Idol Headlines For 11/10/09

Carrie’s Opry Saturday

Carrie Underwood returns to the Grand Ole Opry Saturday, and you can watch her even if you aren’t in Nashville. MySpace has teamed with the Opry to stream the show live with video for the first time. The stream will run from 9-10 p.m. Eastern, and Carrie will perform songs from Play On, including Cowboy Casanova. (Jake Owen is also set to appear during that hour.)

If you are in Nashville, though, you might get Carrie to sign her new album. She’ll be autographing copies of Play On at the Opry Originals shop on Broadway in downtown Nashville from 5:30-6:30 p.m. before heading across the alley to play the Opry at the Ryman Auditorium.

USA Today

Prime Time’s Top-Earning Men

LOS ANGELES — Simon Cowell is more than just the meanest man in prime-time television, he’s also the best paid.

In an industry hammered by changing viewer habits and dwindling advertising dollars, the 50-year-old Brit and his Fox juggernaut American Idol continue to score record ratings and big money. Though the singing competition’s viewership has slid in recent years, it still managed to round out last season with an average weekly audience of 27 million, making it the most-watched series in prime time. And like Cowell’s fellow top earners, the host you love to loathe has found several avenues to cash in, including judging, producing and music publishing. His total haul between June 1, 2008, and June 1, 2009: $75 million.

American Idol Kris Allen on Why ‘Heartless’ Is on His New Album and ‘No Boundaries’ Isn’t

Can you give me a specific example of something you had to compromise on?
Right. Maybe. Maybe I wanted a song on there that didn’t end up on the album or maybe ‘ ¦ More than anything it was just frustrating going through this whole thing as quick as it was. I probably got frustrated unwarranted sometimes. And that’s definitely the case sometimes, where I got frustrated at people who maybe I shouldn’t have.

You include your cover of Kanye West’s “Heartless” as a bonus track. After his outburst at the VMAs, was there a discussion about leaving that song off the record?
I think there was a small discussion about it. We were like, “Maybe this isn’t the best idea.” But we’re not gonna base everything on what he does. So it was a discussion, but it ended really quickly. We were doing a show [the night it happened]. But when we got back on the bus, we heard about it. I think we saw on Twitter, there was like, “Did you hear what Kanye did?” And we were like, “What the heck did Kanye do this time?” It was a little like, “What the heck, why would he do that?” It was the wrong thing to do and maybe he’s learned from it. I hope so.

NY Magazine

Goodbye, Goo! Off-Broadway’s Toxic Avenger Will Close Jan. 3, 2010

The Toxic Avenger, the critically-acclaimed Off-Broadway musical about an unlikely superhero in New Jersey, will end its New York City run on Jan. 3, 2010, producers announced on Nov. 10. By close, the show will have played over 300 performances at New World Stages.

The cast includes “American Idol” Season 3 runner up Diana DeGarmo, Nick Cordero, Demond Green, Jonathan Root and Nancy Opel.

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Adam Lambert Says He’s More Like Beyonce Than Daughtry

dam Lambert clearly likes to have fun with his image. He loves the glamorous worlds of rock and roll and disco. He’s not afraid to wear makeup and glitter. Plus, he likes to poke fun at people’s perceptions of him, as he does on the kitschy cover for his forthcoming debut album, For Your Entertainment. But when it comes to his music, Lambert isn’t shy about shedding his pop-star persona and singing about deeper emotions.


Adam Lambert Defends His Glittery Image: The MTV News Quote of the Day

“People want to talk about whether I have rock cred, whether I’m selling out, the theatricality, the gay stuff. … Chill out! And just enjoy yourself. It’s not that deep. Sometimes it is deep. Some of the songs on the album are. Sometimes it’s just, ‘This is hot, I feel good, this song makes me want to go get a drink and flirt with somebody and have a good time.’ Good energy is just as credible as the cathartic, dark, heavy stuff. It’s just as important!”


Kris Allen makes Idol airplay Top 10, Carrie Underwood tops country chart

Kris Allen takes a big jump airplay jump this week, with Live Like We’re Dying getting a 27 percent increase in spins according to Mediabase (1, 637-2, 071). That’s enough to get Kris into the top 40 of the Top 40 format, as well as Hot AC. It also puts in the top 10 of our American Idol airplay chart for the first time.

Kelly Clarkson remains at No. 1 on the Idol airplay chart, with more than 13, 000 spins of Already Gone, but our No. 2 track, Carrie Underwood’s Cowboy Casanova, holds the top spot on the USA TODAY Country chart. All 13 songs from Play On made the Idol top 100 this week, with the title track getting the most spins (71) of the album cuts.

USA Today

Kris Allen’s album: Track-by-track

Kris Allen’s self-titled debut won’t be out until Nov. 17, but AOL Music started streaming the whole thing today. Here’s my track-track assessment. Listen to the album, then post your comments below.

USA Today

Kris Allen’s Debut Album: The Preview

Being a diehard “American Idol” fan is an emotional roller-coaster. No matter how much you dig a performer on the show, by the time his or her album leaks your fandom has been deflated by less-than-awesome singles and frustrations with how they’re being marketed. “Idol” albums are often over-written, over-produced and over-calculated, making the artist feel like studio-bots with little personality. “I’ll like the songs on tour, without all the studio crap around it, ” you say to yourself, trying to save face when deep down you know your favorite new singer laid an egg.

Showing Them Some Love: ‘Dreamgirls’ at the Apollo

There is a moment at the beginning of this latest revival of ‘Dreamgirls’  when reality and fantasy mesh, when the actresses performing onstage at the Apollo Theater in Harlem are as excited and anxious about their chance at stardom as the fictional ’60s-era singers they portray.

Deena Jones, the Dreamgirl who ends up supplanting Effie as the lead singer, is played by Syesha Mercado, a second runner-up on ‘American Idol’  last year. ‘The moment that we got here we could feel all the energy of the performers who came before us, ‘  Ms. Mercado said of the Apollo, adding that the initial days were a bit overwhelming. Deena, who wears a lifetime’s worth of clothes during the two-and-a-half-hour show, sometimes has no more than 15 seconds to go from one outfit to the next. ‘I was so scared, the first day I didn’t make my changes, ‘  she said.

NY Times

Happy Birthday, Bucky Covington!

Season 5 finalist Bucky Covington is showing no signs of slowing down. He’s had a very busy few months, and 2010 is shaping up to be a big year for the country star.

Just last week, Bucky released his brand new music video for his current single, ‘Gotta Be Somebody.’  The single, which was a #1 hit for rock group Nickelback, has been climbing the country charts. ‘Gotta Be Somebody’  will be on Bucky’s much anticipated sophomore album, I’m Alright. Mark your calendar ‘ the CD is scheduled to be released sometime this spring.

American Idol

Live Review: Kelly Clarkson in Phoenix

The first “American Idol” winner has enough hits to pack a two-hour show, but peppered in a worthwhile handful of covers, referencing the artists who sometimes influence her music.

“These are two of my favorite songs–two really great songs that I wish I could have sung on one of my records or wrote them, ” she said before mashing up Alanis Morissette’s “That I Would Be Good” with Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody, ” much to the excitement of the fans. The crowd cheered when she sarcastically sang Morissette’s line “I would be good even if I gained 10 pounds, ” an obvious nod to those who criticize Clarkson’s weight.


David Archuleta delivers ‘Christmas from the Heart’

(CNN) — Even though he has only one album under his belt, David Archuleta doesn’t think it is at all too soon to release a collection of Christmas music.

“I feel like you have to take advantage of the opportunities that you are given at the time, ” said Archuleta, 18, the runner-up on season seven of “American Idol.”

“I don’t know how long I will be in the position with music that I am. … I just felt like while people are enjoying what I am doing and recognizing the work I am doing, it probably is a good time to do it.”


Katharine McPhee: Glamour Girl

Stepping out for a swanky evening, Katharine McPhee was spotted at the Glamour Magazine 2009 Women of the Year Honors last night (November 9).

The ‘American Idol’  alum looked lovely as she arrived at Carnegie Hall in New York City, sporting a lilac-colored halter-style dress with black belt and black clutch.

Dolly Parton, again ‘hyping, ‘ attracts another big crowd

“I hope I ain’t hyping it too much, ” Dolly Parton said Monday, discussing her new Live From London CD/DVD package during a screening and question-and-answer session at The Tracking Room. “It’s just me, singing, in London. It’s just that it’s out, and it’s Christmas ‘ ¦ ”

Any new Parton album draws some hype, though, as she’s among American music’s most respected singer-songwriters. Monday’s event drew media from around the country, and a backstage area was filled with stars including Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler and Country Music Hall of Famer George Jones.

Ellen DeGeneres: Portia de Rossi “Will Be With Me Till the Day I Die”

Ellen DeGeneres says she’s found the One.

In the December issue of O: The Oprah Magazine, DeGeneres, 51, tells Oprah Winfrey that she and Portia de Rossi “are perfect for each other.”

The comedian, talk show host and American Idol judge (come this January) opens up to Winfrey about actress de Rossi, 36, with whom she’s been in a relationship since 2004. “She is so beautiful and so smart and so funny, ” DeGeneres gushes.

“I have that sense of ‘I’m done now.’ I’m settled, ” she says. “I know that part of my life is taken care of. I’ve got love. I’ve got someone who will be with me till the day I die.”

US Magazine

FIRST LOOK: Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres Share the Spotlight

That’s right: For the second time in its history, O, the Oprah Magazine is letting someone share the cover with Oprah Winfrey, in its December issue, out Nov. 12.

In fact, the duo posed for four different versions of the cover. One photograph features Winfrey, 55, and DeGeneres, 51, all in white, with Winfrey perched atop a giant gift box. Another has DeGeneres tied up in a string of holiday lights.

‘Glee’ brings joy to beleaguered music industry

LOS ANGELES – Its characters may feel like a bunch of unloved high-school misfits, but the quirky musical TV comedy “Glee” is putting smiles on the faces of music industry executives searching for new revenue in an era of plunging album sales.

Two months into the 2009-10 TV season, “Glee” is drawing a weekly audience of 8.6 million viewers to the Fox television network. Fans have bought more than two million tunes sung by the show’s cast on iTunes, and soundtracks are being compiled and sold in traditional stores.


‘Glee’ Star Kevin McHale: ‘I’m Really Good at Not Moving My Legs’

Kevin McHale has a brief but prestigious television resume – the former boy band singer switched gears to acting just a few years ago, but has already appeared in high profile shows like ‘The Office, ‘ ‘Zoey 101’ and ‘True Blood.’ Now Kevin is starring in FOX’s runaway musical hit ‘Glee’ as wheelchair-bound misfit Artie Abrams, and the actor tells PopEater in an exclusive interview that fans continue to be shocked by his real-life ability to walk. Their confusion is understandable, says Kevin: “I’m really good at not moving my legs.”


Dancing with the Stars, Survivor have the most expensive ads among fall reality TV shows

Of the reality shows airing this fall, Dancing With the Stars earns more per 30 seconds than any other show: $178, 687 for its performance shows, and $172, 570 for its results shows. Those blocks of television are followed by Survivor: Samoa, which earns $152, 246 every half minute. That’s all according to a report in Advertising Age, which surveyed media buying firms.

As much money as that may seem like, it’s well below what scripted and sports shows get: The most expensive fall show is Sunday Night Football, which earns $339, 700 per 30-second ad, while the rest of the top nine are all scripted series; Grey’s Anatomy, for example, gets $240, 462 for each 30-second ad.

That will change in the spring when American Idol 9 is expected to draw $360, 000 and $490, 000 per ad.

Reality Blurred

Donny Osmond: The Reality Rocks Interview, Pt. 2

In the second installment of Dancing Wth The Stars darling Donny Osmond’s epic two-part intervew, the showbiz legend talks about the “Donny & Marie” Vegas revue, his career highs (including the underground rock scene latently embracing the lost classc Osmonds album Crazy Horses) and lows (like his struggle with anxiety in the ’90s), and how–unlike most entertainers who have been in the business since toddlerhood–he’s managed to stay so grounded and sane.

‘Dancing’ does time warp with themed dances

After two weeks of double eliminations that have seen so-so dancers dropping like flies, “Dancing With The Stars” is down to five couples. Monday was the first night where every couple performed two complete individual dances ‘” one ballroom dance, and one Latin dance styled in the manner of a particular era. The Latin round was a little stronger and a lot weirder than the ballroom round, but in the end, the longtime frontrunner was back at the head of the pack.


Jedward: more than 3, 000 complain over Simon Cowell’s X Factor verdict

TV has received about 3, 000 complaints over The X Factor judge Simon Cowell’s decision to put twins John and Edward Grimes to a public vote on Sunday, a move that meant that the Welsh singer Lucie Jones left the show.

Cowell, who has been an outspoken critic of the pair ‘ calling them “vile creatures”, held the deciding judge’s vote over who would be dropped form the talent show on the Sunday night results show.

However, he stunned viewers by deciding to go to a public vote which, given the popularity of twins, meant that 18-year old Jones was dropped.

Susan Boyle to perform one song at concert in Toronto Free performance at First Canadian Place to promote first album

There’s no telling whether Susan Boyle’s dream includes appearing in Toronto, but that’s where the world’s most beloved underdog will be on Nov. 26, for what’s being billed as her only performance in Canada in 2009.

Boyle will perform just one song on the Waterfall Stage at First Canadian Place at 12:15 p.m. on Nov. 26, only three days after her first album, also titled I Dreamed a Dream, is released.


Ray Davies Concerned By Simon Cowell’s Influence

After four decades of writing hits, Kinks frontman Ray Davies continues to rejuvenate the art of songwriting, an art he feels has been tainted by music reality showman Simon Cowell. Davies, who penned hits like ‘You Really Got Me’ and ‘Lola, ‘ says he’s concerned that musicians today might be motivated more by reality television stardom than making music that matters. “I think what Simon Cowell does brings enjoyment to many people, ” Davies tells Spinner. “It’s entertainment but it should be treated like that. My concern is that a whole generation of people will just be growing up thinking that that’s the only sort of music that people can do.

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