David Archuleta and Jordin Sparks ‘No Air’ Duet!

From today’s Jordin Sparks Experience concert: Jordin Sparks and David Archuleta duet on “No Air”! Pretty awesome.

Watch Katharine McPhee, David Fost...
Watch Katharine McPhee, David Foster, and Jeremy Jordan on Instagram Live Concert

Plus, David sings “Crush” and “Apologize”. Jordin, of course, performed solo as well–I’ll post videos of her performances when I find them.

Videos after the JUMP…

Jordin Sparks and David Archuleta sing “No Air”

David Archuleta sings “Crush”

David Archuleta sings “Apologize”

Nightime performances:

Nighttime performance of “No Air” (this one is even better!)

Jordin Sparks, Sam Moore and David Archuleta

Jordin Sparks covers Pretty Young Thing

Jordin Sparks – Tattoo

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  1. Wow, Archie sounds really good on that duet with Jordin! I’d love to have a clean recording of the two of them on that song. Thanks mj for posting these vids. I’m going to watch the rest of them now.

    ETA: What that black mark under Archie’s eyes? At first I thought it was sunglasses in the first vid, but now it looks like what football players do to reduce glare on the field, lol. Very strange!

  2. Thanks for posting. Awesomage!! I would LOVE to have them do a duet on David’s upcoming album!

    Thanks for posting MJ!!

  3. Yeah jordin sang sos, walking on snow, one step at a time, tattoo, battlefield and the no air duet.

  4. Really good? I think Archie sounded weak and off his game here. Did you listen to Apologize? He couldn’t clear the high note hurdle at all. I had to turn it off, as I couldn’t bear listening any more. Don’t know whats going on with him, between the mark on his face and his voice. I do hope it isn’t anything serious.

  5. movin2thabeet, I guess I was focusing more on the overall tone of his voice, and how well it blended with Jordin’s, rather than how well he sang each individual note. I’m actually not a fan of his music, so I don’t listen to him a lot, am not that familiar with his voice to tell how on point he is on any given song. I just liked the vibe of the two of them together.

  6. The stuff under his eyes is makeup, done as part of the promo there for not txting and driving. There are pics with both of them made up, don’t know why David didn’t remove his by the time they did the duet.

    I agree that David had a rocky start on “Apologize” but if you listen to the whole piece he gets much better.

  7. “Really good? I think Archie sounded weak and off his game here. Did you listen to Apologize? He couldn’t clear the high note hurdle at all. I had to turn it off, as I couldn’t bear listening any more. Don’t know whats going on with him, between the mark on his face and his voice. I do hope it isn’t anything serious.”

    mark on his face? i dunno but his cheek still looks puffy lol

    oh haha do you mean those black things? haha yeah those are part of jordins charity thing. ‘I’m MAD, Are you?’

  8. No Air was really great! And yes, the marks are eye makeup….similar to what football players wear under their eyes during games. It has nothing to do with his well being.

  9. The mark on his face is like the grease paint football players put under their eyes. There was actually writing — something related to the not texting and driving — and yes, Jordin had the same makeup on for a while.

    I love the duet. My computer’s giving me problems and I’ve had to listen in starts and stops, but they sounded good together. IMO, David does very well with duets.

  10. lol baseball mom. we said the same thing at the same time using different words.

  11. really good?????

    david did great</strong>!!! omg!!!this is amazing duet in so many ways!!!!have you listened to jordin and that little boy(bieber???)?then tell me which one is good and great….IMO!

    anyway, i’m hoping that jive will have a summer tour plan for both of them (jorvid ftw)….great combination!

  12. omgosh! they were amazing in the duet!
    ha more please!!!
    guess David is growing up… yep more duets there dude!

  13. RT @FranFOD: David in a suit. Rumored to be singing no air tonight again with jordin

    we’ll see lol. theres a few peeps there.

  14. They sounded lovely together. It would be nice to have them release a duet in the future.

  15. Jordin actually had the same football paint on during her performance as David did. It says, “I’m M.A.D. Are You?” MAD stands for Making A Difference.
    Not sure if the site will let me post links here but here’s an attempt at a link to a pic over at Getty Images where you can see both of them:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the entire performance. From David, from Jordin and especially their duet. They have a natural chemistry when singing together; you can tell they are both enjoying it!

    Thank you to Jordin and to David for taking time to support charity. What a beautiful thing they and the Starkey Foundation did today — giving the gift of hearing to those without. So awesome.

  16. They sounded lovely together. It would be nice to have them release a duet in the future.

    ITA. That would be great… they have a lot of chemistry and their voices blended well.

  17. “Really good? I think Archie sounded weak and off his game here. Did you listen to Apologize? He couldn’t clear the high note hurdle at all. I had to turn it off, as I couldn’t bear listening any more. Don’t know whats going on with him, between the mark on his face and his voice. I do hope it isn’t anything serious.”

    ha~ I thought just the opposite. I really liked the high pitch notes on this. I know this recording is NOT GOOD at all, but I still loved that he played the piano and his voice sounded great to me.

    That is a very very high note. His version is higher than Kris Allen’s and even One Republic’s. I just tried singing it at the same range, and I cannot sing it. Gah!

    I’m hoping for a better recording of Jordin and him singing No Air. That sounds great.

  18. ill help you out music78girl :)

    thanks to david-daily.com, heres a pic of David and the stickers he wore. no theyre not sunglasses or makeup:


    and heres a pic of Jordin and David both sporting the stickers!


    I personally loved the duet and think he sounded incredibly in both No Air and Apologize – the riffs, runs, and high notes were outstanding! Crush on the other hand could use some help.

  19. Weeee

    Love love love

    Jordin and Archie sounded great together. I have to disagree with the poster above. I have heard Chris Brown sing this live and he could not sing the high notes, he would drop and let the backup singers sing his part.

    So, great job Jordin and Archie. They even got a standing O from the audience

  20. “I personally loved the duet and think he sounded incredibly in both No Air and Apologize – the riffs, runs, and high notes were outstanding! Crush on the other hand could use some help.”

    well i think he did make a comment after crush about it getting his voice more warmed up or going more or something like that. haha Im guessing he didnt really warm up then.

  21. I’m a huge fan of Archie — he was my homeboy before Adam came around; I am a fan of them pretty equally still, though! And those performances were magnificent. I’m not picking up the weakness in No Air, the riffs, runs, they were all fantastic. (I’ve been practically begging for a Jordin/David duet for ages now – hallelujah! Someone finally came through). It could have been that he hasn’t sang the song much at all and he isn’t used to it yet, perhaps that’s what people are picking up? I’m not sure. All I know is that those two sound so gorgeous together, they really should do a recorded duet & release it. -Wink, wink- @ Jive. Aha.

    And for the Apologize, I’ve hear plenty of his versions — too many to count, actually — and he sounded pretty solid to me. His falsetto is a little airy when he doesn’t warm-up as good as he could or it could be from something totally different, who knows. I could completely off, but anyway, I haven’t listened to Crush yet. Scratch that, I’m listening now. Let me tell you, I’ve listened to THIS song a ridiculous amount of times. I was actually at Ford Day when he sang it live for the first time, and David sounded just fine to me here! A little quieter that usual, but he had nice pitch, and he really went for it at the end. All in all, I think those were three great performances and I really, really, really hope that him and Jordin get to duet together in the near future.

  22. Proud of both Archie and Jordan. The singing was great! Especially liked the duet. This is part of Super bowl week. The black patches are purposely like the football players with a purpose.MAD MAKE A DIFFERENCE –which both of them are doing. Earlier numerous children received brand new hearing aids and I’m sure they more than appreciated the singing! David has sung both Crush and Apologize better but fans there said hearing all of it live was fantastic!! They were all inspired. ..and we’re all that much more appreciative of our hearing. I’m also glad that they are promoting no texting or phone use while driving. My niece was killed last night in an Auto accident and was on the phone to her boyfriend when she hit a patch of ice. The last words he heard her say was OH NO!!! Proud of Jordan and Archie.

  23. Heidijoy, so sorry to hear about your niece. My condolences. :(

    LOVED the duet; David is great as usual.

  24. Thanks for your concern. Hopefully we can spread the word like Jordan and Archie are. Hadn’t planned to share that here but it kind of fits with making a difference. Bless you.

  25. I thought movin2thabeet comment was… strange? Because for me, just for me (as would say Randy Jackson) Archie & weak voice is definitely an oxymoron!!!

    I am used to listen Archie a lot, and I didn´t notice anything wrong with his voice, which is awesome as always! He and Jordin were lovely, they did a great job together and I would like mooore!!! His Apologize is pretty solid, the voice sound great (as always), the same for Crush!

    About the duet… movin2thabeet , did you see/hear Jordin/The Fetus´ ‘No Air’? Because if you compare, Archie certainly deserves a Grammy for ‘best-in-the-world-duet’!

    And although I prefer his gorgeous silk skin without any stickers or other ‘embellishments’, it was for a very good cause, so it´s all good and he is cute anyway!

  26. Heidijoy–I’m terribly sorry to read about your niece. Your family must be devasted.

    Re: the duet–Jordin is such a swell friend to wear flats! I thought they sounded great together.

    David did fine on Apologize. He’s always had a weak falsetto, but he’s got such a huge chest voice range, he rarely needs it. The verses of Crush always sound to low. The ironic thing is that his big hit single is kind of a crappy song in concert. He sounds fine on it, but the must be 20 songs I’ve heard him do in concert that are better.

  27. Heidijoy, so sorry for your loss. :(

    I’ve been wanting to hear Jordin & Archie duet on this song for a while now and this did not disappoint! Those two need to record a duet together-that will be on my wishlist. C’mon Jive, make it happen!

  28. I love this performance of “No Air”! Chris Brown and Justin Bieber should be kicked to the curb. David Archuleta is the real deal.

  29. They sound terrific and are having so much fun I have to keep watching it over and over.

  30. heidijoy, so very sorry for your loss :(

    Archie & Jordin are ridiculously cute. I really enjoyed that, hope they do get to record a duet together eventually.

  31. Thanks for posting the night time performances. Is this Archie’s first time dueting on stage with a female singer? He and Jordin blend so well with their soulful voices – it’s a great match!

  32. No, not the first time. He sang “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” with his mom on stage and “Stand By Me” with his friend Ashlee.

  33. Archie’s definitely gotten better. He sounded really good on that. Funnily enough, just yesterday I remembered that appalling duet of this song she did with Justin Bieber, and when you compare this to that…it’s just a whole different world.

  34. awwww the evening one was even better! even if poor jordins voice was going out at the end. they were both awesome!

  35. jordin and david’s voices blended beautifully in this duet – not many singers out there who can move as effortlessly as he moves between genres – pop, rock, rnb, patriotic songs, etc like he’s done and sound great doing them all… it’s what a great singer does – find a way to adapt to the style, the emotion of the song and imprint their own style and deliver… those intent on searching for and isolating what they think may be flaws can find them in anyone’s performance, but with david, regardless of the song, the genre, the venue, single or solo, you can bet david’s going to vocally kick butt and take names. as he did in this duet w/ jordin.

  36. wow jordin was awesomeness with sam moore wow and the duet with archie was great boy can sing never my favorite but he can sing :)

  37. I love that Jordin does this superbowl thing for charities :) Awesome awesome!

  38. I was pretty anti-Archie during his AI season (he seems like a great kid – he’s just not my thing). But, there’s no denying (for me) that the kid’s got some serious pipes. I suppose it goes without saying that he performed the No Air duet exponentially better than the Bieber kid. (I do however think the Bieber kid is kind of adorable, so I don’t really mind that he’s the male equivalent of Taylor Swift).

  39. lolol… from stylelist… some fun tips in the article to rock the face paint she and david are wearing for the m.a.d. campaign…

    Jordin Sparks is Super Bowl Ready in Face Paint

    Are you ready for some football? Jordin Sparks surely is! As the unofficial “little sister” of the National Football League, Sparks recently kicked off Super Bowl XLIV with the Jordin Sparks Experience in Miami, Florida – a series of events that raise awareness and proceeds towards charities including the Miami Children’s Hospital.

    The “American Idol” alum was spotted at the “X the TXT” event on February 3, 2010, rocking chic football inspired face paint. And we just love Sparks’ glam makeup reinterpretation!

    She accentuated her black face paint with bronzed skin, a nude lip, lush lashes and caramel-colored wavy locks. Want to get in on the face painting fun? Whether you’re a die-hard Indianapolis Colts fan, or a devout New Orleans Saints fan, represent your team with our step-by-step instructions in the galleries below.


  40. Check out this slide show with David and Jordin in a snazzy red sports car…

    According to the source of that slide show, the event raised $200,000 for charity. However, it’s not clear whether the entire Superbowl Experience raised that much money or just the auction portion during the red carpet event. The sports car was one of the items being auctioned off…


  41. Aren’t they cute together.? Jordin was probably thinking ‘Finally, someone who can actually hit the notes with me’ during No Air. Or maybe not, because she is such a sweetheart.

  42. Who needs Chris Brown? Jordin Sparks and David Archuleta perform “NO AIR”

    The third annual Jordin Sparks Experience kicked off in Miami yesterday. The charity event—benefiting Jordin and her brother P.J.’s “I’m M.A.D., Are You?” campaign—saw the Season 6 American Idol winner pair up with Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta to belt out “No Air.” And just how ably did Archie fill Chris Brown’s shoes? We say: Chris who?


  43. Yup, the second one is even better . They seriously need to record a duet .

  44. Wow, just saw this. Absolutely incredible singing. David and Jordin, damn, I’ve sorta been waiting for this ever since I heard that the Bieber kid did No Air with Jordin……

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