Kristy Lee Cook gets the Boot, David Cook has some Good News, and a Few Thoughts on the Top 7 Results Show

I was really distracted last night after my database crashed. I never really got to do a proper re-cap. Here are a few thoughts on what went down. Illustrated with photos!

After the Jump…

I have to say that Kristy Lee Cook’s elimination last night was more of a shock to me than Michael Johns the week before. Kristy’s performance Tuesday night was a personal best of a string of performances that were steadily improving. She had her own voting bloc of country fans, and Dial Idol predicted that she was totally safe. In fact, this week was the first time this season that Dial Idol was dead wrong.

Since the semi’s, it irritated me that Kristy kept dodging the big bullet, despite sub par performances, but ultimately I came to respect her toughness and canny judgment. She worked hard to stay in the game, and no matter how many times she made the B3, she took it without turning into a blubbering mess like a couple of other contestants I could name. She shed a few tears when she was finally eliminated, but I think she earned them. I found her serenade to Simon during her sing out quite hilarious too. What’s Simon staring at? Heh.

With her pretty looks and decent voice, I expect Kristy will be scooped up by Lyric Street or one of the other Country Row labels once the tour is over.

I have this picture of Nigel, sitting at his desk the week before Top 7 rubbing his hands in glee as he plots out “The Groups” for that week. The pick-a-hapless-contestant-and-make-them-choose-sides deal has been a running staple of the show since George Huff was asked to do it Season 3. I think it’s time to stick a fork in this bit. Even shuffling up the groups so it was hard to tell the difference between B3 and T3 didn’t keep it from seeming stale. David Archuleta, the contestant stuck in the middle this year refused to pick, just like Melinda Doolittle refused last year. Even though the element of shock is gone, I’m thinking Nigel enjoys this sadistic bit of Reality TV Drama too much to ever give it up. Unless he can come up with something even crueler. Oh, yeah, it’s Nigel Lythgoe we’re talking about, I’m sure he will.

Kudos to TPTB for inviting Elliott Yamin to perform on the show. I think it probably helped him to perform and pay tribute to his recently deceased mom, Claudette in front of the audience who came to know her during Season 5. It was a really nice tribute to her. Elliott also had the chance to thank his fans for all their condolences and well wishes. He looked a bit ragged, but sounded as wonderful as ever. I don’t love all the songs on Elliott’s album, but I think “Free” is one of the better tracks. He seems to have a great relationship with 19, despite the fact that they didn’t sign him. That’s a good thing. The relationship appears to be mutually beneficial.

I thought Mimi was just a’ight last night. Is it my imagination, or did Mariah Carey used to be a better singer?

Ok, I totally laughed my head off when that caller during the ask-a-dumb-question segment asked Simon Cowell what the difference was between all the meaningless phrases he uses when he’s dissing a contestant–“Karaoke, ” “Theme Park, ” and “Piano Bar, ” and “Cruise Ship” are just a few. He never did answer the question. And what the hell was that crazy flower thing Paula was wearing around her neck?

Question: Is David Cook single?

Why, yes he is!

Ha ha ha! That was just for you Cooktards out there!

Group Hug!!!!

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