X Factor UK Season 10: The X Factor’s 10th Birthday

We are celebrating X Factor’s legacy this weekend.


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It’s a big weekend for X Factor UK. It’s time to celebrate X Factor’s legacy and be a little nostalgic.

Tonight, TOP 6 finalists will sing songs by past X Factor winners and finalists or songs that were previously done on the show. Also, it looks like each act got a visit from past X Factor winner or finalist.

Check out the song spoilers HERE.

What’s more, this weekend we are getting guest performances by One Direction, Olly Murs, JLS and Mary J Blige & Jessie J.

After tonight’s show, Olly Murs, Amelia Lily and Rylan Clark appear on the Xtra Factor on ITV2.

Apparently Olly Murs is opening the show tonight. He is performing his latest single “Hand on Heart”.

Long intro. Yep, Olly is performing tonight. Past judging panels behind Dermot as he introduces the current 4 judges.

Time for the first guest performance.

Season 6 runner-up Olly Murs sings “Hand on Heart“. Special edition of Olly’s third album is being released on Monday and Olly is shamelessly promoting it.

Live streams are not working well tonight, so if I miss anything, I apologise in advance.

Nicholas McDonald – The Climb (Miley Cyrus, Joe McElderry’s winner’s single)

Nicholas is a big fan of season 6 winner Joe McElderry. So TPTB got Joe to give Nicholas some direction this week. What a great mentoring session. No, really.
The performance: Well, The Climb. Winner’s single. Glorified karaoke.
Sharon: Nicholas, happy birthday, my little darling. Well, fabulous song and i keep saying this week after week, you are so reliable. Great song choice Louis, for Nicholas’ birthday.
Gary: Another great performance! Keep on searching for your identity.
Nicole: Happy birthday. I saw the identity, he was digging deeper. Beautiful song choice, perfect for your album!
Louis: I’m working on this show for 10 years and you are the best vocalist I’ve ever heard!

Nicholas is not sexteen anymore?! He gets a present from Dermot. Dolls of Nick and the judges on the set of the X Factor or something?

Harry Hill’s all time fave is Wagner. He plugs The X Factor Musical.

Hannah Barrett – Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen, Alexandra Burke’s winner’s single)

Alexandra Burke flew in from Dubai to mentor Hannah Banana. Another fabulous mentoring session.
Ugh, this is so-so. Hannah struggles with love notes. Alexandra is a much better singer than Hannah and even she has to be careful with low parts.
Louis: I’ve heard that song from many different people. That was your best performance ever!
Sharon: You seem more comfortable with each passing week.
Gary: You don’t chase votes, you get better and better every time. Congratulations.
Nicole: No one can do what you just did, you sang that song like a prayer …

A video tribute to the judges. Fabulous. Hopefully the video is uploaded on YouTube.

Luke Friend – What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction)

Luke got a tweet from Adele. Yes, Adele is a fan of Luke Friend.
Luke is covering One Direction, but 1D are just too big and too busy to mentor on the X Factor, so Louis brought in his own champ Shayne Ward, season 2 winner.
The song gets a drastic re-arrangement. Refreshing after two faithful karaoke performances.
Sharon: You for me are a dark horse in this race. That was great!
Gary: Your sing-off performance last week was a highlight for me. Well done!
Nicole: You came back so brave this week. I love that you took a risk this week!
Louis: I hope 1D fans like you!

Caroline Flack interviews Shayne Ward backstage. And Rylan Clark. He still loves Gary Barlow. And Chico met Tamera years ago …

Rough Copy – Don’t Let Go (En Vogue, Little Mix performed this on the X Factor)

Gary took them to Winter Wonderland. And they met Little Mix, season 8 winners! Mentoring session!
It’s kinda similar to Little Mix’s version. But not bad.
Nicole: Guys, I love it! Hot chocolate!
Louis: Potentially there is a massive gap on the market for you!
Sharon: I do love you, but I find that song awfully whiny!
Gary: There is nobody like you out there right now. You did a brilliant job tonight!

Tamera Foster – Impossible (Shontelle, James Arthur’s winner’s single)

Tamera meets Olly Murs, season 6 runner-up.
WTF is this? In the beginning the key is too low and then … it seems like she isn’t hearing the backing track and is improvising? Or did she mess up the words again or something? That’s just my first impression. The second part was way better. What’s going on here, suddenly messing up the performance two weeks in a row?
Louis: You are the one with the most potential to be a worldwide superstar! But you are messing up the words.
Sharon: You tick all the right boxes …
Gary: It’s hard to watch it. For me the problem is that the verse was too low, the song was in the wrong key.
Nicole: I’m so proud of you tonight …

Sam Bailey – Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis)

Sharon is pissed because Sam is old and the press writes about her bad chances in the music biz. Well, the music biz is tough, Sharon.
Sam gets to meet Leona Lewis.
Sam sings … a good karaoke version of “Bleeding Love”. She even changes the way she usually sings (more RnB, kinda like Leona). Obviously she is no Leona. The last part is a little bit different from the original.
Gary: Leona Lewis is the best vocalist this competition ever had, you modernized your vocals this week a little bit.
Nicole: Well done!
Louis: Tamera should take note. You are the person to beat, there is no doubt about it.
Sharon: Don’t believe what you read in the papers, we need your votes.

The best performance tonight, in my opinion: Luke Friend

Not AGAIN! Tamera Foster forgets her words for a third time on X Factor… as Sam Bailey steals the show
Saturday night’s episode of X Factor was an extravagant one as the show was celebrating it’s 10th anniversary. This year’s acts were challenged to sing hits from past X Factor contestants.

Tamera Foster caused the biggest furore on the show when she forgot her words for the third time, despite vowing to make sure it didn’t happen again.

Fifth to perform, she chose an emotional version of James Arthur’s winners single, Impossible which was originally penned by singer Shontelle.
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He DID get an invite: Shayne Ward gets involved with X Factor’s 10th anniversary episode after previously being snubbed
Saturday night’s episode of X Factor was arguably the biggest yet, so it was nice to see that Shayne Ward, who won the show back in 2005, was invited to be involved in the night’s proceedings.

He blasted the show last year after he felt like he had been ostracised from it’s history.

But not only was Shayne present in the audience, he was part of a pre-recorded segment, giving advice to one of this year’s contestants, Luke Friend.
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Naughty vs. Nice: Nicole Scherzinger is devilish in black cutaway gown while Sharon is angelic in white on The X Factor
Every Saturday night, Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osbourne try to do outdo themselves in the style stakes.

But this week, it seemed that it was a battle between good and evil as they walked out on The X Factor stage.

Looking devilishly sexy, Nicole, 35, stepped out in a black cutaway gown that showed off her skin beneath the sheer fabric, while Sharon, 61, looked like a red-headed angel in a white brocade dress.
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