The Voice – Semi-Finals – Results


  • Chris Mann will represent Team Christina in the finals. Lindsey Paveo is eliminated. (Christina’s scores 50/50  Total 104/96)
  • Tony Lucca will represent Team Adam in the Finals. Katrina Parker is eliminated. (Adam’s scores 60/40 Total: 108/92)
  • Jermaine Paul will represent Team Blake in the Finals. Erin Willett is eliminated. (Blake’s scores 50/50 Total: 123/77)
  • Juliet Simms will represent Team Cee Lo in the Finals. Jamar Rogers is eliminated. (Cee Lo’s scores 60/40 Total: 121/79)

If Adam had allowed America to decide, Katrina would have edged out Tony  52/48. I have to say I’m a little surprised by that. Katrina sang the best she ever had last night, but I always figured Tony to be a fan favorite.

Not that it matters now, although it must have been a bitter pill for poor Katrina to swallow.  Adam felt Tony had a better chance to win. But how good are his chances really, if he can’t squeak by his team mate without help? Now I’m thinking that Juliet Simms is going to kick his ass. I can’t imagine Chris Mann and his opera light taking it. Jermaine is just not that good.  If Juliet remains consistent, I think she’s got a good chance of taking it all…and then selling nada once she’s off the show. Because her classic rock deal isn’t going to sell any records.

The most relevant of the eight was Jamar Rogers, to be honest.  He might have shot himself in the foot by bucking Cee Lo–who basically told him he gave more points to Juliet because he didn’t like the way he arranged his song. But at least Jamar telegraphed the type of artist he could be off the show. I think he’s got a chance to be successful.

This Top 4 are weaker than last year’s–which was demonstrated when Javier, Dia, Beverly and Vicci took the stage tonight. I enjoyed all 4 performances.  I was a Dia fan last year.  This year, I don’t care about any of them. Well, maybe Juliet a wee little bit. She’s really the only interesting singer left.

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Recap of last night’s show first. Zz.

Blake is feeling bittersweet because he’ll be losing a team member. Christina says Lindsey and Chris are incomparable.  Cee Lo feels awkward and uncomfortable that he’ll be losing a talented contestant.

First, Dia Frampton takes the stage to sing with Kid Cudi.

Twitter chick is backstage with the Season 1 final 4.  Nice of the show to finally show their TOP FINALISTS some love.

Results!  Team Christina is first. Christina hands out her scores. She splits up her points 50/50, basically allowing America to make the choice.  Penis Chris Mann wins out. he advances to the Finals.  Aw. Poor Lindsey is crying. (Christina’s scores 50/50  Total 104/96)

Vicci Martinez and her coach, Cee Lo Green take the stage to perform her new single.

Results! Team Adam. Adam hands out his scores. 60 points to Tony Lucca, 40 points to Katrina Parker.  Adam feels more connected to Tony. He also feels he has a better chance to win.  He tells Katrina that he believes in her, but it’s gotta hurt to get a lower score.  Tony Lucca advances to the finals. (Adam’s scores 60/40 Total: 108/92)

Twitter chick talks to the VICTORIOUS MEN backstage.

Beverly McClellan sings “Money Changes Everything” with Cyndi Lauper

Season 1 winner, Javier Colon, performs his new single,  “Drop in the Ocean.”

Results! Team Blake is next. Blake hands out his points. 50/50 to Erin and Jermain. He’s allowing America to decide. He says he does not want to be part of the decision making process any more.  Jermaine Paul advances to the finals. (Blake’s scores 50/50 Total: 123/77)

Results! Team Cee Lo is next. Cee Lo hands out his points.  He gives Jamar 40 points and Juliet 60 points.  He felt Juliet’s performance was striking and strong.  Oh. Cee Lo didn’t like Jamar’s arrangement. Hm. Juliet will advance to the finals. (Cee Lo’s scores 60/40 Total: 121/79)

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