X Factor UK S12E12 – 6 Chair Challenge

Tonight: groups and overs!

The X Factor airs tonight at 7:00pm BST (8:00pm CEST, 2:00pm EDT, 11:00am PDT) on ITV 1 (120min). The Xtra Factor starts at 9:00pm BST on ITV 2 (60min).

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X Factor SPOILERS! Six chair challenge songs from Groups and Overs
Tonight’s X Factor 2015 contestants and song choices

Here’s all of The X Factor 2015 song choice spoilers from tonight’s final round of the six chair challenge.

It’s Week 3 and tonight’s episode features the Groups and Overs.

We first carry on from where we left off last week with the Groups, mentored by Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.

As things stand all six chairs are taken up by Alien, 4th Power, Menn on Poinnt, Mon Amie, Rumour Has It and The First Kings meaning some tough decisions for Cheryl as more acts hit the stage to perform.

After Cheryl finalises her final six its straight on to the Overs with 17 in the category.

Mentor Simon Cowell will have to get them down to just six for judges houses and there’s tears and more drama as he makes his decisions, including a VERY last minute U-turn.
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X Factor 2015: Cheryl causes outrage with her final six chair decision
Cheryl Fernandez-Versini faces a tough decision on The X Factor 2015 tonight and it’s not one that goes down well.

Tonight’s last instalment from the six chair challenge sees the continuation of the groups with Alien, 4th Power, Menn on Poinnt, Mon Amie, Rumour Has It and The First Kings all currently filling up the six chairs.

But with Silver Tone and BEKLN still to sing, Cheryl has to either say no or make some swaps.

In a controversial move Cheryl does decide to switch some acts around and it causes uproar in both the audience and on the panel.
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X Factor 2015: Simon Cowell STILL fuming at mentoring the Overs
X Factor boss Simon Cowell is still very angry at having to mentor the Overs category.

Earlier this month it was revealed that the public had voted Simon to look after the category this year for a second series in a row, despite him wanting the girls.

When it the result was announced at Wembley Arena, he reacted: “Oh ****. Are you winding me up? Are you sure this is the right name in there? Can I have a look?”

Simon added sarcastically: “Ok, thanks a lot.”

In tonight’s show, we see Simon says sorry to the contestants in the category.
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X Factor 2015: Simon Cowell’s Overs six chair challenge gets out of control
The X Factor six chair challenge ends in a bit of a face tonight as Simon Cowell takes charge of the Overs.

A total of seventeen acts are in the category: There is Alex Boye, Anton Stephans, Bupsi, Ebru, Hannah Marie, Holly Johnson, Jennifer Phillips, Joseph McCaul, Kerrie-Ann Phillips, Lochei Kusi Ghent, Max Stone, Neneth Lyons, Sherilyn Hamilton-Shaw, Stephanie McCourt, Tonatha Raihan, Vicki Ann Nash and Zen Blythe.

Simon must get them down to six for judges’ houses and gets to work very quickly whittling down hopefuls with some no nonsense feedback.

Soon all six seats are filled, prompting one of the most dramatic and chaotic set of swaps the six chair challenge has ever seen.

Simon first makes one switch that proves VERY unpopular with the audience causing huge boos but he sticks to his guns
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Groups Alien, 4th Power, Menn on Poinnt, Mon Amie, Rumour Has It and The First Kings are currently occupying the 6 chairs in their category and two more groups will be singing tonight for Cheryl: Silver Tone and BEKLN.

Silver Tone – A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke)
They promise Simon not to do the horrible girlband thing tonight. And they don’t. Cheryl looks sadly towards the 6 full chairs, thinking about the swap that is about to come. The audience chants: “Seat!” Nick thinks this was the performance of the category. Simon thinks they absolutely need to have a chair. Cheryl gives them a chair. Mon Amie are eliminated.

BEKLN – See You Again (Charlie Puth)
Good performance. The crowd chants: “Seat!”. Simon thinks Silver Tone were better tonight. Cheryl liked the performance, but doesn’t want to let go of any of the groups on the seats, but … she is giving BEKLN a seat. But who is going home? Cheryl decides to send home Rumour Has It. Simon things she is crazy. But this is it!

4th Power
Menn on Point
The First Kings
Silver Tone

Time for the OVERS!

Simon wasn’t happy to get the Overs, so he goes to apologize to the contestants.

Holly Johnson – Happy (Pharrell Johnson)
Ugh, this is a mess. She is trying to turn the song into a sultry number. Rita thinks it wasn’t the right song for her. Cheryl says there is something very dated about Holly’s performance style. Simon says it’s a NO from him.

Simon still can’t believe he is stuck with the Overs.

Max Stone – Turn Your Lights Down (Bob Marley)
Simon says he looks half dead. Heh. Anyway, Max does a great job with his song. Rita says it was a flawless vocal performance. Cheryl says his voice doesn’t go with his personality. Simon thinks his voice is fantastic, but he thinks people won’t like much because he has a shut down personality … Simon says people vote on these shows for people they like. Finally, Simon gives Max a seat. Then he says Max is sooo boring.

Vicky Ann Nash – Stay (Lisa Loeb)
Decent performance. Cheryl says it was an interesting song choice and that she sang beautifully. Simon likes ambitious and focus people and he doesn’t get that from Vicki Ann. Finally, Vicki gets a chair.

Joseph McCaul – Mercy (Duffy)
Vocally he is okay, but this guy is a club singer. Cheryl says he is vocally consistent. Simon says he looks like a librarian who sings. Simon gives him a seat.

Stephanie McCourt – Never Loved a Man (Aretha Franklin)
Good vocal performance. Simon’s face looks dead. Cheryl thinks she is not connecting with the audience. Simon thinks she doesn’t look very friendly. Finally, Simon gives her a seat … based on her voice.

Simon looks towards the chairs and looks SAD.

Kerri-Anne Phillips – Help (John Fartham)
Another good vocal performance. Boring song. Simon didn’t love the song, but he sees something in Kerri-Anne. Simon gives her a seat.

Anton Stephans – A House Is Not A Home (Luther Vandross)
Before he sings, Simon telly Anton that he pulls weird face while singing. Anton says that’s because he doesn’t have the money to get Botox. HA HA HA. Then he performs. Wonderful. People like him. The judges thinks he deserves a chair. Simon thinks Anton has a great voice. But he he doesn’t like it when Anton goes “crazy”. Then Anton gives a heartfelt speech … The audience demands a chair for Anton and Simon gives in.

Simon hates his category so much he is ready to tear apart everyone.

Tonatha Raihan – Impossible (Christina Aguilera)
Good vocal performance. She thinks she is a potential winner. LOL. She is way too confident. Simon finally decides to give her a chair. Stephanie McCourt is going home.

Zen Blythe – Fly Away (Lenny Kravitz)
He is just okay. Rita says he isn’t the best singer in the category, but he is interesting. Simon decides to give him a seat. Vicky Ann Nash is going home. The audience wants her back. Simon then brings her back. Joseph McCaul is going home instead.

Hannah Marie Kilminster – Let It Go (Idina Menzel)
Big song and Hannah sings a bit ahead of the track. Nick liked the vocal, but thinks she was theatrical. Cheryl and Rita aren’t sure either. Simon thinks Hannah picked the perfect song and gives her a seat. Max Stone is going home. The audience isn’t happy about it. Simon is pissed.

Jennifer Phillips – Up to the Mountain
Nice, restrained vocal. She is totally killing it. Simon is giving her a seat. Tonatha Raihan is going home. No, Simon changed is mind … Vicki Ann Nash is going instead.

Neneth Lyons – One Moment In Time (Whitney Houston)
Ohh, this song is too big for her. She butchers the last part. Cheryl says it had no impact. Simon says it wasn’t a big moment and decides not to give her a chair.

Nicole Brown Bupsi – Respect (Aretha Franklin)
Good vocal performance, but nothing spectacular. Simon isn’t sure what to do and makes Bupsi beg. Finally, Simon gives her a chair. Tonatha Raihan is going home.

Ebru Ellis – If I Were a Boy (Beyonce)
The beginning is average, but then she get better. The judges think she should get a chair. Simon says the first part of the song wasn’t great, but decides to give her a chair. Zen Blythe is going home. The other judges think he is crazy. The crowd wants him back. Simon asks to bring back Max Stone! Simon apologizes to him and gives him back his chair. Hannah Marie Kilminster is going home!

This is it! Tonight’s show was a torture. It’s clear Simon hates his category. Not that the contestants aren’t talented … but almost all of them are very dated and Simon doesn’t see a recording artist that he could market. They don’t excite him.

1. Jennifer Phillips
2. Nicola Bupsi Brown
3. Ebru
4. Anton Stephans
5. Kerri-Anne Phillips
6. Max Stone

Next weekend: Judges’ houses!

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