Idol Headlines for 2/01/08

What does `American Idol’ have to do with the Super Bowl?

It starts with Ryan Seacrest, a guy who just makes you think football, interviewing celebrities (undoubtedly from Fox shows) on a red carpet. A red carpet. For football. Is nothing sacred? Later, Paula Abdul will debut her new video in which she attempts to talk coherently, and, I agree, that was too mean. Paula’s video, by the way, was produced by Randy Jackson. The mind reels.

The national anthem will be sung by last year’s “Idol” champ, Jordan Sparks. Simon Cowell is staying away, probably because he’s smart but possibly because he’s British.

Paula Planning Big Comeback

Paula Abdul is not content to just release a song on American Idol judge Randy Jackson’s upcoming compilation.

The Straight Up singer, who hasn’t released an album in over a ten years, has announced on her official website that she’s working on a new CD.

“New Paula Abdul album coming summer 2008, ” the site promises.

Perez Hilton

Sanjaya Malakar – Jordin Sparks – Superbowl Charity Event

Thanks to the super-sleuthjayas at Dazeoffire here are some links to news and performances from the Jordin Sparks SuperBowl Charity Event in Arizona yesterday.

With slackers in the mix, ‘American Idol’s’ true talent can’t really shine

And so the understated “American Idol” Season 7 audition tour glides to an understated final stop in Miami.

Co-executive producer Nigel Lythgoe has dangled the very specific number three as the quantity of unmistakable earth-shattering talents we would meet in the preseason. Though this critic is more of a theater gourmand than a licensed arbiter of musical abilities, I nonetheless am not quite sure which three he was talking about. Along this audition trail we have met a good number, perhaps as many as 20, of very credible talents with great growth potential (not to mention tear-jerking back stories). But I can’t say I’ve had the “Oh my God” moment that I remember when first watching Katharine McPhee or Melinda Doolittle sing.

LA Times

Jordin Sparks at the Super Bowl

PHOENIX (AP) ‘  She’s just a rookie, and already Jordin Sparks is going further in the NFL than her father. Only 2 1/2 months after the youngest “American Idol” winner released her debut album, the teen is set to perform the national anthem Sunday at the Super Bowl. In nine years as a pro cornerback, pop Phillippi Sparks never reached the big game.

“I said, ‘Dad, I’m singing at the Super Bowl, ‘” she said Thursday. “He said, ‘At least one of us made it.'”

No surprise about which team she’ll root for when the New York Giants play the New England Patriots. Her dad spent all but one season with the Giants.

“There definitely is a tie with them, ” the 18-year-old Sparks said. “I got to go for the underdogs.”

Associated Press

LiveDaily Interview: Jordin Sparks

During an interview before the “American Idols Live!” show in Jordin Sparks [ tickets ]’ hometown of Glendale, AZ, last summer, the sixth-season winner said there’s nothing she wanted more than to sing the national anthem at the 2008 Super Bowl. Clad at the time in an Arizona Cardinals jersey, she was ready to play the part.

Since then, her dream has come true. The daughter of ex-football star Phillippi Sparks will kick off Sunday’s Super Bowl in Glendale.

Live Daily

American TV, Fil-Ams and the Filipinos

PHILADELPHIA, PA — We squirm when American TV murderously criticizes our nurses and medical practitioners in the US. We are riled and endlessly annoyed when American TV criticizes our country, our people or any of our professionals.

Yet we totally adore it when a Filipino or a Fil-Am is embraced by American media and toasted as someone extremely gifted. But we do nothing when one of our own …murders himself on the same show that lent fame to another some years back.


On the road: A full house greets Urban, Underwood

Location: Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, Conn.

Attendance: A sellout crowd of 7, 600

The event: Country superstars Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood opened their co-headlining Love, Pain & the whole crazy Carnival Ride tour Thursday night with the first of two concerts at the Mohegan Sun Casino.

USA Today

The De-Idolizing of Phil Stacey

Country stars always talk about paying their dues, playing for tip jars night after night in Nashville honkytonks. But to go country after youve done American Idol, you have to work that much harder to break on through to the other side.

That what former AI contestant Phil Stacey up to now: courting county radio, one conference room at a time. If you thought it was hard to shine when you sang for 18, 000 fans in an arena, try doing it in a 20 x 20 meeting room at 10 a.m. He has the vocal chops and the easy charm to pull it off, but it aint easy singing to an industry crowd. Actually, “crowd” is the wrong word. More like 20 employees sitting around a conference table with bagels and coffee. It couldnt possibly be as nerve-wracking as auditioning for Simon, Paula and Randy. Still, it is an audition of sorts. Just more like a try-out for country radio success.


The Forge chosen as name for Birmingham entertainment district

Birmingham’s downtown entertainment district will be called The Forge, a name that links the city’s past with its future.
The $40 million district, which includes clubs, restaurants, and shops, is being developed by Performa Entertainment Real Estate in partnership with the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex (BJCC). Alabama American Idols Taylor Hicks and Ruben Studdard each plan to open a club in The Forge.

PR Newswire

Gone Country Is Rich in Ratings

CMT’s Gone Country ratings are big — no, make that rich! The show, hosted by John Rich of Big & Rich, drew more than 10.5 million total viewers during the premiere and repeat telecasts this past weekend. The premiere ranks as the network’s highest-rated series debut since the launch of The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search in 2006.
The first episode of Gone Country introduced the seven singers – Bobby Brown, Carnie Wilson, Dee Snider, Diana DeGarmo, Julio Iglesias Jr., Maureen McCormick and Sisqo – to each other and to viewers.

Country Hound

Kellie’s ‘USO Diary’ airdate set; Kimberley on ‘Lyrics’

Idol news bites to start the day. Kellie spent four days in Baghdad on a USO tour, and Great American Country cameras followed her around to create a “video diary” called, fittingly, Kellie Pickler: My USO Diary. It premieres Feb. 16 at 9 p.m. ET and encores Feb. 17 at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Idol Chatter

Here’s to you, Mr. Robinson

Who can say that they know a finalist from one of the highest-rated reality television shows of the past decade and a cast member of a critically acclaimed production being seen by thousands of people around the country?

A proud number of students and faculty on both Rider campuses, that who.

Anwar Robinson, a 2001 graduate of Westminster Choir College (WCC), was a finalist on season four of American Idol and now portrays Tom Collins in a multi-city tour of the Broadway musical RENT.

…All musicians have to be reminded that if you know what you want, you have to keep looking up to achieve that goal and Anwar is a perfect example of that, said senior Edward Whittle, SGA vice president on the Princeton campus.

Rider News

‘American Idol’: At auditions’ end

And so the understated audition tour glides to an understated final stop in Miami. In interviews, Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe dangled the very specific number three as the quantity of unmistakable earth-shattering talents we would meet in the pre-season.

Though admittedly, this critic is more of a theater gourmand than a licensed arbiter of musical abilities, I nonetheless am not quite sure of which three he was talking about. I feel that along this audition trail we have met a good number, as many as 20 or so, of very credible talents with great growth potential (not to mention tear-jerking back stories). But I cant say Ive had the …Oh My God moment that I remember when first gazing upon Katharine McPhee or Melinda Doolittle.

LA Times

‘American Idol’ Recap: Show Rediscovers Britney’s Ex, Reality-TV Vets, Simon’s Mean Streak

Viewers miffed that Simon has been more Dr. Phil than Dr. Evil so far this season will be delighted to hear that the Cowell Scowl returned with a vengeance on Wednesday night’s Miami audition show. Whether he was calling Paula’s short dress “really slutty” or sarcastically praising the failed “Idol” spinoff “American Juniors” (“I just love hearing children that age sing”), it was clear that the bratty Brit was in no mood to be patient or Paula-like.

Things got off to a deliciously retro start with an homage to the “Miami Vice” opening credits (the TV show, not the “realistic” 2006 Michael Mann movie). Seacrest stood before the 10, 000 aspiring Idols in the same exact spot where we rolled out the red (and white) carpets when the VMAs were in Miami. Pssst, Ryan, did you find an iPod containing an ungodly number of Meat Loaf songs down there? I left mine in one of the production trucks back in ’05. If so, please return to me. Not all of us make your ridonculous salary.


American Idol: Welcome to Miami

In Miami, Simon finally dared to ask the question that has been on the minds of …American Idol viewers for over six years now: What is in Paula Coke cup? Alas, we may never know.

The Miami audition show was far more interesting than that of Omaha. Many of the good performers were pretty darn good, and the bad were entertainingly bad. Except for the …Ill Make Love to You guy. They built him up too much, and the result was more tedious than hilarious.

Here the rundown:


American Idol: Miami Auditions

It looks like Idol may have listened to me; I always knew I had that kind of pull. What made last night’s episode such an improvement on the season thus far was continued tonight. We spent a lot less time on pointless back stories and a lot more time on the singing. In all honesty, I bet these changes really are in response to the feedback and reviews the show’s been getting this year so far. After all, the footage is already shot, so how hard would it be to do some last minute editing before it goes to air.

TV Squad

American Idol: 24 Hours Later, Chris Still on Cloud Nine

And just when Chris didn’t think things could get any better, TV Guide called, and will fly him out next week for a gig.

“Friday morning I’m going to be filming Idol wrap with Justin Guarini and Kimberly Caldwell, they’re past Idol contestants and we’re just going to talk about AI next week and stuff about auditions and everything. I can’t believe they chose me and it’s crazy.” TV Guide will be flying him out next Thursday to tape the Idol wrap.


Two from Jacksonville on Way to American Idol Competition

Two Northeast Florida people found friendship really is golden, with American Idol judges Simon Crowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson giving them both golden tickets for this year competition.
The two, Corliss Smith, 20, and Brittany Wescott, 20, of Jacksonville, were among 17 contestants chosen from the hundreds at American Idol auditions in Miami to go to the first round of competition in Hollywood.

Iowa man advances on American Idol

JoAnn Grimm always knew that someone from Charlotte would finally put the tiny Clinton County town on the map.

Grimm, the owner of Dad Place bar and restaurant, said she is not surprised that it turned out to be 24-year-old Leo Marlowe, who wowed …American Idol judges on Tuesday night show with his smooth voice and friendly personality.

…He always said he was going to go into acting, Grimm said Wednesday as the town reveled over Marlowe successful audition on the most-watched program in America. …Every time he would get up to sing karaoke here, the people would get really quiet so they could hear him.

Quad-city Times

Christina Tolisano Maury Makeover February 13th

American Idol Season 7 Princess Leia reject Christina Tolisano is getting a makeover on You Are Not The Father!, perhaps better known as the Maury Show. The twenty-four year old Connecticut native, who tanked during her Philly Idol audition, will receive a head to toe makeover on the February 13th episode of the syndicated talk show. And get this-Christina singing again! Look out for a performance of Melissa Etheridge …Im the Only One during the Star Wars fanatic Maury appearance.


Idol’s Most Memorable Auditions

The freaks, the stalkers and the ones who got away. Here are the best moments so far from this year’s American Idol auditions


Stratham teen says Idol judges ‹mean and ‹rude

To millions of television viewers Wednesday, 17-year-old Julie Dubela audition for “American Idol” appeared to go badly, very badly, with the judges rejecting and insulting her.

But Dubela, a well known and popular local singer, said the edited version of events presented by the show distorted what really happened.

…I feel like they tried to make the judges look like God and me the fool of the century, she said. …They make it look like (the judges) were giving me constructive criticism and I broke out in this diva fit. But it like, what do you do then? They were being rude and I was trying to get that constructive criticism.

This summer she began working with Mercury/Universal Records in New York and Boston on recording and artist development and is currently working to get a record deal.

…That one bugaboo I have with ‘American Idol.’ It like, congratulations, youre a singer. But that where it ends, she said. …Im trying to refine myself as an artist. I plan on expanding my horizons so I am a marketable asset, not another American Idol.

Seacoast Online

Melbourne singer advances on ‘American Idol’

Robbie Carrico is headed to Hollywood.

On the Wednesday night episode of “American Idol, ” all three judges gave the 25-year-old Melbourne man a “yes” after hearing his version of Lynryd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man.”

Simon Cowell said, “It was quite good, ” and Randy Jackson said, “You got a nice voice. It was kind of cool.”

Carrico, frontman for rock band Missing Picket, already knows a little of what to expect in the music business, not only from playing local shows and touring with his band for five years, but also from his boy band beginnings. He was a member of the Orlando-based Boyz N Girlz United in 1999 and 2000.

Florida Today

DUAL DIVAS: Jacksonville ‘sisters’ win over those Idol judges

Two Jacksonville women won the hearts of the judges and a trip to Hollywood and American Idol.

In the Idol episode that aired Wednesday, Corliss Smith, 20, and Brittany Wescott, 21, were among 17 contestants chosen from the hundreds at American Idol auditions in Miami to go to the first round of competition in Hollywood.

The episode was actually filmed about two months ago, and the women have already spent their week in Hollywood, where about 160 contestants are narrowed to 24. They’re back in Jacksonville, but are prohibited from talking about the show and whether they made it as two of the 24 finalists.

Episodes that air on Feb. 12 and 13 will show elimination down to those final 24.

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