Tim Urban Covers “The Scientist”

Tim Urban posts his first post-Idol You Tube video!  It’s a stripped-dwon cover of  “The Scientist” by Coldplay, recorded at McPhereson Guitars in Wisconsin earlier this week.

Tears in the Rain-Joe Satriani acou...
Tears in the Rain-Joe Satriani acoustic cover

Check it out, after the jump.

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. Is there some kind of rule that Idols have to cover the same freakin’ songs all the time? Technically I know that anyone can cover anything they want to and it doesn’t/shouldn’t really matter in the big scheme of things, but I am getting tired of seeing the same songs covered 8 zillion times. A little thinkign outside the box would be nice for a change.

    OK…end of rant…

  2. I don’t see how he is different from any guy who can kind of sing when you aren’t looking at him. When you look at him, he is a cute guy that can kind of sing. But I guess that will make him a star! lol. :0

  3. Since this is one of my favorite songs, I do not mind hearing the extra covers (I still listen to the Epperley version) but there are a ton of songs that should be permanently retired.

    That said, I like Tim’s guitar playing better than his singing. Maybe my memory is bad, but his voice sounds thinner here and the phrasing is not stellar. But I still think he would be great on Glee :)

  4. Love Tim. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter who does this song: Siobhan, Tim, w/e, it leaves me cold.

  5. I actually liked it but my mom who happened to be in the same room with me when the vid was playing says it sounds awful. lol (sorry tim)

  6. I liked the Allison and Kris version, Tim doesn’t sound all that good! I like the song though.

  7. I’m glad I read everyone’s comments before I played the video. I love Timmeh so I think I will skip this video. That way, I can keep my rose colored Timmeh glasses in tact! :-)

  8. Oh Tim. Vocally this was average at best, but I might be able to forgive that if I heard some emotion. It was so, so blank and vacant. Especially in comparison with the excellent already-known Idol covers by Katelyn & Kris/Allison.

    Why choose this song as your first post-Idol youtube? Is this meant to be a commentary about how it’s tough out there after Idol?

  9. I was never a fan of Tim, but outside the context of Idol, I don’t think he has a bad voice in comparison to a lot of singers his age. It really depends on what he does with it. If he can write songs, or if he wants to be in a band, then that’s a good enough voice to go far on. If he wants to be known for being a great singer, then probably not.

  10. Tim has a lot more Twitter followers than Top 5 FAVES,like Aaron because he is a HOTTTT GUY-My cousin attended an Idol show,and remarked that Tim was THE most popular.Sometimes its all about the LOOKS FOLKS…

  11. I really can’t stand this song, no matter who does it. It is so boring…

    Here’s to hoping Tim pick’s a better song and a better fit to his voice next time.

  12. It’s a matter of good personal grooming and it’s about the personality too. Tim’s clean cut and a decent Christian kid. Here’s hoping he keeps his values.

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