Survivor: Cagayan Ponderosa Videos and other thoughts.

Another week of Survivor: Cagayan and another blindside. At this point you would think the players would stop being so surprised when it happens but by the looks on Kass’ and Trish’s face they truly didn’t think it would happen.

Let’s jump right in with the Ponderosa videos for the last two evicted castaways:

Survivor: Cagayan – Jeremiah Arrives At Ponderosa

Survivor: Cagayan – Jefra Arrives At Ponderosa

Down does the Beauty tribe. If nothing else this season has proven that being beautiful is not enough to win Survivor. Not really surprising since you can’t exactly call people like Woo, Tasha, Spencer, and even Tony ugly. It just goes to show that you need more then just one aspect to your game to win it all. If you are just a pretty face then expect to make it to 7th place at best.

It’s too bad Jefra didn’t make the move because I liked Jeremiah. He wasn’t a great player but he was enjoyable to watch on the screen. Jefra not so much. She is living proof that if you are afraid to play the game you will end up being burned. She was all talk when thinking of jumping over to Spencer, Tasha, and Jeremiah but when it came down to it she chickened out. Nothing totally wrong with backing down if it suits your game but there was prove that Tony gets spooked easily and Spencer had ammunition to give to Tony and also the smarts to bring up the possibility of an all girls alliance not that the numbers are getting so low.

Moral of the story: Make sure you are actually playing the game.

I think Spencer has done the most with the least in this game. Let’s not forget that the Brain tribe was a bust at the beginning and he was only spared because J’Tia was a crazy one. He could have been gone way back then which would have sucked since he has played a great game and his playing of Tony this week was masterful. He never seemed to push too hard and even when Tony told him he had to convince Tasha to side with him he played it like he had doubts even though he knew Tasha would jump on board.

Tony plays similar as Russell but he never comes across as truly unlikable like Russell did some times. Most of his moves are born out of paranoia for his own game and his down fall will be that Spencer and Tasha know how to push his buttons in just the right way to save themselves.

Regardless I can easily see Tony and Spencer being invited back because they actually play the game. Tasha could also make a comeback. She has been a challenge warrior this season which I didn’t expect with Woo still in the game. And the amazing thing is that the last three challenges have been combinations of mental and physical and she has excelled above everyone else. Woo made a comment that the challenges played into Tasha’s strengths but I disagree. I am not saying she isn’t strong but the challenges were just as suited to Woo as they were to Tasha. As my wife would want to say: Anything Woo can do Tasha can do better.

Woo continues to remind me of Ozzy except that Ozzy won most challenges. Woo seems to just want to sit there and let the game fall into his lap rather then actually want to make a move. Too many times he seems to just follow people to their conclusion. First it was Cliff, now Tony, and if the previews are not misleading (I am smart enough to know previews mislead us most of the time) he is now going to follow Kass’ lead and try to take out Tony.

At this point Kass and Trish are just kind of there. Sure they get a few soundbites (Kass’ in particular made her look foolish since we knew Tony was flipping again) but they are being overshadowed by the others playing the game.

Kass may be stepping up next week which should lead to some great explosions all episode. My prediction for next week: Tony threatens to use his Idol. Kass sees it as a bluff and they try to vote out Tony anyways. Tony pulls out the Special Idol sending Kass to the Jury.

Until next week.