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The Voice - Season 7

We are less than 7 minutes away from seeing the Top 12 take the stage! This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for since starting this Season 7 journey less than two months ago. What team (and may I borrow this old saying from Randy Jackson *cough) is “in it to win it”?!

Looks like the instant save is back (boo)! That means that the two with the lowest go up against each other for the Twitter Save. Whoever has the most Twitter votes (with #Save_____) will get to stay.

Damn someone is doing Hozier (Matt??)? Sweet!

Later in the season, contestants on the show will be singing ORIGINAL songs. Hmmm.. they actually want a winner who doesn’t do badly after the show?

First up is Team Pharrell’s Sugar Joans. Still haven’t warmed up to her. She talks like Kesha, I can’t help it. She’s singing Take me to the river by Al Green. Sugar says she is a perfectionist. She loves doing male r&b songs. Pharrell says “God painted outside the lines when he made her.”

She sounds good and definitely has stage presence. I still don’t quite feel the authenticity. Anyone else feel the same?

Hi Sugar’s brother. Hello. LOL.

Gwen said that she’s still not sure what kind of record Sugar would make, but that she’s incredible. Adam thought that he liked how she did less in the beginning, and that it forced her to do more dynamically. Blake likes the edge to her voice and that she keeps him on the edge of his seat. Pharrell is very proud of her, and likes how she followed through and showed everyone.

To vote for Sugar Joans: Call 1 877 553 3701Download from iTunes

Next is Team Gwen’s Ryan Sill singing Duran Duran’s Ordinary World. Gwen says he has a naturalness about him. She thinks he looks sexy and manly like James Dean (ooookay then). Both her and Pharrell are a little over the top with their crushes. Ryan wants America on his side.

I worry for Ryan this week. He didn’t get voted in last week, Gwen saved him, and now she gives them this really staple song of the 80’s. It’s a great song but it’s not fitting his voice. He seems a little uncomfortable up there.

Here we go to scream town. :( The pitch, it hurts. The coaches are all standing? I’m so confused lol.

Adam loved the song choice and that he thinks Ryan is such an amazing singer. He liked the big notes he hit. Pharrell said “Who knew?” He thinks Ryan has “it.” He wants him to pick a lane where no one else is going down and stick to it. Gwen kept listening to the audio of his rehearsal in her car all day (ummm) and that he’s a really cool guy.

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Next we have Team Blake’s Jessie Pitts. She’ll be singing Don’t you worry child by Sweedish House Mafia, and will be playing the piano. God I love this song. This song is incredibly emotional, even for being EDM lol. Blake loves her indie artist sound and wants her to go all the way to finale.

Loving the haunting vibe she’s going with. Not a lot of artists this year have played piano so she’s got that advantage going for her. It sounds beautiful and it furthers my notion that Blake is an evil genius. Kinda wish they kept it slow instead of speeding it up like the original though.

Gwen loved broken down version of the song and that she’s a big fan. Adam really liked it, and his one minor critique is that he wants her to explore the bigger side of her voice. He wants her to surprise herself. Blake can’t talk about Jessie without smiling, and that she’s one of the hardest workers that he’s ever had on his team. She reminds him of Miranda (oh boy lol!).

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Now we have Team Adam’s Damien to sing you a sad song. I kid. Sort of. Adam wants him to be all about passion. He’s singing He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother. Adam wants him to give some energy into the song. Damien comes from a big family and can relate to the lyrics.

I have to say Damien’s voice is one of my favorites this season. It’s silky, and I feel like he’s got a bigger range than even he knows. He’s doing the song some serious justice though tonight. The difference between him and some of other contestants is that he comes across as genuine in all his performances. And dude is SLAYING this song!

Adam and Pharrell are on their feet! Pharrell is freaking adorable. Blake is blown away and the room is going nuts. He loved the team effort between him and Adam. Pharrell doesn’t know who would be prouder, the church or Donny Hathaway. Adam said he blew the audience away and could not be any more proud than he is right now.

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And now we go back to Team Pharrell, with DaNica Shirey singing Radiohead’s Creep. Of course it’s creep. Every reality show that ever existed has covered it. The only cover I liked was Jeff Gutt’s from XFactor. Pharrell wants the band to slow down the song a bit to tailor it more to her style. She’s hoping the risk will pay off.

I…don’t like the arrangement? Sounds too jazzy and this song is NOT about that. It’s about angst, anger, wanting what you can’t have. Sorry, I digress. She sounds good of course, I mean no one can deny her voice is killer. She looks different tonight too. And here comes the glory note!

Gwen loves watching her, she’s a “freak of nature.” She thinks she looks young tonight which I totally agree with. Kudos to the stylists! Adam says she’s so good, that anything she sings is amazing. It wasn’t what he expected for song choice. Pharrell thought she did a great job.

To vote for DaNica Shirey: Call 1 877 553 3705Download from iTunes

Next is Team Gwen’s Taylor John Williams. I love this kid. He’s quite the artist. He’ll be singing If by Bread, which came out in 1971 (ugh Gwen these songs). Gwen doesn’t want him to throw away lyrics, and to concentrate on the words. Taylor said Gwen gives him strength as a coach.

It’s weird how he can literally sit there in a chair and sing, and he’s still very captivating and interesting. I hope this song choice doesn’t hurt him in the end (and if so Gwen people will be COMING for you lol).

Adam liked hearing a song in a major key, and that he has such a beautiful voice. Blake said that Taylor’s “dark” quality is what makes him unique, and that he loves that about him. Pharrell thought his vocal brought out the tenderness to the song. Gwen thought it was beautiful and that he connected to it right away.

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Next is Team Blake’s Reagan James. She’s singing It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over by Lenny Kravitz. He wants her to sing the chorus in full voice. They’re actually an adorable coach/artist duo, it’s sweet to see Blake interact with her.

I definitely think she’s got charisma and that IT factor, but I’m not loving this performance. Her voice isn’t as strong as it’s been before. Nerves?

Pharrell likes her vibe and that she made the song her own. Adam loves that song and that it was different than the original. There were a few moments where he could hear her nerves, and he says this knowing that Blake is going to kill him. Blake is excited because he can’t wait to download her version of it. He loves how she navigates a melody.

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And next we have Team Pharrell’s Luke Wade. He’s my absolute FAVORITE this season. He’s singing Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out loud.” Pharrell wanted to give him a contemporary record. He wants him to think less and feel more. When it comes to Luke, Pharrell says he’s inventing his own sound.

Aw Luke! Looks like he missed a cue? Or perhaps the band did? It’s hard to say.

I guess he came in two beats two late.

Adam said he recovered like a professional would recover. Gwen said Adam’s right, and that it makes him more human. Pharrell agrees with all the other coaches, and that he rose to the occasion.

Shake it off Luke! It will be okay!

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Next is Team Adam’s Matt McAndrew and he is singing a freaking amazing song by Hozier called Take Me To Church. Adam and Matt are becoming fast friends. Adam wants him to really emote with this song, and thinks he’s going to have an even BIGGER moment this week.

Love this song so much. Matt’s sounding really good! This song is hot right now, so I can hear this blowing up Itunes later. I still feel like he’s missing some of the grit that Hozier has.

The audience is going NUTS!

Blake couldn’t hear him? Hmmm. Pharrell can’t wait to hear the album he’s going to make after the show. Gwen said the song was perfect for him. Adam couldn’t hear him either? Bandzilla strikes? Adam loved the “Amen” run that Matt did. He thinks Matt could win this show.

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Last on Team Blake is Craig Wayne Boyd. He’ll be showing his softer side by singing You look so good in love . He feels like Blake understand his struggles. Blake wants him to have faith in his voice.

You can tell how much Craig wants this. I admit that I am not a big fan of country music but one cannot deny that he has something. He looks good tonight too! Lots of star quality and guy KNOWS how to work an audience (and social media). I can’t knock his hustle, and he did very well with that song.

Gwen thought that lyric was for her lol, she thinks he’s such a professional. Adam said that Blake and Craig are working really well together. Pharrell is glad to have someone like Craig on the show with southern rock roots, and that it was such a clean, professional performance. Blake is “so excited” right now. He thinks that this is another break out moment on the show.

To vote for Craig Wayne Boyd: Call 1 877 553 3710Download from iTunes

Next is Team Adam’s Chris Jamison singing one of my favorite songs (I know, I know. I say that a lot) Jealous by Nick Jonas. GOOD song choice for him. I see what you’re doing there Adam. Well freaking played. He thinks it’s going to be Chris’ break out moment. He can relate to what the song is about, and he understands that he needs to command the stage while still being himself.

Let me be shallow for a second lol. The tux is nice. This was a perfect song for him. Falsetto is on point. Nicely done Chris!!

And the audience is LOUDDDDD.

Pharrell said congratulations, that is his BEST performance on the show. He said handling the falsetto was flawless. Gwen liked how it showed off every facet of his voice. Adam said yes Chris is cute, but that he is a very talented singer.

To vote for Chris Jamison: Call 1 877 553 3711Download from iTunes

Last of the night is Team Gwen’s Anita Antoinette. She’ll be singing Redemption Song by Bob Marley. Tessanne Chin did this song season 5 so I can’t help but think of all those feels when she sang it. Gwen raises the key in the song to get to the sweet spot of her voice. Gwen wants her to share her story with America.

I really like her voice. What on earth is she wearing though? Ahhh it’s distracting. She’s a very good storyteller, it’s all in her eyes. I still feel like Tessanne will forever own that song though.

Adam is so proud of her and that song, to him, is one of the most important songs. He also mentions Tessanne Chin. Blake says her voice is soothing and calming. Gwen thought it was incredible, that it was authentic and true.

To vote for Anita Antoinette: Call 1 877 553 3712Download from iTunes

And that’s all for tonight! I’ll see you tomorrow night for the results! Have a good one! :)

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