So You Think You Can Dance – Top 10 – Who Will Be Eliminated?

I’m picking Comfort and Gev in the pool this week. I don’t want any of the guys to go, but I kinda hope I’m wrong about Gev. But I’m probably not.

A few of my thoughts on last night’s So You Think You Can Dance:

After the JUMP…

  • Ms. Injured Thang (Jessica) looked pretty chipper and awesome last night for someone with two broken ribs. I want what she’s taking!
  • I appreciated guest judge Lil’ C’s constructive judging style. More Lil’ C on the judging panel please. Now, that’s buck…
  • Comfort’s final dance with Twitch will be a beautiful send off for her. Yes, she danced it credibly, but I still think she deserves to go, and I think she will. Twitch botched the Smooth Waltz, but his terrific solo and the couple’s well-received hip-hop routine, plus his fan base ensures his safety this week.
  • Mark and Kherrington got their asses handed to them by the judges after both routines. Will Mark become vulnerable without Chelsie as his partner? Or, will his fan base save him? Also, I think my prediction that Courtney will move past Kherington is money, baby. Go Courtney.
  • Absolutely loved, LOVED Gev’s solo. He’s not the best technical dancer, this I know. But, he dances with so much heart and soul, I can’t help but root for him. Plus, he’s pretty kicking in his own style.
  • Katee and Will are the best technical dancers in this competition. Katee will surely make it to the Top 4. She’s this remarkable blend of personality and talent. Despite incredible skills, I agree with Nigel’s point that the couples charming “Boat Dance” redeemed Will somewhat in the charisma department. But is it enough to move past the competition into the Top 4? Despite the minor technical mistake, (which even I noticed, heh), Katee and Will’s Pas de Deux was like a beautiful painting, or sculpture come alive. Too bad the music, David Archuleta’s “Imagine”, was edited so sloppily.
  • Sonya rules! Loved her contemporary choreography for Chelsie and Gev this week. Loved the Otis Redding music, and loved the way Chelsie and Gev threw themselves into the emotional center of the routine.
  • Courtney and Joshua make a pretty awesome couple-loved both their routines, particularly the second dance, their beautiful Rumba. Courtney on Josh, “He’s a man.” Heh. Joshua’s solo was fabulous.
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