Idol Headlines for 07/15/07

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Nobody really expected him to win. But for a brief spell it seemed as if Sanjaya Malakar had half the world on his side. Despite questionable singing skills and dubious choices in material, the 17- year-old native of Washington state soared through the “American Idol” elimination battles week after week, causing more drama in the nation’s living rooms than an entire season of “24.”….

SF Gate

Simple formula drives Nickelback

…Horrendous traffic around Hershey prevented many people from seeing the first opener, American Idol darling Daughtry.


They’re taking a (lemonade) stand for sick children
Cool-drink sellers dot the area, making bucks for charity

…In addition to the cups of lemonade, Munsey was also selling $5 autographed pictures and CDs of hometown favorite Elliott Yamin, dropped off early yesterday morning by his brother. The American Idol finalist was one of Whitney’s favorites, and he visited her during one of her hospital stays…


Former American Idol star Clay Aiken, to perform at Institution July 20

Clay Aiken, former American Idol star, will make his debut performance at Chautauqua Institution on Friday, highlighting the schedule during the fourth week of the institution season….

Observer Today


In the battle of the pop princesses, the Disney Channel – and a 14-year-old singer named Miley Cyrus – have emerged victorious. With more than a little help from the Mouse House, Cyrus dealt a serious blow to “American Idol” winner Kelly Clarkson’s bid to break out of her gilded cage with a more mature-sounding record. Last week, Cyrus landed the number-one spot on Billboard with her new CD, “Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus.” Clarkson came in second place…

NY Post

Can Katharine McPhee Last Without Stage Presence?

While writing this article may sabotage any chance I have at a future relationship with 2006 American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee, I feel compelled to single her out as an emblem of how essential it is for a true pop star to command the stage….

Cinema Blend


See Paula dry her eyes, gather her strength and go out in public.

See Paula triumph.

This is the dreary and repetitive scenario that awaits anyone who chooses to watch the Bravo “reality” series “Hey, Paula” in which Paula Abdul goes from sad to triumphant in 30 minutes.

After just a few episodes, it’s become obvious that this is going to be the plotline week after week: Basically, Paula fretting (and usually weeping) over what other people think about her – how she looks, what she’s wearing and what she says……

NY Post

Summer Showdown held Saturday

…People had to stare at Jenny Gleason. The 28-year-old Inverness resident is six and one half months pregnant and had the belly to show for it. Gleason, who has auditioned for …American Idol, said she was running despite having a high risk pregnancy. She has a thyroid condition but her gynecologist gave her the thumbs up for racing…

Chronicle Online

Red carpet stroll was just right

What, no screaming teenage girls?

Surely you thought, with six months to choreograph David Beckham’s arrival in Los Angeles, “American Idol” mastermind Simon Fuller could’ve conjured up a few weepy 15-year-old girls for some swooning Friday morning at Beckham’s introductory press conference.

What’s a British Invasion without the jelly-legged teeny-boppers?

After all, this is the same guy who managed to dig up a 13-year old girl who’d cry over Sanjaya Malakar…….

Daily Breeze