Headlines: Kat McPhee’s Waitress Opens in London, Ariana Grande Grammy Feud

London’s Waitress, With Katharine McPhee and Jack McBrayer, Begins Previews February 8 – The London production of Sara Bareilles’ Tony-nominated musical Waitress begins previews February 8 prior to an official opening March 7 at the Adelphi Theatre. Katharine McPhee (Smash) takes on the leading role of Jenna (reprising her performance after making her Broadway debut in the show), joined by 30 Rock Emmy nominee Jack McBrayer as Ogie, David Hunter (Kinky Boots, Once) as Dr. Pomatter, Marisha Wallace (Dreamgirls, Something Rotten!) as Becky, Laura Baldwin (Big Fish) as Dawn, and Peter Hannah (The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart) as Earl, and Shaun Prendergast as Old Joe. – Read more at Playbill

Ariana Grande Accuses Grammy Producer of Lying

Check out this twitter thread the singer posted. Ken Ehrlich claims Ariana Grande said she couldn’t get a performance together in time. “i’ve kept my mouth shut but now you’re lying about me. i can pull together a performance over night and you know that, Ken. it was when my creativity & self expression was stifled by you, that i decided not to attend. i hope the show is exactly what you want it to be and more,” Ariana wrote on Twitter.

Cassadee Pope on How New Album ‘Stages’ Took Her Life From a ‘Crazy Mess’ to the Happiest She’s Ever Been – When country singer-songwriter Cassadee Pope began writing and recording for her second album in 2017, a “sophomore slump” was the least of her worries. Within a matter of months, she’d ended her engagement to drummer Rian Dawson, as well as her partnership with most of the team she’d been working with since winning The Voice in 2012. Naturally, songs poured out of the country singer — but even though heartbreak was at the core, Pope had never felt so assured in what she was creating. – Read more at Billboard

Katharine McPhee Is Opening Up Abou...
Katharine McPhee Is Opening Up About Closing Up Shop in WAITRESS

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  1. One thing Pope wanted to do was work with friends, so she recruited
    close pals (and fellow country stars) Lauren Alaina, Lindsay Ell and
    RaeLynn for background vocals on “Distracted”; and also had Dan + Shay’s
    Shay Mooney add harmonies to “If My Heart Had a Heart.”

    I wish Cassadee all the best!

  2. 1. “Haven’t Seen It Yet” Music Video – Danny Gokey
    2. “What A Time” Music Video – Niall Horan
    3. “Good Times” Music Video – Hollyn
    4. “Dancing With A Stranger” Music Video – Normani
    5. “Unstoppable” Music Video – Koryn Hawthorne
    6. “Unplanned” Movie Trailer – Danny Gokey’s “Masterpiece”

  3. Wicked’s official album was re-released today. The album includes four bonus tracks from the #Wicked15 Anniversary Special that aired on NBC. One of the bonus tracks features the beautiful live duet of Adam and Ledisi singing ‘As Long As You’re Mine.’



    A little #flashbackfriday moment with the playbill from my time in the LA production of Wicked! The #Wicked15 anniversary album is out TODAY including my live performance of #AsLongAsYoureMine with the incredible @ledisi


  4. I ordered my copy. Also looking forward to the Elvis special and Adam’s animated movie. Diverse opportunities for Adam are always nice. And a movie about Freddie/Queen and their achievements back in the day has to be more than satisfying to Brian and Roger. BoRap is breaking records as the most successful music biopic ever and winning awards. Their hits are selling and streaming very well showing there is much interest in quality rock music from the Queen catalog. But of course I can’t wait for the Queen and Adam NA arena tour to start. My guess is that with all the demand and excitement for them, and with the tour selling out so fast, we might see some more international tours as well. Sold out arena tours don’t happen for everyone so hopefully Queen and Adam will find the time for more. They don’t care if the naysayers and envious are still upset and complaining because the results, accolades and respect for QAL speak volumes and they continue to do it their way. HA!

  5. All I can say is that I am thrilled that these 4 musicians are willing & able to put out new music & feature a cple of the songs in their setlist. They are as competent as ever together & we’ve seen posts lately from fans outside the AI bubble posting their enjoyment listening to Road Rage which I wholeheartedly agree with that it’s good music. If they have the desire & willingness to add new music in this crazy, modern music business, I for one, am not going to “ever” complain. Noted prior–that when characterizing “JUST THEIR/QR audiences” there is an obvious mix of ages/fans of the past “& present” that I think/hope that there are those who want to hear what they’ve come up with & I’m quite grateful it can & is happening once again.

  6. I can’t wait to hear the new music they are recording now for the next album, maybe some previews soon?

    What’s important about all this is that James is now included in QR’s history, in their discography, and the writing/recording with QR is now in his.
    Who knows how long this will last, Frankie isn’t getting any younger. But in 20 yrs., in a discussion of the Durbin years of QR, no one will care how many times they played Texas, or Florida or what festivals, or where ever during his years with the band. They’ll care about the actual music, his music with the band, and be able to look up and hear the stuff he created with the band during his time as lead singer and songwriter. He’s already going to be on 3 albums in 3 years when this next one come out. So who knows how many they’ll eventually release during his tenure.

  7. I forgot to mention, he’s on his solo tour this upcoming week promoting Homeland.
    He had a little warmup acoustic show 2 days ago on Friday night. Saw this tweet about that show on that new online platform. Not sure if this is a new endorsement of his, or just a fan that watched the show, lol. All good regardless.

    Smart Post App (@Smart_Post_App) February 9, 2019

  8. Nick Fradiani shared a mimimalist, vocals-forward cover of the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Name” a couple days ago. I think it’s possibly the best cover he’s ever done — tons of emotion, lovely phrasing, none of the vague feel of thinking-very-hard-about-it that he sometimes has even when the cover approach is terrific. (These are to amuse fans, yes, there is new original music in progress, a few songs of which he performed live last fall.)

  9. Adam is releasing new music soon so he has to be available for promo/appearances. That along with everything else he has going on may not give them the time for more touring. Brian and Roger have other things to do as well.

    Maybe they can at least fit Japan into their schedules at some point.

    Bohemian Rhapsody SMASHED a new record to become the ‘Biggest film of 2018’

    Don’t stop them now, they’re having such a good time, they’re having a ball. Yes, the whole world is still singing along to Queen as the Freddie Mercury biopic continues to roar ahead at the international box office and power through the current awards season. Not even Brian May and Roger Taylor could have dreamed their movie would be quite this big, as it passes $830 million globally. In one of the biggest film markets in the world, it has even beaten dinosaurs, Jedi, Avengers and local heroes to be the biggest film of the year.

    Unsurprisingly, it all boils down to the music.

    While Queen was already well-known in Japan, it has never enjoyed this kind of staggering success over there before.

    Suddenly, the movie’s soundtrack and a 14-year old greatest hits compilation were the top two albums in the charts.


  10. Queen has such a vast catalog of hits, it has to be difficult to pare them down for a concert. I think they select some of the popular ones as well as their own favorites. Before each tour, I hear (or read) fans saying “I hope they include _____ in their next tour. As I mentioned, since they have such a vast catalog, they don’t always include many fans’ favorites.

  11. I sadly didn’t get to watch it bec of another online cc signup involved. I liked when he did the at-home w/Paypal tip jar (optional). Fans were grumbling in comments that they again either couldn’t get the video or that it wasn’t in sync–others like it better than StageIt. Fan comments indicated the kids & Heidi were on it….so hoping they either can add PP or something :(

  12. I’m of course unfamiliar w/the song & likely right up your metal alley lol, but you could tell he did it well by the crowd’s reaction & even I could tell how well & long he held that final note. It’s obvious the availability of jamming w/artists seems right at his fingertips in Nashville & he is so willing to join in w/all different types of music around there. Really liked the people’s noise for him (before & after he sang). Glad you could bring this.

  13. My exact wording is “they don’t always include”. The operative word is “always”. The point I was making is that Queen has such a vast catalog of hits and popular songs that it is impossible to include all of them in their concert. Isn’t that a nice problem to have?

    I believe Queen not only appreciate Adam’s talent and versatility on stage., but also his intelligence and articulation during their interviews. The latter is a stark contrast to Freddie. Freddie was intelligent, but the press was brutal to him and Queen, so in turn, he was not very amicable to them.

  14. The show in Nashville last night was apparently a fundraiser for a local guitarist to help pay for medical bills. A bunch of local rock bands performed. A little about it…

    Nashville is more than just Country Music! Last night was Rock Night at Mercy Lounge raising money for Jeremy Asbrocks medical bills from when he went into ketosis from diabetes. #ilovenashville #mercylounge #rockinnashville #nashvillecommunity #diabetessucks #philshouse #classicrock #jamesdurbin #70srock

    As for the Priest song, it’s actually a really old not well known one, one of their first songs, from a 1976 album. James really does know his classic metal, even the deep tracks, probably why he gets such respect in the rock/metal community. They can tell he’s not a poser, lol.

    Here’s the original.

  15. Nick sounds great. Has he toured with GGD? It seems several Idol winners have opened for them.

  16. Haha, no — it’d be hilarious if Nick opened for every act he covers for fun, but that hasn’t been the deal so far. I’m pretty sure I never shut up about Nick’s most recent full tour, where he co-headlined with regional indie rockers The Alternate Routes.

  17. Of course Nick has covered many acts, as they all do. I just wondered because other Idol winners have opened for them.

  18. “Suddenly, the movie’s soundtrack and a 14-year old greatest hits compilation were the top two albums in the charts.”

    That is wild. The BR soundtrack was on the Billboard 200 album charts in the US only to be replaced by Queen’s greatest hits compilation. Last week it was still at #14. Sweet. When Queen and Paul Rogers released an album together it was #5 in the UK and charted in some other countries but it was only #47 on the Billboard 200 chart in the US. And Brian seemed to be hurt by that because it involved a lot of everyone’s time. There was nothing for him to be ashamed of, tho, cause there are many that release new music and they don’t sell much or chart at all. Hardly anyone cares. But it is clear that people are interested and care and want to hear the Queen hits and the numbers back it up. And with Queen and Adam bringing in over 1M per concert it is financially lucrative for all. Plus they get to rock in front of full arenas with Adam’s name as one of the selling points. Queen is part of his legacy and career now and that is a good thing because he helped to get them back to a touring level and mainstream attention that they thought was lost with Freddie. And the movie put them on super blast, lol. So with the movie success and successful QAL tours they are doing very well. They have much to be proud of and excited about. And so do the fans.

  19. I hadn’t realized it was an Idol-winner thing. I thought only Phillip Phillips had opened for them. Who are the others?

  20. I know Daughtry did. I think David Cook was at a concert with them, but I don’t remember if he was their opening act or it was a lineup of artists for a radio station.

  21. Lots and lots of artists (Idol and non-Idol alike) in multiple different genres do radio tours with interviews and mini-concerts and get squat for their efforts in terms of radio play for their songs. Radio tours are a joke. But things are even bleaker without them. It says more about the industry than it does about Adam or any other artist.

  22. If Adam releases a single this spring, that song will likely be part of the QAL concert set. I don’t know what TV appearances he’ll make promoting the single — hopefully on James Cordon show. I don’t know if the radio promo tour does any good because when he did a relentless radio tour for the Trespassing album, they didn’t even play his music.

  23. Nope. They were simply among the performers at the same festival (Yountville Live) back in 2016

  24. I would not say they don’t include many fans’ favorites. I think it is more they don’t always include all favorites and we all have different ones. I love TSMGO and “Stone Cold Crazy” but I get it that sometimes they have other considerations, lol. And they have included an Adam song in their tours so I think you are right they will likely have a new Adam song for the next tour. But what I love about Queen and Adam is they have enough confidence and success not to be envious of what others are doing. They just do their thing with the greatest of joy. Queen got a flashy showman and extraordinary vocalist as their frontman and that was exactly what they needed. And they do what is best for Queen and Adam and so far it has been a winning formula for all of them. I remember when Queen and Adam won the Classic Rock Award for Band of the Year a few years back. Sammy Hagar presented them with the award. Brian spoke first then he turned it over to Adam to speak. They got a nice round of applause with all those rock legends in the room. It seemed to mean a lot to Brian and was a thrill for Adam.

  25. Congrats for Rami Malek for winning Best Leading Actor at the BAFTA Awards in the UK! Bohemian Rhapsody also won for Sound.

  26. Ghost Town got a good amount of radio play. It’s also approaching 200 Million streams on Spotify.

    Adam gets worldwide press/promo for everything he does. Looking forward to the media coverage for his new music. :)

  27. There is a difference in not getting any radio play and not getting a ton of it. With Trespassing BTIKM was #18 on HAC and NCOE was #35. And Ghost Town did well on top 40 and HAC but even ALN went #25 on HAC. Adam has been able to pull off these lucrative solo headlining world tours with just some radio play/exposure and lots of press. Even without massive play, so far he has never been shut out of radio and left off the charts with any of his albums so hopefully that won’t change.

  28. Do you remember the Trespassing radio tour? He tirelessly did so many interviews and mini-concerts, so I expected much more as a result. Can you imagine if he got half the spins, or even a quarter of M5. I still hear Kelly C on the radio quite a bit. I guess if your name is Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood, they just play your song.

  29. Kelly and Carrie are not even getting the massive radio play they once did, tho, they always received way more than Adam. But they adapt, diversify and are still in demand and making a sh**load of money, lol. Same with Adam and Jhud. They have not done too bad for themselves for two non-winners. They never had massive OTT radio play to begin with but enjoyed lots of mainstream attention and publicity.

  30. “I think David Cook was at a concert with them…”

    If I remember correctly, it was a line-up of artists for a radio station show…(I think in ‘09) a “same bill” situation, not an opening. But Goo Goo Dolls Johnny Reznick wrote with David on DCTR, and for TLM, he has also mentioned him very favorably in two or three interviews, especially for writing on ”Declaration” with David and Greg Wattenberg…according to a quick Google search. ?

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