The Voice 2 – Blind Auditions #4 – Recap and VIDEO

OK. I’m getting to the point where I’m sick of these auditions.  But I’ll be sick of the battle rounds even quicker, so IDK.

The best singers tonight:  I loved Charlotte Sometimes unique Alto, and Jamie Lono, the sandwich guy, really caught my attention. Lots of soul and power in that voice.  Mathai has potential too, but I want to hear her sing something other than Adele.

Ducky – Carlisle, PA – “Tighten Up” – Ducky and his girlfriend won’t get married until he becomes a music star! He thinks if he makes the Voice, it will change everything. HA HA HA. Nobody is going to turn around for this guy. He’s got a generic throwback style. Not distinctive at all. Cee Lo says they are looking for the best. Blake says he’ll probably regret not picking Ducky. Really? Carson thinks there’s going to be a “What the heck happened to Ducky” movement on the internet tomorrow. UHM NO. Forgetting him already! Bye.

Ducky – Tighten Up – The Voice 2012 (Auditions) by IdolxMuzic

Jonathas – 23 – “U Got It Bad” – Father of a young family, Jonathas was born in Rio De Jenairo. He learned English by listening to music. He must have been tiny, because he has no accent. Cee Lo turns around eventually. Then Christina. Dude reminds me of Stefano Langone with the cheesy dancing. I was waiting for Jonathas to rip off his shirt. Stephano has a better voice. And probably better abs, too. Cee Lo thought it was actually Usher (!!!). The ladies love Jonathas says Christina. X tina wants to “mold and package” him. Her description is slightly pervy. Jonathas ultimately chooses Christina as his mentor. – Team Christina

Jonathas – U Got It Bad – The Voice 2012… by IdolxMuzic

Monique Benabou – 23 – “Mr. Know It All” – Alemeda, CA – Her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 12. Her motive with music is to help her family out. Well…she’s no Kelly Clarkson! Nobody is turning around yet. Monique’s singing becomes more desperate, but Christina finally turns around. Nothing about her vocal stood out for me. Pretty generic. I wouldn’t have turned around. Blake gives Christina a compliment! Monique is so excited to be coached by Xtina. – Team Christina

Monique Benabou – Mr. Know It All – The Voice… by IdolxMuzic

Carson heads to the 3rd Street Promanade to invite a street performer to The Voice.

Naia Kete – “The Lazy Song” – Naya’s mom is all dreaded up just like she is! She actually makes a living playing for tips out in the street. She’s got a quirky, distinctive voice. I wonder if she writes her own music? Blake turned around immediately. Cee Lo eventually pushes his button. Blake is pissed. “Cee Lo you push all my buttons,” says Naia. Christina likes the texture of her voice. “The minute you started singing, you made me smile,” says Blake. Cee Lo likes the soothing, innocent style of her voice. Blake said it had the opposite affect on him. It made him want to dance. Blake says he can tell she has her own ideas. Blake definitely sold himself better, and Naia thought so too. “I’ve got to go with Blake” she says. – Team Blake

Naia – The Lazy Song – The Voice 2012 (Auditions) by IdolxMuzic

Oh. There’s Cee Lo and his KITTY.

Erick Macek – Bethlehem, PA – “Free Fallin” – His parents emigrated from Slovakia. He’s got a very nice tone. Blake is just about to push his button. He doesn’t seem to have a lot of range. No one turned around. Sad. Christina found it too mellow. Blake says he wouldn’t change anything. He almost pushed his button, but wasn’t sure how he’d do in a battle round. There weren’t a lot of dynamics going on in that performance. Loved the sound of his voice, though.

Erick Macek – Free Fallin – The Voice 2012… by IdolxMuzic

Charlotte Sometimes – Wall, NJ – “Apologize” – She had  surgery due to correct some sort of  jaw disease. Her mouth was wired shut for 6 months. She has a very arresting alto–an interesting tone. Adam finally turns around.  She sounds nervous. Eventually, all 4 coaches turn around! The fighting over Charlotte commences, and includes some weird sexual innuendo between Xtina and Blake. Blake thinks she’s unique–she reminds him of Xenia. Cee Lo compares her to a flower. Adam likes her beautiful simplicity. She picks Blake! – Team Blake

Charlotte Sometimes – Apolpgize – The Voice 2012… by IdolxMuzic

Blake only needs 4 more artists for his team

Tony Vincent – “We Are The Champions – He’s a Broadway star. I’ve heard of this guy. Wow. Rent, Jesus Christ Superstar, American Idiot, QUEEN. And now he’s on the Voice. REALLY? His wife is pregnant. Tony thinks the show has integrity. WHAT GOOD IS IT IF IT WON’T MAKE YOU A STAR. Of course. He’s a fantastic singer. I’d laugh if no one turned around. Only Cee Lo turns around.  Cee Lo thinks the other 3 are crazy for not turning around. Blake thinks Tony got the perfect guy because he’s so over the top. Team Cee Lo

Tony Vincent – We Are The Champions – The Voice… by IdolxMuzic

Anthony Evans – 33 – “What’s Going On” – His dad is a famous TV preacher, Dr. Tony Evans. Hm. He’s a gospel act.  Gospel singer, Kirk Franklin is backstage. Anthony’s voice is weaksauce. Breathy, goatie, WAY OFF KEY. Christina turns around. Seriously? That was not good. Cee Lo likes the tremble in his voice. I find it distracting. Christina thought it was beautiful. She liked that his runs were sharp. Uhm. OK. My ears were bleeding, but whatever. Team Christina

Anthony Evans – What’s Going On – The Voice… by IdolxMuzic

Jamie Lono – Chicago – “Folsom Prison Blues” – Works at a sandwich shop. They let him play in between serving sammiches. He got a special invite to The Voice. Jamie  had half his lung removed when he was a kid. His family went bankrupt due to medical bills.  When Jamie began singing, Adam turned around immediately. Cee Lo turned around too, eventually. I like this guy! Very unique tone. Passionate. Cool, soulful twist on Johnny Cash. He looked like such a doofus in that sandwich shop. Cee Lo said, “You put some soul into that thang”. Cee Lo says, “We should hook up because I eat sandwiches.” Adam says, “I’ll make sure you’ll never have to make sandwiches again. Jamie picks Cee Lo – Team Cee Lo

Jamie Lono – Folsom Prison Blues – The Voice… by IdolxMuzic

Dylan Chambers – 19 – Arlington TX – “Valerie” – His mom is a voice coach. Dylan never knew his dad.  Mom is a leetle stage momish. “I knew Dylan would be a star the minute I saw him on stage”. Nobody turned around. Oops. Adam says it was so close. Cee Lo says he owned the last note. Christina didn’t find the magic. She thinks he needs to mature more. He had his moments, he hit a couple of crazy high notes that were pretty impressive, but the performance over all was pretty meh.

Dylan Chambers – Valerie – The Voice 2012… by IdolxMuzic

Now, a parade of losers.

Justin Hopkins – Redondo Beach, CA – “Babylon” – Was in the Carson Daly house band. REALLY? He wants Cee Lo as a coach. And wouldn’t you know it…Cee Lo turns around. Justin comes down to give Cee Lo a big hug. Justin sounded so much like David Gray on that song, he didn’t really bring anything new to his version. But for Cee Lo, it’s all about growth. I don’t think originality is something you can teach. – Team Cee Lo

Justin Hopkins – Babylon – The Voice 2012… by IdolxMuzic

Nicolle Galyon – “You Save Me” – Wants to bring her classical piano skills to country music. Aw her little brother is crying! She said she has stage fright, and you can tell–her voice cracks at points. Only Adam turned around for her. Not Blake. Adam could feel her specialness between her nervousness. Blake says that he has many country artists on his team–he wasn’t feeling her. I agreed with Adam. I thought she had her moments, despite her nervousness. Fun Fact to Know and Tell: Nicolle is the  co-writer of Idol alum, Lauren Alaina’s  Dirt Road Anthem and Growing Her Wings – Team Adam

Nicolle Galyon – You Save Me – The Voice 2012… by IdolxMuzic

Quick picks!

Ashley De La Rosa – “Shark in the Water” – Team Christiana
Jordan Rager – “Chicken Fried” – Team Blake
Karla Davis – “If I Die Young” – Team Adam
Alyx – “Just Like a Pill” – Team Blake

Eric Tipton – “You Make My Dreams” – Dallas TX – He’s a big white guy with a soulful voice. I was expecting a much deeper voice. His vocals are a little lightweight. Nobody turned around. I’m not surprised. Cut-rate Daryl Hall. Adam didn’t think he divorced himself from the original version. He didn’t.

Eric Tipton – You Make My Dreams – The Voice… by IdolxMuzic

Mathai – “Rumor Has It” – Her dad is a psychiatrist, and her mom a nurse. She was expected to go into medicine, but she realized that she needed to do music. She comes from a conservative Indian family. Adam turns around right away.  Cee Lo and Blake turn around eventually.  She does have a unique vocal style. But I am SO SICK OF ADELE COVERS. It’s all a blur at this point. Blake says, “We are looking at a star”.  Adam says, “You don’t sound like anyone I’ve ever heard.” Adam loved her confidence. Cee Lo says, “Wonderful rendition of the song.”  She picks Adam – Team Adam

Mathai – Rumour Has It – The Voice 2012… by IdolxMuzic

Adam has only two more spots to fill.

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