The X Factor 2 – Episode 6 Auditions – Recap and VIDEOS

Live Blogging X Factor right here! It’s the last week of auditions before boot camp begins…

VIDEOS and RECAP after the jump.

When we last saw 13 year old Trevor Moran, he was passed out backstage in his mother’s arms. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED. Is he dead? (Of course not) Stay tuned for FAKE DRAMZ!

Oh, they aren’t even taking him to the hospital! They loaded him up with water and gatorade. He was dehydrated and overly excited.  His parents don’t want him to audition, but Trevor is insisting! He’s trying to take it easy before he takes the stage.

Trevor Moran – “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO. – He’s a little ham. It’s hard to tell if he can sing or not, It doesn’t matter, his dancing and singing is charming the entire judges panel. Even Simon is laughing. Simon says, “I’m not entirely sure that was age appropriate.” LA says, “You owned the stage, you rocked the house.” Demi says, “You were so much fun to watch. You’re just too cute.” Britney says, “I liked you a lot. I thought you were completely adorable.” Simon adds, “I think you are going to be remembered for this performance.” LA says, “This is what the ex-factor is all about!”  Really? Alrighty, then. He gets 4 big yeses.

We’re in Greensboro North Carolina!

Owen Stewart – 16 – “Airplanes” by B.O.B – He wants to marry his girlfriend Tory who lives in New York. Sure dude. A cute girl in the audience gushes over him, before he makes sure he knows he’s taken. CRAZY KID. He wants to call his first album “The Fallout.” Guess why? Because of the girlfriend! Oh wow. This kid can seriously sing AND rap. He’s cute AND talented! FORGET THE GIRLFRIEND DUDE. His singing voice has a really nice tone and hes very confident on stage. My favorite boylet so far. LA says, “I really enjoyed that! You do both really really well.” Britney says, “It was a really good performance, but you didn’t wow me.” Demi says, “I think every girl in this audience wish they were Torrie right now.” Simon says, “I really really like you. I think you’ll get better and better and better.” Britney says no. SHE’S HIGH. Maybe he reminds her of an old boyfriend or something. The rest say YES. 3 yeses.

Freddie Combs – 40 – “Wind Beneath My Wings” – He weighed 900 pounds in 2009. THAT’S NOT A TYPO. He’s lost 400 pounds since through diet and exercise. NO STOMACH STAPLE. Housebound because of his size, his music was never heard. He hopes the judges look past his exterior and give a fat boy a chance. He’s still in a wheelchair. He’s a minister and is now on disability. He dedicates his wife of 16 years. Welp. He’s probably a big hit in the chruch choir. His style is super dramatic and old fashioned. Vibrato that never ends. His wife is backstage tearing up. Honestly, he probably could have a credible gospel career. He’s got the right vocal style. LA says, “You voice is heavenly.” Britney says, “I found your voice shockingly amazing.” Demi says, “I feel a lot of emotion behind your singing.” Simon says, “I had a vision of you standing singing that song. I don’t think you deserve to be stuck in that chair.” Simon wants him to continue to work on his weight if he says yes. Freddie agrees. All 4 judges say yes. OH LOOK. Freddie and his wife ARE ALREADY REALITY STARS. WELL OF COURSE THEY ARE. Check it out. Their lives were depicted in a series of TLC specials in 2010 and 2011. They were vying for their own series, but it never came to fruition. Sheesh. And the guy behaved like he’d been isolated in his home all these years…

A series of bad auditions are next. “Years ago I sat on two cats, and that’s what you sounded like,” says Simon to an unfortunate girl group. Demi says no to a male duo who butcher “Skyscraper”. A guy flips out and spits at the camera on the way out of the arena.

Lauren Jaurgui – 16 – “If I Ain’t Got You” – Lauren is there with her extremely supportive parents. Her dad works in concrete. Ok! Dad cries backstage as she sings. Lauren has a very mature, polished sound. She needs a few years to develop her own sound, but she has a lot of potential. A very nice alto. LA says, “That husky round voice was perfect.” Britney says, “I thought you were unbelievable. I can’t believe you are only 16.” Simon says, “You really really surprised me. One of my favorite auditions.” 4 GIGANTIC yeses.

San Francisco now!

Jordyn Foley – 12 – “Tomorrow” – Pink is her signature color. And she loves SPARKLES. She does a lot of “theatrical” shoes. Oh boy. Many community productions of “Annie” I’m guessing. I don’t usually bag on kids. But she’s kind of annoying. She brought a gang of friends with her. She would call her first album “Pink Glitter.” “You aren’t going to sing Annie…” says Simon. OMG SHE IS! Simon HATES this song. It doesn’t help that she…kind of sucks. Simon literally looks like he’s in pain. LA looks like he smelled something bad. How are they going to let this kid down? Simon says, “Oh Jordan. I’m going to hand this over to Demi.” Demi says, “You’re too cute. I had a lot of fun watching you.” Britney says, “I think you have an amazing voice.” LA says, “You’re just a bundle of joy.” Britney and Demi say yes. Simon says No. VOICE OF REASON. LA says YES. She’s through. Oh dear GOD. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE,” says Simon to LA. I think LA said yes JUST to get under Simon’s skin.

We’re coming to the end of the audition road! The judges are confident they’ve found stars! Simon is SOOOO excited about this year. Now it’s time to relive all the super fun moments of the last 3 weeks. Hooray.

Next week…boot camp in Miami begins!

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