Emma has no clue about what the latest teen craves are. Hayes is having a weird time in rehearsals. He thinks they need to merge worlds as the season goes on. Alright. Hayes is okay. Nothing amazing but nothing dreadful either. He had some nice cha cha cha moves, though his timing could use a bit of work. He also needs to get more comfortable with the steps and be more in the dance. Practice definitely helps with those things and I think Hayes could have the potential to do quite well if he works hard.

Julianne thinks Hayes has a natural ability. She wants him to work on his core strength and he needs to open his eyes. Bruno could watch Hayes for an hour. He liked his musicality but wanted him sharper. Carrie Ann makes a joke about Hayes age. She thought Hayes was fun to watch but has room to grow.
Carrie Ann- 7
Julianne- 7
Bruno- 7
Total: 21/30

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