Glee Season 3 Spoilers – Michael Jackson Tribute – Episode 11

GLEE: Sebastian (guest star Grant Gustin, R) slushies Blaine (Darren Criss, L) in the "Michael" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, Jan. 31 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Adam Rose/FOX

OOPS You shouldn’t have done that Sebastian!

Chord Overstreet tweets, from the “Bad” set  (Dec 15)

Set for “Scream” performance

Blaine and New Directions – Wanna Be Starting Something – Via TVGuide

Glee Episode 11 is a tribute called “Michael” and is set to air on January 31st. Alfonso Gomez-Rejon directs.

FOX Official SummaryNew Directions battles the Dalton Warblers and their devious new leader for the right to perform a Michael Jackson song at Regionals; Rachel struggles with a weighty decision.

In a special episode celebrating the music of Michael Jackson, the rivalry between New Directions and the Warblers intensifies en route to Regionals. Meanwhile, Kurt and Rachel receive news regarding their admissions process at NYADA, and things continue to heat up between Sam and Mercedes in the all-new “Michael” episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, Jan. 31 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GLE-311) (TV-14 D, L, S)

The January 31 episode will find Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) declaring it “Michael Week” at McKinley High after some of the former Troubletones express regret over missing out on New Directions’ MJ medley at sectionals. (TV Guide)

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UPDATE: The Warblers number “I Want You Back” with Sebastian on lead has been cut from the episode, probably due to time constraints.   The episode is an hour long, not super-sized as Ryan Murphy hinted it would be in earlier reports.  ( Rachel, Santana, Blaine, Kurt and Artie visited Dalton Academy to watch the performance (the entire scene was probably cut)

UPDATE:  In a clip from The Tonight Show, Blaine is seen wearing an eye patch in the bedroom scene with Kurt.

UPDATE: Grant Gustin:  “Yes. I don’t want to give too much, but there has been a picture released of Sebastian slushing Blaine … I won’t say how or why, but Blaine gets hurt from that slushing. It’s been tampered with slightly. Q: You would think that Sebastian would have slushied Kurt. You would think that, but there’s a little twist. (

UPDATE: Chris Colfer tells He doesn’t understand why Blaine’s OK with Sebastian’s not-so-subtle advances — or why Kurt’s letting him make a play for Blaine in the first place. “Why hasn’t Kurt stepped up? You would think he would. He’s borderline accepting of it,” he said. “I wouldn’t be diplomatic like Kurt is. Kurt is way too diplomatic. I’d go get my shovel out of the backseat of my car and I’d take care of business, Clovis-style. No messing around.” (TVGuide)

UPDATE: Kevin McHale: “Sebastian turns into a f—ing tyrant,” says Kevin McHale, who will be, ahem, screaming mad about it. “The whole Kurt and Blaine thing really pisses Sebastian off, and he takes it out on New Directions. So we all team up to do something about it, and Artie doesn’t really agree with how Mr. Schue wants to handle things.” (TVGuide)

UPDATE: Spoilers from GleeZone

  • We learn whether Kurt and Rachel become NYADA finalists. Kurt goes to Blaine’s house with Rachel and Finn to share news about NYADA. Kurt, Rachel and Finn sing “Ben”.
  • Rachel and Finn have two scenes together. The first is at Rachel’s locker (seen in the promo). Rachel says she’s going to NYC whether she gets into NYADA or not. Finn pledges to go with her. The other scene is when the duo sings “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”
  • Rachel cries sad tears with Kurt
  • Kurt, Blaine and Finn get a little emotional during the episode but Rachel is the one sobbing.
  • The last scene of the episode is between Kurt and Rachel. Rachel finds out if she is a finalist at NYADA or not.
  • Both Rachel and Kurt are happy at the end of the episode
  • There are several kisses, not all of them between Rachel and Finn
  • Rachel has a scene with Quinn who tells her That in order to have her dreams come true, Rachel needs to break up with Finn.
  • Kurt has a scene with Burt
  • Kurt interacts with Sebastian after the latter hits Blaine with a slushie.
  • During Quinn’s “Never Can Say Goodbye” solo, Quinn’s solo,  Puck, Finn and Sam are on stage with her.

UPDATERachel says YES to Finn’s proposal. From next week’s “The Spanish Teacher” episode description, “After learning of Finn and Rachel’s secret engagement, Kurt does his best to convince the pair to forestall their plans.”

UPDATE: Grant Gustin Spoilers via The Hollywood Reporter:

  • Gustin tells The Hollywood Reporter that Sebastian will ditch the charming attitude and “take a turn for the mean” as he works hard to ensure the Warblers win the right to feature Jackson.
  • “It becomes everyone versus Sebastian,” Gustin says. “Everyone turns on him by the end of the episode, including the Warblers.”
  • “Sebastian is more offensive in this episode and I say some things to Santana at the beginning of the episode,” he says. “She’s pissed at what Sebastian has done to one of her friends — the slushie to Blaine — and there’s a little extra there and Blaine has to go to the hospital.”
  • Elsewhere in the episode, the Warblers will perform their biggest number yet when they cover “I Want You Back,” a routine Gustin says features more dancing than the guys have ever done that will take place at Dalton with a pair of New Directions members in attendance. He notes the Warblers aren’t trying to lure Blaine back but instead more of a “look how good we are” performance.

William Keck tweets, “Kurt #chriscolfer sticks up for his man Blaine #darrencriss Watch out Sebastian!!”

William Keck from TV Guide tweets, “I will say the MJ episode feels like the conclusion of Quinn’s storyline on Glee. She ends up in a very good place…Quinn finally makes peace with herself and seems to be putting McKinley to bed.”  Also, Quinn gets a “very interesting piece of news” according to TV Guide.

Cory Monteith on whether the other Glee clubbers find out about the proposal: “Yes! There’s one stirring scene in particular with Finn and Kurt — a “I thought we were supposed to be brothers” moment. There will be the kind of reaction that you would expect. Also, I think Finn is going to be on the learning curve of “Oh, it wasn’t just as simple as proposing and her saying yes.” There’s a lot more to it. (TV Guide)

Will Rachel say yes to Finn’s proposal? “She provides her answer — in true Glee form — in song. We pick up where we left off tonight in the following episode.” (TV Guide)

Blaine is hurt, and Sebastian is responsible say several spoiler sources. Now we have details.   Blaine is slushied for the very first time by Sebastian. Unfortunately, Blaine  has some sort of bad reaction to icy drink That’s why Blaine ends up in home in bed, being serenaded by Kurt, Finn and Rachel with a song about a rat.  Yeah, I was expecting something a little more dangerous too.

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Spoilers from the FOX TCA Party:

  • The Warblers are singing a Jackson 5 song, rather than “Rock With You” as previously reported. While the song appeared in the script early on, it didn’t get cleared, according to Kevin McHale (TV Line)
  • Santana and Sebastian sing “Smooth Criminal”. Grant Gustin reveals the setup: “I’m a little bit of a bad boy and I inflict pain on somebody. (Sebastian slushies Blaine, who has a bad reaction.)  She [Santana] comes to give me a piece of her mind. She comes to Dalton and ‘Smooth Criminal’ happens.” (EOnline)  (With dueling cellos.  Santana is pissed because Sebastian is responsible for Blaine getting hurt. See spoilers below)
  • For this episode, it’s everybody versus Sebastian,” McHale says of the sneaky gay teen who previously tried to come between Kurt and Blaine. “He’s our first male villain.”  (TV Line)
  • [Will wants MJ] to go down as one of the greatest performers of all time — and I think he will. [The episode] is about bringing Michael Jackson to a new generation.” In fact, look for Will to take to the blackboard with an episode-shaping question: “WWMJD?” (TV Line)
  • Harry Shum Jr. on Mike’s duet with Artie: ““It’s going to be a fun duet,” he says. “And that particular song has so much anger and angst about all these things that have built up, and Mike Chang has a lot of pent-up anger he couldn’t express, so you’re going to see a lot of explosive dance moments.” (TV Line) (Artie and Mike’s duet recreates the “Scream” video feat Michael and Janet.  Artie dances!)
  • Grant Gustin:  Sebastian’s Feelings For Blaine Change: “Sebastian’s slightly pulling away from Blaine. It’s not necessarily over, but there’s a different dynamic coming in this next episode—a little meaner, a little less flirtatious.” When we asked if Sebastian could be attempting to play hard to get, Gustin nixes the idea, saying, “Maybe, but it doesn’t necessarily feel like that to me.” (EOnline)

Chris Colfer tells EOnline that coming up, Kurt “Takes care of Blaine”.  This happens in the scene where Kurt,  Rachel and Finn sing “Ben” to Blaine, who is dressed in his jammies as the trio visit him at home.  (After Blaine is slushied by Sebastian)  (Photos from the set. Chris, Cory, Darren)

Chris Colfer will wear a leather Onesie: “I’m really excited for them to see the Michael Jackson episode – I wear a shocking onesie leather jumpsuit. I’m interested to see what the reaction is to that.”

Lea Michele tweets, “Off to the hallway now for a Kurt and Rachel scene… We’ll find out soon if they’ll get into NYADA or not!!”

TV Guide Spoilers including SONG SPOILERS (@WilliamKeck visited the set)

  • “Beat It” and “Billie Jean” WON’T be performed. They’ll be saved for a potential 2nd tribute next season.  There  are 10 songs on the set list in all.
  • Quinn (Dianna Agron will be the first of the #Glee kids to learn her post high school fate in the #MichaelJackson episode #diannaagron
  • Quinn sings “Never Can Say Goodbye” to Puck, Sam and Cory (her 3 ex-boyfriends)
  • Sebastian (Grant Gustin) and Santana (Naya Rivera) sing “Smooth Criminal” with 2Cellos!
  • Artie (Kevin McHale) and Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) duet on the MJ/Janet song  “Scream”  Plus, Artie will dance! (It’s a “dream sequence” a la “Safety Dance”)
  •  5 Glee stars perform “Black or White” feat. Mercedes (Amber Riley), Santana (Naya Rivera),  Rachel (Lea Michele), Artie (Kevin McHale)  and Kurt (Chris Colfer). The entire group participates in face morphing,  in a homage to the music video
  • Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Mercedes (Amber Rileysing a haunting mash-up of Human Nature & Nature Boy ”  (*The recorded song is not a mash up. Maybe it was a rights issue)
  •  Kurt  sings “Ben” to Blaine (Darren Criss) With Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn (Cory Monteith)  Speculation:  The song likely takes place during the scene they all shot at Blaine’s house.  (See below).  (Yes. It’s a love song to a rat)
  • Ryan Murphy expects the “Micheal” episode to be “super-sized” and run slightly over. The number of tunes in the episode have been cut down to 10.
  • See a complete list of song spoilers HERE or at the bottom of the page.

Glee filmed “Smooth Criminal” on Dec 13 It’s a duet between Naya Rivera and Grant Gustin!” “Okay they are filming smooth criminal today and it’s sort of a “battle” duet between Santana and that new warbler. [Sebastian] Heard Naya sing and she of course is fabulous. Also I’m not 100% sure but Santana may see the bottom end of a big gulp in the near future. Yep rumor has it she’s getting slushied again.” (Tumblr)   Naya Rivera confirmed in a tweet  that she did a song with Grant Gustin,  “Just finished doing an amazing song with the extremely talented @grantgust This kid can dance!!”

Glee cast filmed scenes at Dalton Academy. Lea Michele  tweeted, “Morning! Rachel’s first visit to Dalton today! So excited to see all the #Warblers and watch them sing and dance!  Via a photo tweeted by Naya RiveraKevin McHale, Darren Criss, Chris Colfer (in the background) are shooting there too  Cory Monteith was also spotted at the shoot.  Lea  tweeted that she watched Grant Gustin sing and that he was “amazing”. (Dec 14) (These scenes were probably cut, along with “I Want You Back”)

Lea Michele tweeted that she was on her way to shoot a scene at “Blaine’s house” with Darren Criss, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer.   (Photos from the set. Chris, Cory, Darren–who is wearing what looks like  silk pajamas. hm.)  (Dec 14)

TV Guide’s William Keck tweeting from the Glee set:  “It’s the Warblers vs. New Directions as #Glee takes on the #MichaelJackson classic BAD in a rainy LA parking garage. Kurt packs a mean punch”  (Probably THIS) and “Why is #marksalling wearing a red Cheerios skirt during #Glee rehearsal of #MichaelJackson BAD number???” (Dec 15)  UPDATE: Answer: Mark was just goofing around during “Bad” rehearsals. Read the TV Guide story HERE.

Curt Mega (Warbler) tweets, “So @chriscolfer is a beast… Don’t mess with him…  (Dec 15) (Is Chris practicing that “mean punch” he’s packing?)

According to a tweet from Lea Michele, Darren Criss will perform the opening number. She tweets, “This is the best song to end the week and start our holiday break with!!! Wish I could say what it is!!!!!” (It’s “Wanna Be Starting Something”)

Sebastian will be back,  according to spoilers from EOnline, “The evil Sebastian (Grant Gustin) will be back in a big way, and he’ll definitely try and make good on his promise to have Blaine (Darren Criss) by the end of the school year. And Kurt (Chris Colfer) will  not sit idly by and let that happen! It’s gonna get messy.

Song Spoilers (In Song Order)

  • “Wanna Be Starting Something” – Blaine
  • “Bad” – Warblers and New Directions – Kevin, Santana, Blaine, Sebastian
  • “Scream” (Janet duet) – Mike and Artie duet. Artie dances!
  • “Never Can Say Goodbye” – Quinn
  • “Human Nature  – Sam and Mercedes Duet
  • “Ben” – Kurt with Rachel and Finn (Sings it to Blaine)
  • Smooth Criminal” – Santana and Sebastian (Evil Gay Warbler!)
  • “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” – Rachel and Finn duet
  • “Black or White” feat Mercedes, Santana,  Rachel, Artie  and Kurt
  • “I Want You Back” – Sebastian (Grant Gust) and the Warblers (According to Kevin McHale, “Rock With You” was originally in the script, but it wasn’t cleared.  The Warblers sing a Jackson 5 song instead, according to TVLine CUT FROM THE EPISODE


  • Lea Michele tweets tweets, “Morning.  Back to work! Think I’ll start the day w/ some coffee at the Lima Bean w/ @NayaRivera @druidDUDE @DarrenCriss @chriscolfer and…..@grantgust!!! Happy Friday everyone! (Dec 9)
  • Curt Mega (Warbler) tweets, “Literally just got home. 3000 miles later and I’m back where I’m supposed to be. Early morning tomorrow, long, crazy, AWESOME day ahead” (12/12)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Morning! Just got to work.. We’re doing something very exciting over here at #Glee today! (12/13)
  • Damian McGinty tweets, “On my way to work, this could be a very fun day!! (12/13)
  • Grant Gust tweets, “Back at work(play) today & stoked about it!!! Should be an exciting day.” (Dec 13)
  • Naya Rivera tweets, “Just finished doing an amazing song with the extremely talented @grantgust This kid can dance!!” (Dec 14)
  • Lea Michele  tweets “Morning! Rachel’s first visit to Dalton today! So excited to see all the #Warblers and watch them sing and dance! (Dec 14)
  • Grant Gustin tweets, “Another long, exciting day on set!! So stoked” (Dec 14)
  • Naya Rivera tweets, “Seasons greetings from Dalton!” (Dec 14)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Having the best time at #Dalton! @grantgust is singing and he is amazing! (Dec 14)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Dalton was awesome! But we have a looong night ahead of us! Me @chriscolfer @CoryMonteith and @DarrenCriss are on our way to Blaines house! (Dec 14)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “First scene up is a #NewDirections & #Warblers number! So excited!!! (Dec 15)
  • William Keck tweets, “It’s the Warblers vs. New Directions as #Glee takes on the #MichaelJackson classic BAD in a rainy LA parking garage. Kurt packs a mean punch” (Dec 15)
  • William Keck tweets, “Why is #marksalling wearing a red Cheerios skirt during #Glee rehearsal of #MichaelJackson BAD number???” (Dec 15)
  • Chord Overstreet tweets, “Late night shoot w the boys @iharryshum @Mark_Salling @damianmcginty @druidDUDE I think u’ll lov this number!!! (Dec 15)
  • Diana Agron tweets, “Dancing in the parking lot like bad kids till 3 in the morning…” (Dec 15)
  • Curt Mega (Warbler) tweets, “So @chriscolfer is a beast… Don’t mess with him…  Dec 15 (Is Chris practicing that “mean punch” he’s packing?)
  • Dominic Barnes (Warbler)  tweets, “I can’t feel my legs!!!! And it’s been less that 24 hours and I already miss my warbler bros! @curtmega @grantgust @rikerR5 @titusmakin” (Dec 16)
  • Dominic Barnes tweets, “@CourtneyGaliano Yesterday was so much fun!!!! You need to be there wayyyy more often” (Dec 16) (Courtney, SYTYCD alum, plays one of the “skanks” on Glee)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Shooting the opening song for our Michael Jackson episode… This ones going to be EPIC!!! @DarrenCriss is killing it!!!” (Dec 16)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Off to bed early tonight! Got a very early call time for #Glee tomorrow! Rachel and Quinn scene first up..see you soon @DiannaAgron” (Jan 2)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Rise and shine! Back at work! Feels so good! Finishing up our Michael Jackson episode. (Jan 3)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Another early morning here at #Glee :) First up a very sweet #Finchel duet for our MJ episode” (Jan 4)
  • Lea Michele tweets “Been shooting all day! Still shooting our #Finchel duet.. @CoryMonteith is killing it right now!!!” (Jan 4)
  • Cory Monteith tweets, “@msleamichele im actually getting a bit emo about it. so good.” (Jan 4)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Sooooo just finished the first scene of the day! That took 11 hours!!! WOW!! But of course more work to be done!” (Jan 4)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Off to the hallway now for a Kurt and Rachel scene… We’ll find out soon if they’ll get into NYADA or not!!” (Jan 4)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “On to the next scene! Another Kurt & Rachel:) It’s been SUCH a long day…” (Jan 4)
  • Alex Anders tweets, “We have cast vocals all day today. @NayaRivera just rocked some MJ. @chriscolfer is comin’ in next.” (Jan 9)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Recording one of my favorite MJ songs today that will be the final song for our Michael Jackson episode!” (Jan 9 )
  • Alex Anders tweets, “Alright @chriscolfer fans…here you go. Chris singing in the studio.” (Jan 9)
  • Alex Anders tweets, “@AmberRileyArmy @msamberpriley In about five minutes Amber will be back in the studio. (Jan 9)
  • Kevin McHale tweets, “Some chocolate mint tea & some sangin’ ..Studio timeee! Last MJ song ;) (1/10)
  • Harry Shum Jr. tweets, “I am having the BEST time recording this MJ song!! I’m jumping around all over the place. (1/10)
  • Harry Shum Jr. tweets, “This is a better one…Mr. Mic ”  (1/10)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Back at work.. Finally on our last song for the Michael Jackson episode!” (1/12)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “@chriscolfer on set looking super buff!!!! (1/12)
  • Chord Overstreet tweets, “Such a beautiful day!! Anybody wanna guess what we’re shooting?! Here’s a hint. Green screen!”  (1/12)
  • Kevin McHale tweets, “This @grantgust, or should i say Sebastian, has been givin me stanky mug from the other side of the camera all day. Imma slap him. (1/12)
  • Naya Rivera tweets, “I think Harry’s pregnant…
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Wow today’s been such a long day! Still working hard on the same number! Think it’s going to be great!” (1/13)
  • Chord Overstreet tweets, “Mj
  • Amber Riley tweets, “Aaaand on to some more dancing! Almost done” (1/13)
  • Grant Gust tweets, “LONG day! So much fun. Officially done with my MJ days. Can’t wait for you guys to see this episode!” (1/13)
  • Harry Shum Jr. tweets, “Today @druidDUDE & I will finally be filming our MJ duet! Just saw the set and it looks INSANE!!!”
  • Matthew Hodgson tweets, “Just watched @iharryshum do his thing. Amaze. Can’t wait for @druidDUDE to get up next!”
  • Naya Rivera tweets, “Just watched @druidDUDE and @iharryshum MJ duet, it’s gong to be one of the best performances this show has ever had! Lea and I got chills!” 1/13
  • Grant Gust tweets, “@NayaRivera @druiddude @iharryshum I. Can’t. Wait. Saw a rehearsal video yesterday and lost my shiz it was so good. Gonna be dope! (1/13)
  • Kevin McHale tweets, “2nd 15+ hour day in a row and i couldn’t be happier. I wish we could shoot this MJ ep forever…but alas, it’s complete! ENJOY!” (1/14)

B-Roll Featuring Clips from “Black Or White” and “Smooth Criminal”

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60s Video Teaser!

Michael Promo #3

New Promo

Michael Promo #2

Michael Promo #1:

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