue. The Baseball Wives ran past the U-Turn sign since they were looking for a building.

Back at Pose Team Beard decides to switch Detours and Team ER finishes Polka. Team BFF decides to try one more time and I am pretty sure they were given a break as they get the clue.

At Pose Team Exes decide to use the U-Turn since they feel they are behind the pack and consider U-Turning Team ER but decide against since they think they may have already past that point. This is lucky for Team ER since they are actually on their way over.

As The Ice Girls and Team Beard arrive The Cousins are failing on their first dance. Over at the Crane Team Baseball Wives decide to not U-Turn anyone followed by Team BFF who are saying that it is time to play the game since they are playing for their families. Team BFF U-turn the Cousins followed by Team ER who decide to not U-Turn anyone.

At the longest building Team Plow decide to get dropped off at the end of the building and ran looking for the box while Team Exes go for the middle by taxi and find the clue for the Detour. Teams must go to apartments to find a pastry and once they find the right middle flavor they will get the next clue. As Marie says she will do it we are given the extra note on the clue that teams can be penalized for bad manners so Tim tells her to be nice.

Team Plow arrives as Marie is ready to start and Jason questions the lack of costume which tells him they used their express pass. Marie and Amy decide to go the challenge together.

While the girls eat donuts Jason shows off his polka dancing to Tim. Back at Polka the Cousins think the Ice Girls messed up but they actually nail it and are 6th to move on. A Dancing challenge makes sense for to ice dancers. The Cousins finish right behind them. They leave Team Beard behind.

The Baseball Wives arrive with Team ER for the donut eating and as Travis takes the stairs he hits every button on his way down since the Wifey is using the elevator which forces her to dump the elevator for the stairs since it is stopping on every floor.

Team BFF is the next to arrive at the apartment buildings and on the water front Team Cousins find out they were U-Turned and they play it nice since the Ice Girls are with them they U-Turn Team Beard who is still dancing.

The Ice Girls head off for some donut eating while The Cousins go to Pose. Team Beard finishes dancing now.

Back at the Apartments Travis catches by with Marie and Amy and decides to follow them. On the ground Amy knows that Travis has seen her working with Marie so to play it safe she decides to work with him as well and sends him to check some apartments while they check others. Lucky for him he is sent to the right place and gets the next clue.

He tells both Marie and Amy to go to apartment 45 to get the right donut. Back on the ground they open the clue to go to the next Pit Stop at the longest wooden pier in Europe which is Sopot Pier. The last team to check in may be eliminated but let’s be honest with the last leg not eliminating anyone a team is going home.

Team BFF finishes next followed by The Baseball Wives. At the Crane Team Beard finds out that they must go back to complete the other U-Turn. Over at Pose challenge The Cousins finish as Team Beard arrives.

At the pier it is a big foot race for the front three teams as all three teams arrive at the about same time. Team Exes finish first, Team Plow is second, and Team ER is third. Tim and Marie will a trip for two to Hawaii.

Ashley from The Ice Girls goes to eat donut while Team Beard is having a hard time getting people to donate money. You really need to be outspoken and funny for challenges like that one. At the Apartments Jamel and Ashley are still eating as Team Beard finish off the Pose challenge.

At the Pit Stop the Baseball Wives finish 4th followed by Team BFF in 5th.

At the apartments Jamel and Ashley decide to work together as they are both heading the same way and both get the clue to move to the Pit Stop. They are gone when Team Beard arrive so they are obviously way behind.

At the Pit Stop the Cousins finish 6th followed by the Ice Girls in 7th. They go through the motions of finishing and are the last team to arrive. Phil tells them that they have been eliminated from the race.

I think the Exes made a big mistake using the Express Pass but it’s a tough call when you think you are way behind and don’t see any teams anywhere around you. Team ER also made a major step up getting the second Express Pass. It’s always bad for the other teams when such good racers have that in their back pockets as a tool to get ahead.

Next Week teams must sing with the Vienna Boys choir while The Exes steal Team Plows taxi leaving them stranded and furthering their claim as true Amazing Race villains.

  • albean99

    Great recap, Eric. I’m so glad Marie doesn’t have the express pass for them nor to hold it out to try to get favors. I just don’t want them to win so of course they probably will. They’re my least favorites but not sure I have a favorite team. I don’t dislike anyone other than Marie.

  • HKfan

    Yeh, she seems the only unlikable one, the others all seem quite nice. Shame the Beards went, they seemed to be getting s lot out of it.

  • Eric Mitchell

    There is definately a lack of a favorite team this season. If I had to choose I would probably go with Team ER or the Ice Girls but on not sold on any team really.

    The beards talked themselves into switching challenges and I think that is what really hurt them. I think they could have done that challenge quicker but worried themselves into switching to a bad task for them. Teams who can’t dance really need to learn to stay away from those tasks when they have the choice.

  • arisson

    I am sorry to see the last of the Beards. I wish this had been a non elimination leg. I agree that switching challenges hurt them.

  • Wellworn

    I think the taxi mix-up toward the beginning wasn’t the fault of the drivers. If I can recall correctly, the teams who got lost didn’t ask the drivers to go to Solidarity Square, they said to go to the Gdansk shipyard. Obviously there is more than one shipyard, but only one Solidarity Square. I might be wrong, but it seemed like that was the root of the mixup. Did anyone else notice this?

    Sad to see the beards go too. When the playing field is evened up as in the boat ride, then anything can happen. I think at this point I am rooting for Team ER. They are good, and smart, but I’m not sure they will win. I just like them the best right now.

    I have another question: do the exes have to take their trip to Hawaii together? If that is the case, then Tim should just cash in his prize because that sounds more like punishment than a reward.

  • Eric Mitchell

    On the second watch it could have been a mix up on the instructions. I just find it weird that three teams decided to not ask to go to the exact location and just say shipyward.

    For the trips I believe each person wins a trip for two so they can each bring a guest.

  • Wellworn

    Thanks for answering my questions! I think I am going to try to watch that beginning again to see what specifically was said. I notice when the players make a mistake, the producers will make sure it is edited into the show so we can catch it. I think the clue said Solidarity Square at the Gdansk shipyard, so the teams might have figured there was only one shipyard and if they got there, they would see the Square. You have to be so careful when reading the directions in those clues.

  • Eric Mitchell

    Yes reading the clue wrong does usually lead of big mistakes and if you make them too many times it is hard to win the game