DWTS 28 – Week 10 (Semi-Finals) – POLLS! – Vote For Your Favorites

The semi-finals of season twenty-eight of Dancing with the Stars was a night filled with a roller coaster of emotions. The top five pairs danced their hearts out in two rounds of competition, all trying to become the final four that will compete for the championship next Monday Night. And it ended up being one of the most shocking nights of the entire season.

The highest scoring couple of the evening, Ally & Sasha, and arguably, the strongest overall dancer of the season, James and his partner Emma, saw themselves stuck in that dreaded bottom two position. While Ally may have felt her time was up, the judges opted to save her once again, eliminating perceived front runner James just one week shy of the finals. It was the toughest and most surprising boots we have seen all fall.

Despite Ally scoring very high the last couple of weeks, something still hasn’t caught on completely with America as she ended up in the bottom for the third time. The judges then proceeded to save her over someone who had an one off night for the first time, clearly due to a personal tragedy he was dealing with. It just seemed like the wrong choice, and even Ally knew that which is why she was so adamant about James taking her spot. But of course, that’s not the way the rules work, as sweet of a gesture as it was.

Lauren’s bottom two appearance last week really sparked a fire under her supporters and enabled her to advance even though neither of her two routines were really all that special. Kel had another above average night (proving once again that peaking on a show like this is good when it happens at the right time) and Hannah is the sole competitor left who has never been in danger. It helps as well that she is very down to earth to the audience and keeps coming back despite the judges knocking her down.

I feel as though the win could very well come down to who shines the brightest in the freestyle round and who’s fans are the most supportive during next week’s live vote. Right now, my money is on the final two being Hannah and Kel, though I could see a legitimate case being made for the other two as well. I definitely don’t think any of them is running away with it. We very much have a down to wire situation on our hands. But I want to hear from you guys.

Since next week is only a one-night finale, this will be the final polls of the season. Which semi-final performance(s) did you love? Did you agree or disagree with the elimination? And of course, who do you think is just six days away from succeeding Booby Bones as our new champion? Feel free to take the polls and comment. Next Monday, it will be a jam packed two-hour grand finale with special guests, performances, the return of all of this season’s crop of celebrities, and the naming of our winner. Join me as the fun commences @8 Eastern. Until then, have a great week everyone. :D