The Celebrity Apprentice – Week 10 – Discussion and Recap (UPDATED)

Tonight’s The Celebrity Apprentice is called “Winning by a Nose”. Teams Unanimous and Forte must come up with a winning strategy for a display of Donald Trump’s new cologne called “Success.” Clay will be the project manager for Forte and Aubrey will be the project manager for Unanimous.

Aurbrey and Arsenio butt heads again, while Dayana and Lisa actually get along. Chat about the show here, and then watch for Montavilla’s recap later.

UPDATE: Clay’s team, Forte, lost. Penn Jillette was fired from Celebrity Apprentice.

Winning By a Nose

Last week: Lisa had a meltdown. Dayana cried. Aubrey was a team player. Paul got fired.

This week: Lisa decides to be “nice” to Dayana. Arsenio frets over being on a team with Aubrey and Teresa.

Lisa delivers the check to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis. She has lunch with some clients and the CEO of the organization, where she hands over her check. Lisa is sweet and funny, but doesn’t seem all that connected to the charity.

In Donald Trump’s apartment, the celebrities get their new task. Aubrey seems very taken with all the gold. This week’s task is to create an in-store display for Trump’s “Success” Cologne. Clay and Aubrey take on the PM role for their teams. The winning team gets $20,000, but if Trump loves the product, they’ll get $100,000.

On team Forte, Penn and Dayana come up with the main image for the display: Dayana nestled into the chest of a man wearing a Trump tie. Penn then imagines buildings to frame the image, with backlit bottles as windows. He also comes up with a slogan, “You Earned It.” Clay is reluctant to accept the first idea, but decides that, since Penn is so taken with his ideas, that it might not be worth continuing to brainstorm.

Meanwhile, Unanimous (or Aubrey) comes up with the slogan “Trust Your Instincts.” Her decision is solidified when Arsenio discovers a video of Donald Trump saying those exact words. Arsenio tries to suggest other ideas, but Aubrey is having none of that. Teresa doesn’t even try. Aubrey decides that the display should be a skyline. It sounds suspiciously like the other’s team theme. She also decides to use Eric as a model for Trump in the display.

When the teams meet with the executives, there is plenty of advice about how to do the project and who the targeted customer is (a male 18-35). Forte takes it in. Aubrey blithely ignores it and rambles on about her amazing take on the cologne. The executives stare blankly at her.

On the way to the construction studio, Aubrey stops the van to get a photo of the NY skyline. She sits on Arsenio’s shoulders to get the shot. Arsenio: “Aubrey had a great idea. She said, ‘Let me put my vagina on the back of your neck.'”

The carpenters need vinyl, so Aubrey sends Teresa and Arsenio to go shopping (and to get rid of them). Eric shows up and Aubrey takes his picture while emphasizing that she is creating all the ideas and doing all the important work on the task. She calls herself a “one-man team.”

After Eric leaves, Arsenio and Teresa return. Arsenio makes suggestions that Aubrey rebuffs, while Teresa paints the display in a silk blouse and high heels.

At Forte’s design shop, Penn describes his ideas to the carpenter. Clay has a hard time visualizing the final display and the carpenter has to push him to make decisions. A male model appears, and Penn takes pictures of him and Dayana.

Lisa goes to spy on Unanimous and discovers they are working on the same theme. Clay worries now, and starts thinking about how to blame someone else on his team if he loses.

It’s time for the presentation. The Unanimous display is surrounded by mannikins that look like the Grey Man Group. George stops by. He thinks the buildings look like Rolls Royce grills, and hates the silhouette of Eric that sits on the side of the display like a dark mushroom.

Then the executives arrive. They maintain a grim air, but nod a lot during the presentation. Aubrey graciously allows Arsenio and Teresa to participate by showing off the takeaway cards and scent strips she created. When the executives leave, the team members fall on the floor in relief.

When Forte looks at their display, Dayana sees many flaws, but Clay thinks it looks good enough to go down to the main floor. They all love the picture of Dayana that dominates the display. The executives arrive and Clay nervously presents their work. He seems awkward and ill-prepared. He hasn’t shaved today, either. He asks the executives if they have questions. They tell him to keep going, which is hard because he doesn’t have anything else to say. Finally, they leave.

Ms. Brown talks to us about fragrances. She thinks “Eau de Chocolat” is sensuous, but that Trump would sooner stop for the smell of cold, hard cash.

In the Boardroom, Clay calls his team incredible. Lisa calls him one of the top two PMs that she’s worked with. Lisa praises Dayana and says she “killed it.”

Aubrey now says that everyone on her team did the work. Arsenio praises Teresa for hustling (when she was painting). Trump goes on a digression about Teresa’s ability to fight when attacked.

The teams apparise the other team’s work. Lisa loves the card and the scent strip. Arsenio thinks Clay did a great job and calls Dayana beautiful. Aubrey jumps in to call her model, Eric, sexy. She and Arsenio argue a bit over who did what on the task. Then Aubrey calls Forte’s display “boring.”

Eric and George report feedback from the executives. They loved Dayana’s phot, but thought it was too big. They hated the “You Earned It” slogan. They loved the “Trust Your Instincts” slogan, but thought the Unanimous display lacked creativity. They all hated Eric’s silhouette.

Trump suddenly stops everything. He had promised $100,000 to the winning PM if he loved the display. He didn’t love either one, so he’s giving $40,000 to the winner and $10,000 to everyone else. He announces that Aubrey won.

After Unanimous leaves, Clay expresses surprise that Forte lost. He tries to deflect responsibility for the slogan by saying he led by consensus and calling Penn a “strong pitcher.” He reminds Trump that this is his first loss in seven tasks.

Clay decides to send Lisa to safety. His reason for bringing back Dayana is her troubled history, and calls her “aloof.” Dayana blames her six Boardroom trips on, basically, Aubrey and Lisa for not allowing her to participate on tasks.

Clay picks Penn to be fired — based on this task. Penn defends himself. He came up with the slogan, but he came up with ideas that the executives liked. Penn would fire Clay, because he was the PM and okayed every idea. Clay says he stepped up as PM because Penn wouldn’t. ” It surprises me to find out that I have bigger balls,” Clay says.

Trump wants to fire Dayana, but he can’t. He wants to fire Clay, but he won’t. He fires Penn. Leaving, Penn shakes Dayana’s hand, and holds his hand out to Clay, who hugs him.

In the town car, Penn says he enjoyed the experience, including being fired. He can’t figure out the rules to Celebrity Apprentice and finds that beautiful.

Next week: Clay loses it. Lisa loses it. Can Dayana survive another week?

So, who is pissed that Penn left? Was Clay clever or a wimp? How is it that Lisa didn’t break down in tears this week? Can anything stop Aubrey? Answer below!