The Voice 6 Top 12 Elimination Live Blog (UPDATED POLLS)

The Voice - Season 6

Wow. Tess Boyer in the bottom 3 instead of Bria Kelly! That just isn’t right! Shakira screwed Tess over with that WTF song choice. She sang it well, but it didn’t really show who she is as an artist. That Shakira had TWO of her team members in danger tonight is a sign that she’ll once again, prove to be a poor mentor during the live rounds.

Most of you predicted Dani Moz and TJ Wilkins would be heading home this week.  I liked them both–better than some of the others who stayed.  TJ may just be too old fashioned. Also, he really sunk himself choosing a pop tune as a Save Me song. His strength is as an old school soul singer. He should have laid some Marvin Gaye on us. Eh. He probably would have still been eliminated.  Dani didn’t have enough time to shake off that fodder image she had, so she was history.

Running the insta-save vote ticker during the commercial break was pretty cool! It was pretty much a rout, though, as Tess Boyer kept a lead for the entire 5 minutes. Hopefully, we’ll have some close races in the coming weeks. I’m still not convinced that it’s fair to allow twitter users to decide who stays. Basically, America’s original vote is being re-cast. BUT, it sure is exciting, isn’t it?

Next week, two more will go! Only 4 more weeks of the competition–including the final–left people!

Live blogging The Voice 6 Top 12 eliminations! We’ll be revealing the results and the Top 10 right here. Two contestants will be going home tonight. But YOU can save a contestant from the bottom 3 via twitter insta-vote.

Shakira will sing her latest single on The Voice stage tonight.

First…a recap of last night’s performances.

First, Coach Adam Levine is joined by his team Delvin Choice, Christina Grimmie and Kat Perkins to sing “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel. This is pretty hot! Bria and Delvin sound so much better than they did last night.


The Top 12 take the stage. Announcing the obvious ones, first. Of course!

After the break, Adam says he’s a little bit nervous for his team. Shakira says anything can happen on live TV. She’s proud of her entire team. Usher says it’s about time America gets to decide who stays and who goes. Team Blake says he’s team are full of great hardworking people.

MORE RESULTS – Kristen Merlin is safe. Despite the mic issue, says Carson. (Uh, I’d say it’s BECAUSE of the issue…)

After Carson pimps The Voice summer tour, he introduces Shakira. She performs her new single “Empire”. WHOA PYRO!!! And a super sexy outfit. She’s really singing AND dancing AND she sounds pretty awesome.

Next, Shakira and her team hang out a Roscoe Elementary School. Starbucks (PRODUCT PLACEMENT) is sponsoring an initiative to promote community service. The team helps paint a wall at the school. Shakira takes a selfie with the kids.

More eliminations! America saved, from Team Adam…Delvin Choice! Next, Jake Worthington is also safe! He looks so surprised. Who expected Carson to call Sisandra’s name? I did!

Next,  Audra, Jake and Sisaundra join Coach Blake Shelton to sing “Put Some Drive In Your Country” by Travis Tritt.

The six remaining artists take the stage.  Bria Kelly is safe!  She screams in Usher’s ear as he hugs her. REST THAT VOICE HONEY. Also safe, is Christina Grimmie from Team Adam.

TJ, Dani and Tess had the fewest number of votes!  After the break, ALL THREE will sing for your votes! Then YOU get to save ONE via twitter.

The Save me Songs:

TJ Wilkins – Team Usher – sings I’ll Be by Edwin McCann – Why isn’t he singing something soulful. This is so BLAND. This ain’t gonna save him. Adam acknowledges that it’s not a fun place. He’s a fan, but he doesn’t want Shakira to lose two people. BUSSING. Usher says, HASHTAG SAVE TJ.

Dani Moz – Team Shakira – Turning Tables by Adele – Good vocal from Dani. Blake things what she did was brilliant. Shakira knows how dedicated Dani is. She asks viewers to help her.

Tess Boyer – Team Blake – “Darkside” by Kelly Clarkson –  Ohhh. She hit a bad note, but otherwise   Shakira is surprised to see her there. Again, she begs America to vote.  (America can’t save both, Shakira!)

Now…it’s time to vote ! TJ, Dani or Tess #VoiceSave.  In the meantime…a break!  OHHH. We can see the results during the commercials! That’s pretty cool. Tess is pretty much running away with it, though.

Back from break, and we have one more minute for the twitter vote. Shakira thanks her girls. She knows she’s going to lose one.  Usher says the twitter save is a testament to how powerful the internet is.

And AMERICA INSTANTLY saved…Tess Boyer!

Dani Moz of Team Shakira and TJ Wilkins of Team Usher are eliminated

America Saved

  • Josh Kaufman – Team Usher
  • Kat Perkins – Team Adam
  • Kristen Merlin – Team Shakira
  • Audra McLaughlin – Team Blake
  • Delvin Choice – Team Adam
  • Jake Worthington – Team Blake
  • Bria Kelly – Team Usher
  • Christina Grimmie – Team Adam
  •  Sisaundra Lewis – Team Blake


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