So You Think You Can Dance 7 – Top 6 Redux – Who is Going Home?

Update on Lauren from Nigel via twitter: “I am happy to say Lauren will be in the studio later today. She won’t be in the opening number and won’t dance unless she’s in the bottom 3.”  And, “Sorry I can’t tell you what the problem was with Lauren until I speak with her and her Doctor later today. I just don’t know at this point.”

*Don’t miss Allison Iraheta on tonight’s results show! She’ll perform her single “Don’t Waste the Pretty” feat. Orianthi on guitar…*

Who is going home tonight on So You Think You Can Dance? There are so many variables to consider.  First of all, if the rumor is true, and Lauren Froderman actually does have a concussion, she’s probably out of the competition.

If Lauren is good to go next week, whether she makes the bottom 3 or not, I can’t imagine the judges eliminating her. Every indication points to her appearance in the final, if the judges can help it.

A trip to the bottom 3 for Jose Ruiz is pretty much a given, I think. If that happens, the judges will surely, finally eliminate him. Nigel’s remarks to Jose last night were a total kiss-off. Nice knowin’ ya Jose, but no way in hell will you compete in MY final!

Adechike Tolbert would also be eliminated if in the bottom 3. But he’s done a pretty good job of steering clear of the bottom.  I would not be surprised if Robert Rolden landed in the bottom this week. The judges have tried hard to pimp him all season, but fans have yet to climb completely on that bandwagon.

Safe, safe safe safe, of course, is Kent Boyd, who I expect to win. Period. He’s got the personality AND the technical skills. He’s the total package.

And, I think after his stunning performance last night, Billy Bell will also be safe.

Here’s a power list, of the remaining contestants. Actually, it’s what I think the judges are thinking. If we’re talking about the public, I might switch Robert and Adechike.

1. Kent Boyd
2. Lauren Froderman
3. Robert Roldan
4. Billy Bell
5. Adechike Tolbert
6. Jose Ruiz

Honestly, I think Nigel made sure Billy got a good dance this week, and praised him wholeheartedly (not that he didn’t deserve it–he did) because of the uproar over his criticism of Billy’s decision not to dance last week.

I’m totally on Team Billy and would rather see him in the final over either Adechike or Robert.  The latter, I really have not been able to connect to, despite their technically beautiful dancing.

So, what do you all think? Who is going home this week? Who would you like to see stick around?

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