Idol Sales News – Week Ending 12/05/10

Update 2: Additional numbers and some corrections from Brian. Please note, that some of the new numbers are above 1K so that CLEARLY proves that the lack of a number in the initial or secondary list does not indicate that the album has sold less than 1K. It simply means that it’s not in the weekly Top 200, the yearly Top 200 or based in Nashville with somebody who knows Brian. Thanks MalwareDie!

The week after Black Friday can feature some death-defying drops on the album charts. Sales are inflated during Black Friday and everybody goes home to check their bank balances the next week. Things pick up during the following weeks with the two weeks before Christmas being the biggest selling weeks for albums of the year.

So, how did the Idols do? Well, except for the Christmas songs, they all saw double digit losses. We are left with only 3 Idols in the top 200. As of the initial report, we even only have 3 Idols selling more than 1K.

Updated: Added additional album numbers and the download numbers (and to fix a loveless and bizarre typo).

Disclaimer: It is come to my attention today that some people are not aware of the mechanics of the leaks we get. The primary source of our leaks is Brian Mansfield at Idol Chatter (a USA Today blog). Brian is a Nashville based reporter who does not have access to the full SoundScan sales report. He initially receives numbers for albums in the BB200 and for some Nashville based artists. He can also generally obtain numbers for artists in the Top 200 for the year. The fact that any given artist/album does not appear on this list cannot be taken as an indication that they have sold fewer albums than the lowest selling album reported here. It may simply be that Brian doesn’t have access to their numbers. We are lucky to get any sales information at all, so I appreciate all that Brian does.

This is the daily numbers thread. Please post numbers as you find them. Thanks!

Idol albums

85 Carrie Underwood “Play On” 14K (-23%; lw 18K ) Total: 1.842M (66)
111 Fantasia “Back to Me” 11K (-12%; 12K) Total: 341K (103)
122 Lee DeWyze “Live It Up” 9K (-35%; lw 15K ) Total: 63K (93)
Daughtry “Leave This Town” 5K (-7%) Total: 1.197M (U2U)
David Archuleta “Christmas From the Heart” 5K (+8%) Total: 227K (U2N)
Carrie Underwood “Some Hearts” 3K (-47%) Total: 7.052M
Adam Lambert “For Your Entertainment” 3K -9%) Total:765K (U2U)
Carrie Underwood “Carnival Ride” 3K (-47%) Total: 3.148M
Katharine McPhee “Christmas Is the Time to Say I Love You” 3K (+12%) Total: 14K Digital: 2K (5%) Total Digital: 6K (U2N)
David Archuleta “The Other Side of Down” 2K (-4%) Total: 49K
Danny Gokey “My Best Days” 1K (-38%; lw 2K) Total: 195K
Jason Castro “Who I Am” 1K (-52%; lw 2K) Total: 6K
Mandisa “It’s Christmas” <1K (+51%; lw <1K) Total: 24K
Kellie Pickler “Kellie Pickler” <1K (+8%) Total: 438K
Clay Aiken “Merry Christmas With Love” <1K (+63%; lw <1K) Total: 1.415M
Mandisa “True Beauty <1K (-39%; lw <1K) Total: 216K
Chris Sligh “The Anatomy of Broken” <1K (-37%; lw <1K) Total: 5K
Mandisa “Freedom” 1K (-67%; lw <1K) Total: 130K

Album Total Checkpoint: U2N
Kris Allen “Kris Allen” Total: 322K
Kelly Clarkson “Breakway” Total: 6.157M
Kelly Clarkson “Thankful” Total: 2.744M
David Cook “David Cook” Total: 1.345M
Josh Gracin “Josh Gracin” Total: 703K
Josh Gracin “We Weren’t Crazy” Total: 85K
Taylor Hicks “Taylor Hicks” Total: 704K
Taylor Hicks “The Distance” Total: 52K
Katharine McPhee “Unbroken” Total: 44K
Jordin Sparks “Battlefield” Total: 177K

U2N=Update 2 New
U2U=Update 2 Updated

Download Numbers
Jason Aldean w/Kelly Clarkson “Don’t You Wanna Stay” 22K (+3%) Total: 149K
Carrie Underwood “Mama’s Song” 10K (-27%) Total: 214K
Carrie Underwood “Undo It” 5K (-24%) Total: 922K
Kellie Pickler “Santa Baby “4K (+61%) Total: 80K
Carrie Underwood “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” 3K (+31%) Total: 33K
Carrie Underwood “Cowboy Casanova” 3K (-20%) Total: 1.528M
Carrie Underwood “There’s a Place for Us” 3K (-40%) Total: 29K
Carrie Underwood “Temporary Home” 3K (-19%) Total: 611K
Carrie Underwood “Before He Cheats” 3K (-20%) Total: 3.11M
Clay Aiken “Mary, Did You Know” 2K (+61%) Total: 109K
Jason Castro “You Are” <1K (-17%) Total: 5K
Jason Castro “Hallelujah [Album Version]” <1K (-19%) Total: 49K
Kris Allen “Alright With Me” Total: 39K

Rounded numbers from Brian at Idol Chatter.

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