The Voice 2 – Blind Auditions #3 – VIDEO

Another entertaining episode of The Voice.  Those of you who watched Rock Star INXS back in 2005 will remember Jordis Unga as a contestant.  She left in 5th place. They left her for last, and indeed, she was the best of the night. Note: Mark Burnett produced both The Voice and Rockstar.  Lukas Rossi from Rockstar: Supernova auditioned last year, but he didn’t even get any air time.

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Sarah Golden – 27 – Houston  –  “You and I” by Gaga – Why wouldn’t they show us her face at first? For a second, I thought she might be a boy.  Blake says she’s honest sounding. “It’s so real and refreshing. Cee Lo and Blake  turned.  She describes herself as a folk singer. She’s got a pleasant voice.  Cee Lo wants a diverse team.  Blake says Cee Lo wants her to be an experiment. She should pick Blake! “I want you both” – sarah. “You can’t handle us both” – Cee Lo.  She picks Clee Lo. Hm. – Team Cee Lo

Sara Golden – You & I – The Voice 2012 (Auditions) by IdolxMuzic

Elley Duhey – 19 – “Mercy” – She has very supportive parents.  She dropped out her senior year, and they were OK with that.  Hm.  Not sure about her.  She’s not bad on this sound, but she’s not unique enough, and there’s something very Minnie Mouse about her voice. I’d have to hear her sing something else. Nobody turned around.  Adam says the last note was killer. He wished he’d turned around.  Christina likes her attitude.  Blake thought the falsetto parts were pitchy.  She does have a good attitude about it. No tears. Time to go back to school, Elley. 

Pip – 19 – “House of the Rising Sun” –  Says his voice and his look don’t  go together. He favors jaunty bow ties.  He looks young, but says his voice is mature sounding.  He sings. And I’m not surprised at all. Adam turns around right away.  Blake turns around next, and then Christina and Cee Lo. Wait…what’s so great about this kid? He’s having trouble hitting the high notes. Oh. and that name? Is really stupid. ( eta:  YES I understand Pip is a literary reference. Still find it annoyingly twee. Sorry. I keep thinking of Pip on South Park and LMAO)  Blake tries to sell himself as a team with hardly any guys.  Christina says she’d work so hard for him.  Cee Lo says he’s an old soul and loved his song choice. Adam says it takes a real man to wear a bow tie.  Adam gives the best pitch. He likes that Pip is a chameleon.  Blake throws shade on Adam, who brags that he won last year. Christina says she had success before Maroon 5 did. LOTS OF TRASH TALK.  Finally…Pip chooses  Adam because he was the first one to turn. – Team Adam

Pip – Hosue Of The Rising Sun – The Voice 2011… by IdolxMuzic

Erin Willett – 22 – Gaithersburg, MD – “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5 – Dad is a singer.  She has an “insane friendship” with him.  Oh noes. He has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She doesn’t want to look at him as a dying man.  The Voice is a “wonderful distraction” for her. She’s got a big soulful voice. Blake turns around first.  Why is nobody turning around for this girl? She was great. Blake’s win! Christina sidestepped the reason why she didn’t turn around. Adam is blown away by her talent. But you didn’t turn around either!  The judges need to explain WHY they didn’t turn around. It’s only going to help the holpfuls – Team Blake

David Grace – 28 – “Sweet Home Alabama” – He grew up playing football. He played ball in college and then coached. Then one day he picked up a guitar – He’s got the whole southern rock thing going, which is SUPER unmarketable. But he’s got a very sweet but gritty voice. Very pleasing. Nobody is turning around though. He picked the wrong song. If he’d done something more contemporary, he would have had a chance. Christina says she was trying to get Blake or Adam to turn around. Blake says when he bended into a note, he wasn’t sure if he was doing it on purpose or looking for the note. He almost hit his button. Adam says there was too much “sliding” stuff. That Pip guy was off key a lot, so I don’t get it.

Katrina Parker – 34 – Hollywood CA – “One of Us” – PLANT ALERT. Carson is delivering an invite. She’s an underwriting assistant. Obviously her day job. I wonder what I’ll find when I do a Google search? She suffered from an allergy to hidden mold in her house. She couldn’t sing for 2 years. She started singing again early this year. This is a big way to come back, she says. Adam is the first to turn around. She’s kind of an Adele clone. In looks as well. Adam has a big smile on his face. He’s got her to himself. Cee Lo tells her that she looks so nice (pervy) “I win!” says Adam. He says he heard something different. – Team Adam.

Katrina Parker – If God Was One of Us – The… by IdolxMuzic

Geoff McBride – 51 – Santa Rosa Beach, FL – “Higher Ground” – He wears sunglasses because he tore his retina in a kickbocking accident when he was a kid. His dad inspired him to sing. He was 6 when he passed. Christina turns around. He’s got a very powerful, soulful voice. Really really solid. Not too many runs, just a lot of POWER. Cee Lo eventually turns his chair too. Adam says, “You can sing your ass off.” “The very first note you hit, you blew me away,” says Christina. She likes that he worked the stage. Geoff wanted to know why he took so long to turn around. Christina says, “I got soul too.” He picks Xtina – Team Christina

Jeff McBride – Higher Ground – The Voice 2012… by IdolxMuzic

Erin Martin – 28  – Chicago IL – “Hey There Delilah” She used to be a model and has done showcases with major labels who told her she needed “development”. Hm.  Blake and Cee Lo turn right away. NO FAIRS THEY COULD HEAR HER HEELS. They are guessing she’s a babe. UGH. She has a super goatie muppety voice. Really super unpleasant, with the most affected phrasing. NO. NO. NO.  OMG she’s got a big crazy beehive.  Cee Lo is so happy to see she’s the babe he figured she was. He’s being really  flirty in the creepiest way. “Quite naturally you belong to me, don’t you agree?” says Cee Lo. Ew. Blake says “Your smile is contagious. You’re that special sound. I would love to be your coach.” Adam didn’t turn around because he was confused by her voice.  That’s one way to put it.  She picks Cee Lo. Somehow, I’m not surprised.  Cee Lo is holding his cat (!!) and says, “I deserve her.”  EW EW EW.  – Team Cee Lo

Erin Martin – Hey There Delilah – The Voice… by IdolxMuzic

James Massone – 23 – Boston, MA – “Find Your Love” – His family owns a Malden MA body shop. There was a fight in his basement and a bunch of his friends got shot dead in a fight. Or something. The story was a little confusing. Christina and Blake turn around together. Cee Lo turns around. He’s a little nasally, and a little sleepy, but he’s got a nice tone. He cries after his performance. Adam wasn’t expecting him to be white. Blake says he waited until the end to fall apart, and he respects that. Cee Lo likes his calm, smooth quality. He keeps wiping away tears. His first choice is Cee Lo – Team Cee Lo

James Massone – Find Your Love – The Voive 2012… by IdolxMuzic

Winter Rae – “Take a Bow” – Carson delivers an “invitation” to the Voice to Winter, who works at the Lucky Strike lanes. She says it’s her full time job. Winter has a mohawk and a million tattoos. She grew up in Iowa, but says she always had “an edge”. “Hero” by Mariah Carey is her favorite song. Scratch that “edge” thing. OMG DOUCHEBAG ALERT.  She’s friends with Perez Hilton, who is at the audition, famewhoring. Super scratch that “edge” thing. Nobody is turning around. LOL. She’s all “Seriously” that nobody turned around. Christina says she’s looking for more range. She was waiting for something to happen. Adam says not to lose belief in herself just because nobody turned around. You know she’s one of Perez’s finds. He would have coattailed her entire run if someone had turned around. I’m glad nobody did.

Chris Cauley – 27 – Atlanta, GA – “Grenade” – His musical influences are his grandmother, who is a bluegrass musician. He sings soul R&B, but he used to bring her out on stage with him. Nobody is turning around, until Cee Lo finally does. Adam turns after Chris sings some sweet falsetto. Chris has a very smooth soulful sound. Christina thought it was great all the way through. Blake thinks either Christina or Adam would be a good fit. Chris chooses Adam, who says he appreciated Chris’ consistency. Anoop Desai tweeted, “my boy @chriscauley on the voice! go get em man!” – Team Adam

Chris Cauley – Grenade – The Voice 2012… by IdolxMuzic

Speeding through 3 singers, Idol style!

Nathan PerrettTeam Adam
Brian FuenteTeam Blake
Moses StoneTeam Christina (The voices first MC)

OH Wow. They just spent 1/2 a second pimping the albums from last year’s winners. Better than what they’ve done so far.

Jordis Unga – 29 – Minnesota – “Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney – PLANT ALERT! – She was a contestant on Rock Star INXS  in 2005.  Voice producer, Mark Burnett, ALSO produced Rock star. Will she mention her history? Nope.  She was an early favorite on Rockstar, starting off strong, but petering out toward the end. She came in 5th. I liked her then, and I like her now.  She was all dreaded out back in the day. Her look more is decided more stylish.  Doesn’t change the fact that she can sing her face off. Everyone but Adam turns around. “I am the ahole that didn’t pick you.” says Adam. Too bad. They might have been a good fit. Blake says hers is the voice that she’s been sitting and waiting for. “I’m a believer”. He mentions that Dia, his charge, is on tour with him right now. Christina says she has more time to spend with her because she’s NOT on tour. She chooses Blake. Good choice, I think. Team Blake

Jordis Unga – Baby I’m Amazed – The Voice 2012… by IdolxMuzic

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