David Archuleta Performs at ArtPrize Grand Rapids, MI

David with Ryan Star (on his right) and members of Hot Chelle Rae. Photo: @RyanStar

David Archuleta played the free ArtPrize concert in Grand Rapids MI last night in front of approximately 15 thousand fans.   British pop star, Natasha Bedingfield headlined the show that also featured Ryan Star (he’s played with both David Cook and Kris Allen) and Hot Chelle Rae.

Set list: Something Bout Love, Stomping the Roses, A Little Too Not Over You,
Elevator, My Kind Of Perfect, Falling Stars, Crush, Zero Gravity(encore)

Watch David Archuleta in JOSEPH... ...
Watch David Archuleta in JOSEPH... at Tuacahn Amphitheatre

Thanks @music78girl

The only video available right now is poor quality, but it gives you an idea of how enthusiastic the crowd was.

Update: Added – “Something Bout Love”, “Stomping the Roses”, “Elevator”, “My Kind of Perfect”, “Falling Stars”, “A Little Too Not Over You”

Bonus Video: “Stomping the Roses” Soundcheck, “Falling Stars” Soundcheck

Video Sources: MALTMusic, reoracer, bubblesark, codywilson, dkristen8110

thanks frogcooke

Video after the JUMP…

Something Bout Love

Stomping The Roses

A Little Too Not Over You


My Kind of Perfect


Falling Stars




Zero Gravity


Sound Check: Stomping the Roses

Sound Check: Falling Stars

Something ‘Bout Love

Interview with MLive

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  1. crowd estimated at 20k for this, and they were just on fiyah, as was david last night. waiting for these vids too, cause judging from how awesome he sounded on the cellcast, they should be awesome…

  2. I’m telling y’all, David is one of the best live performers I’ve ever seen and heard! I think people are beginning to see this! He’s great!

  3. So I gotta say, never thought I would see @RyanStar and @DavidArchie together?!

  4. Just an FYI- TeenNick is advertising Archie’s new album on their channel. They play Something Bout Love in the background.

    And why wouldn’t Ryan Star and Archie ever be paired together? They both are reality show contestants.

  5. wow… what a night and can’t wait for the other videos to pop up!
    heard the whole thing was crazy and they MADE David come back for an encore and he wasn’t even the headliner!!!?
    need to hear this and ZG!

    WOWza.. the TARGET AD is crazy good for TOSOD!

    great price too!
    Best Buy!

  6. Video interview:


    we know he’s singing Elevator at Wendy Williams show, but looks like the band will be there for the Regis show:

    RT @benantelis: At the airport wayyy to early with Kellen. Looking forward to Regis and Kelly on Wednesday with @Davidarchie @mikekmusic and @toadonkeys!


    David Archuleta
    Archie was in the house; that much was obvious by the pandemonium brought on by the appearance of the 19-year-old “American Idol” alumni. The crowd went berserk for Archuleta, screaming and carrying on throughout his half-hour set.

    “People always ask me what I’m looking for in the girl,” he divulged as a prelude to the appealing song “My Kind of Perfect.”

    via MLive


  8. I keep watching STR video over and over! Really like the attitude in that song! Again, thank you so much MJ for always willing to post all idols fairly and ready to defend David since we all know he’s not well received (don’t know why – guess I look at the singing and now how they look or act… Guess that’s how I would want to be treated!) :)

  9. wow I heard crowd was at 20k. It sounded like there were a lot of Archuleta fans. I can’t wait for the other videos of Archie from this concert. He sounded and looked great. He really deserves all the success that he has.

  10. from all reports, that was one heck of a hot crowd in michigan…very large, loud and enthusiastic. was listening on a cellcast, and you could feel the intensity and energy during david’s set – they gave him one heck of a response, and got a little rowdy after crush, chanting and screaming for one more, lol… loving that kind of response, and can’t wait for more video to surface.

  11. SBL plays good live, the crowd appears to love it, and they even sing along in places. I wish Jive would have given SBL more of a chance on radio. Sigh.

  12. I’m waiting for a ZG vid, haha but I bet it will be like the last one that turns up. I guess he was trying hard not to have the biggest grin on his face while singing it. haha. It’s still funny the crowd got him to come back for an encore even though he wasnt even the headliner. I cant believe it actually worked.

    ETA: I totally dont mean to post-ho either.

    ALTNOY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyViipvzVyg
    (he sings a bit of These Words in the beginning)

  13. STR looks to be a great live performance song for David — he’s always on with it, and I really love the change ups at the end of the sound check video.

    I worried about him singing Falling Stars live – so many switches in and out of falsetto, but he seems to be performing that one great too. Don’t know what’s wrong with me. I mean, I’ve been in audience when he’s killed songs vocally. (Ave Maria at the Christmas concert? Hello?)

    I was on the cell cast last night and heard the chanting begin when David finished his set. So exciting. That would’ve been one heck of a concert to attend.

  14. Kinda bummed that he didn’t sing The Other Side of Down, which is one of my favorites. Looks like they’re setting up the singles to be Something Bout Love, Elevator, Falling Stars, and Stomping the Roses. And of that group, single 4 seems to be the strongest song. I listened to the stream at AOL. I like David’s album; don’t mean to be negative. It would just be great if David got a few singles, or even one strong single, from this album.

  15. You mean, strong in terms of radio? I hope so too.

    This album in itself sounds strong to me. Look Around is sort of an obsession (more so after listening to the physical album on good speakers — I can get sort of lost in the lyrics and deep sounds in the music.) But there are more songs I love than songs I don’t. It took me a while to ‘fall for’ Falling Stars, but on good speakers? I turn it up to hear the prettiness of it, and I’ll bet the young girl population that makes up a big part of his audience, or (IMO smartly) targeted audience, loves that one.

  16. Great concert. I was listening to the cellcast when David finished with Crush and the crowd kept chanting for David to come back out for one more song!!! ……..and he did!! as others have mentioned. What a thrill! Zero Gravity..a great crowd song to jump to. Brought back good memories of a LIVE concert I went to last year. Love how comfortable he’s getting singing the new songs. 20,000 people WOW!! This should make him feel good going into his performances and chats this coming week.

  17. I was at this concert last night – up against the fence! Got to hear everyone’s soundcheck and see them perform up close and personal. They were all wonderful. Ryan Star, Hot Chelle Rae and Natasha Bedingfield, all great! Now, David was absolutely incredible and the crowd went INSANE for him. After his set finished it was an instant rush to bring him back out for one more impromptu song! Even the guys at the radio station were getting in on it. We were chanting for so long that by the end, I couldn’t even say Da-vid! one more time. Zero Gravity was incredible. He told us he would only sing it in we jumped and danced – and trust me, WE DID. He was spinning, twiriling, he even tried tap dancing for us on stage! :P

    Oh, and I just want to say that Stomping the Roses = <3! It's one of my favorites off of the album. I wish he would've sang The Other Side of Down, though! That one IS my favorite song. Everything was just perfect. So, so, so perfect! I can't wait to see the numbers from his album after this week. I hope he has a great debut! He sang every song in an amazing way, and I feel so lucky to have seen him again! (:

  18. Wow that crowd was great! David sounded amazing on that reoracer STR soundcheck. He sounds great in all the youtube videos coming out. I agree SBL looks like it’s a crowd pleaser.. too bad it didn’t have a great radio impact. Oh well. As long as David gets to do tours, turn out new music and be his happy self.. i’m satisfied. :)

    I’m soooo looking forward to his concerts. Can’t wait to see the performance of Look Around.

  19. Who is the guy standing to the left of David? He’s hot. David sounded great as well. Great to see and hear the crowd response.

  20. Fun Fact to Know and Tell:

    Just learned that one of the guys in Hot Celle Rae is the brother of Glee’s new cast member, Chord Overstreet.

  21. oh really? neat!

    MKOP from last night was really pretty.

  22. hmm.. i wonder if that will bode well for the Hot Celle Rae bro.. might be kinda fun to have him guest on Glee

  23. ^^^There it is, the ZG video! That’s what I was waiting for frog! Thanks! That encore chant was something else. Is that the first time David has ever had a spontaneous encore chant?? DA-VID, DA-VID, DA-VID, DA-VID! He must have been thrilled, lol.

  24. well he’s had them before, but usually on his own shows where there is obviously an enocre planned. I dont think its ever happened at a radio show(or well to the extent that it worked), particularly one he wasnt headlining. lol It wasnt even on the setlist, haha, you can tell it was not planned at all.

  25. DA-VID! DA-VID! Zero Gravity is the most fun concert song!!

    Thanks for posting, MJ!!

  26. Looks like a great crowd and they really seemed to love David!!

    STR is becoming this year’s Zero Gravity….will never get tired of seeing him perform ZG!

    I wanted so much to go to this….too long of a drive to go there and back home in one day. Hopefully, he will come a little closer to Metro Detroit area soon!

  27. We came from Baltimore and were thrilled to be there, what an AMAZING night for David & all of us! You can see by the vids, everyone in this huge, huge crowd just loved David & his incredible music! His new album “The Other Side Of Down” is amazing beyond words and it was so great to see him perform some of the new songs, will never forget it!! Just so happy for David & excited for this Tues. & the release of TOSOD!! :)

  28. I have watched all the videos from this concert and David was amazing. I love Falling Stars. SBL, STR, and My Kind of Perfect. Even if you are not a huge fan everyone would have to agree that David can really sing live great.

  29. David is one of those performers who actually sound just as good, if not better, live vs. their recordings. His sincerity, energy, and charm radiates when he performs in front of an audience. I wish the label would have chosen different tracks to release as singles. The title song The Other Side of Down, Falling Stars, and Stomping The Roses seem to be much better choices for singles. Not convinced Elevator is the most radio friendly track. Hoping this album is a big seller for this incredibly talented kid.

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