The Voice 6 – The Playoffs #1 – Liveblog and Performance Videos

The Voice 6 playoffs begin with Team Blake! Who will make the cut? Join our live blog to find out.

Tonight, Blake’s Team takes the stage for the playoffs! I’ll (Adam) be covering the Voice tonight, and while I feel we are in for an epic night, I know in my gut someone is going to end up robbed. The Voice begins…. right now!

First up! We have-
Audra McLaughlin singing Broken Wing by Martina McBride.- Good luck Audra! Blake nitpicks at her vocals, but says she sounds overall ready. The song starts off soft and she keeps her pitch together. She is showing control in the face of a pretty difficult song. Her high notes are spot on, my only critique is I feel like every note in the second half of the show was a run. She tried to put to much vocal acrobats into it, and it was a little much for me, but it still had a pretty satisfying result. Shakira loved her emotion and feeling, and Adam agrees, but cautions her to unleash her beast and push a little harder. Blake congratulates her on living up to her blind audition potential, but says he isn’t sure how the cuts will fall.

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Next up-
Ryan Maloney singing Second Chance, by Shinedown.- He is playing guitar and gets points for picking such an awesome hard song. The song is a little difficult to sing and Blake warns him to be cautious in his performance. This performance is miles better then anything we have seen from him before. He delivers the song well and sings the heck out of it! The last bit was epic, but along the way, he is hitting a few bum notes. Ryan did well, but I’m not so sure he will advance on it; he has some stiff competition. Usher thought he nailed it and so did Shakira. Blake loved him but is nervous about who he will be sending home and keeping.

Madilyn Paige singing Clarity, by Zedd. Come on Madilyn! She is taking on a mountain tonight in the form of Clarity. I hope she can pull it off. She isn’t slowing it, which is frightening because I feel the band will take over and she will lose herself in the music… but here goes nothing… Madilyn….. wrong song, this performance is riddled with pitchy notes, but surprisingly she seems to hit a stride at some point in the performance. She is capable of much better then this. Adam is correct when he tells her she needs to let go. Blake again just says he doesn’t know what he is going to do, but he is glad he stole her.

Jake Worthington singing Anywhere With You, by Barefoot Blue Jean Night. This is a song you can imagine Jake doing. Its right up his lane and he should sing it well and Blake probably will advance him. As I predicted, he brings a country twang and sings pretty well, nothing special to write home about though. I honestly was a little bored during this performance, but I’d bet Blake advances him solely on him being country. Shakira calls him a star. Um… really Shakira? Jake is a star but Clarissa isn’t? Adam liked the performance and is happy to see how far he has come. Blake seems to imply in his critiques that he is only going to take either Audra or Jake. Hmmmm, I wonder who he will go with… *coughitwillbeJakecough

Sisaundra Lewis singing New York State of Mind, by Billy Joel. Sisaundra is gonna SHUT IT DOWN. This girl is a beast! Her rehearsal sounds incredible! HOT DAMN!!!!!! Sisaudra is slaying this song in every which way!!! Best performance by far, but was there ever really any doubt? If she goes home tonight I’m calling rigged. The runs were absolutely perfection, it was like a breath of fresh air after a night of inconsistency. Blake loved her performance but again says he has a tough decision to make.

Results next! Here we go! Dim the lights Kieran, lets get to it…. oops, wrong show.

Blake has decided to save……SISAUNDRA!!!!!. Obviously, no shock there. Next he is saving…. AUDRA!!!. This is not looking well for Madilyn and Ryan…. Blake is advancing…..Jake.

So Blake’s top 3 is officially Sisaundra, Jake and Audra.

Letter grade per performance:
Sisaundra: A
Audra: B
Ryan: B-
Jake: B-
Madilyn: C

Thanks for joining me everyone! You can follow me @adamhsamuel if you want. Have a good night everyone!

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