Allison is from Utah. Twitch from SYTYCD and Allison’s husband arrives at rehearsal for some encouraging words. Allison is in her element here. She knows contemporary dance like the back of her hand and she knows how to choreograph a beautiful routine. This is Andy’s best dance so far but he still has some messy and awkward moments. I definitely feel as though practice is the key word for Andy. The potential seems to be strong with him and I want him to do well but each dance feels like there is a level that he needs to hit and he just misses the mark.

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Julianne says that yes, dancing is hard. She said she saw Andy being present tonight. She critiques that he doesn’t finish his arms though. Bruno says it was such a difficult routine. He felt he was much more grounded. But he must sustain his moves and he nearly missed a lift. Carrie Ann disagrees and Bruno apologizes. She felt that Andy improved but she saw a bit of stress in his eyes.
Carrie Ann- 8
Julianne- 8
Bruno- 7
Total: 23/30